August 07, 2023

Relish in Top-Notch Pickleball Performance with Jet Linx Elevated Lifestyle Partner Canyon Ranch

Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in the United States. Invented in Bainbridge Island, Washington, in 1965, pickleball combines elements of badminton, tennis, and ping-pong.

By the early 1970s, pickleball courts were being built across the state. The sport’s popularity has since continued to surge nationwide, with an estimated 4.2 million players in 2021 – a number expected to exceed 20 million by 2024.

Though seemingly low-impact, pickleball – with an average player age of 61 – has led to a rise in sports-related injuries. To keep players from finding themselves in such a pickle, Jet Linx Elevated Lifestyle (EL) program partner Canyon Ranch – an expert in the health and wellness space – now offers curated courses to ensure picklers can enjoy the sport, perform at a high level, and avoid injury through the RacquetFit™ Racquet Health Program. RacquetFit™ is a global tennis educational organization dedicated to studying how the human body functions in relationship to various tennis strokes. The program was developed by analyzing the differences in professional and recreation-level players by some of the world’s leading experts in racquet sport performance.

RacquetFit™ at Canyon Ranch Lenox and Canyon Ranch Tucson uses a sophisticated total-body movement screen conducted by a sports medicine doctor to identify and address any limitations in range of motion that may cause injuries or detract from racquet sports performance – including the ever-popular pickleball. The analysis also examines specific movements to achieve optimal swing mechanics and provide a personalized plan to improve functional movement capabilities.

RacquetFit™ at Canyon Ranch Lenox and Canyon Ranch Tucson uses a sophisticated total-body movement screen conducted by a sports medicine doctor to identify and address any limitations in range of motion that may cause injuries or detract from racquet sports performance – including the ever-popular pickleball.

After the detailed screening, a Master’s-level exercise physiologist takes participants through exercises specifically addressing each individual’s biomechanical issues. The screening and remedy exercises all come together on the court as the three-part RacquetFit™ experience concludes with a one-on-one session with a pro, where players learn more about strategy, court positioning, and different tips and techniques for improvement and adequate recovery after matches and workouts.

As part of a wraparound and continuous wellness approach, the exercises are also delivered to participants on Canyon Ranch’s custom energy app to ensure this program can become a regular part of their clients’ fitness regimen. 

“Racquetfit™ was selected because it fits into the integrative health and wellness approach apply here. The program features detailed sessions with our sports medicine and performance science providers and tennis coaches. It gives all of these different experts a common language to communicate the specific needs of each participant. Sessions with these experts can often lead to other recommended sessions we offer and collaborate with around the facility, like a specific massage, nutritional consult, or mental performance session,” said Sam Barthel, Performance Scientist at Canyon Ranch.

From resistance training to rehabilitation, sports medicine providers at Canyon Ranch create tailored plans to help guests increase mobility, target musculoskeletal conditions, manage and eliminate pain, and improve their overall quality of life. Programs similar to the RacquetFit™ Racquet Health Program include the The Titleist Performance Institute TPI™ Golf Health Program. The  TPI™ Program follows a similar structure to RacquetFit™, focusing on the physical aspects of the game in a two-part, personalized program built around improving player movement and lowering scores. Also offered at Canyon Ranch are tennis clinics, one-on-one or private group tennis lessons, private group pilates, private group hiking and mountain biking, and much more.

“At Canyon Ranch, we excel at meeting people where they are on their wellness journey – whether it’s your first day of exercising, you’ve been exercising for many years and you’d like to fine-tune your program, or you’re a competitive athlete and you want to improve your performance,” said Mike Siemens, MS, RCEP, Director of Performance Science at Canyon Ranch. “Our RacquetFit™ Racquet Health Program fits perfectly into this fold. Beyond performance improvement, we offer nutritionists, chefs, mental and spiritual guidance, and a world-class spa to relax and recover.”

Located in charming New England, Canyon Ranch Lenox is an easy ride from New York or Boston.

Canyon Ranch constantly seeks feedback from guests to offer more diverse programming and experiences aimed at guest preferences – and designed to keep pace with trends in wellness and exercise like the surge in pickleball popularity. Their extensive service catalog includes more than 200 programs and services pinpointed towards spa and beauty, fitness and movement, nutrition and food, health and performance, and mind and spirit. Perfected across four pioneering decades and drawing on traditional, modern, and alternative philosophies, their robust catalog of services, treatments, and therapies serve your pursuit of well-being throughout life.

Jet Linx and Canyon Ranch have a long-standing partnership connecting Jet Card Members and Aircraft Owners with exclusive special offers and accommodations at Canyon Ranch properties, one of many perks in the Elevated Lifestyle client benefits program that extends the Jet Linx experience beyond your Five-Star flight. “It has been a genuine pleasure and joy to explore synergies benefiting our clients throughout the years,”shares Jet Linx Vice President of Client Experience, Christof Pignet. “With continuous growth for both Canyon Ranch and Jet Linx, we are excited about the next chapter in this success story and to continue connecting our clients with benefits and offers that speak to their personal interests.”

Through its dedicated EL Concierge Team, Jet Linx offers clients a single point of contact for Canyon Ranch and all EL benefits-related inquiries and activation. Whether it is a curated private jet vacation package or an offer on a rare bottle of wine, the EL Concierge Team streamlines and coordinates benefits for every Jet Linx Jet Card Member and Aircraft Owner. When benefits are activated, the EL Concierge team creates a unique profile to aid in connecting clients to more highly-curated, luxury travel experiences.

Relish your Five-Star travel experience. Contact Jet Linx to learn more about our guaranteed private jet services and client benefits program.

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