June 27, 2023

Immerse Yourself

More than 40 years after pioneering one of the first health and wellness resorts in Tucson, AZ, Jet Linx Elevated Lifestyle partner Canyon Ranch continues to redefine what wellness-focused getaways can offer.

A visit to any Canyon Ranch location is completely unique for each guest and can be different every subsequent stay with a selection of over 14 pathways and 1,500 services, drawing from ancient wisdom and modern technology.

Guided by world-class experts who integrate services across a broad range of disciplines – including nutrition, sports & performance, spa, mental health, spirituality and more – guests at all Canyon Ranch locations gain personal insight, skills, and motivation that lead to true transformation long after their stay.

With a comprehensive ecosystem of experiences designed to support guests with a lifetime of guidance, the new Canyon Ranch Immersion™ retreat now offers the most integrated and powerful blend of programming with custom options centered around a unifying theme. Immersion retreats are currently offered at the Tucson, AZ, and Lenox, MA, locations, available in five-night or three-night packages.

“With the Immersion retreats, we’ve found that something special happens in community settings with like-minded people. We see more relationship building, more information shared through lively conversations with visiting guest experts and a deeper experience compared to a traditional, more individually-focused stay at Canyon Ranch. With the Immersion experience you get to deep dive on a topic that’s important to you,” said Susie Arnett, Senior Director of Programming and Immersions at Canyon Ranch.

Through Immersion retreats, Canyon Ranch fine-tunes programming for small groups of guests seeking a transformative event centered on the most powerful wellness topics of today. These multi-day retreats include expert-led insights from renowned thought leaders and Canyon Ranch’s own in-house experts, curated services connected to the topic of discussion, dynamic group interaction, and all-inclusive amenities merged to help guests put deep understanding into lasting practice.

Each guest receives ongoing follow-ups and contact information for continued communication after an Immersion. For example, a fitness coach will create a one-year plan to follow via the Canyon Ranch App — filled with workouts, tips, and tutorials. For therapy, guests can opt-in for teletherapy to further delve into setbacks and progress. The medical experts can even send replenishments for products they prescribed. The tools for lasting success don’t leave when a guest returns home from Canyon Ranch.

“During our sleep immersion experience, each guest underwent a sleep study which provided a lot of valuable insight. More than one guest discovered they had sleep apnea, so this deeply-immersive, highly- personalized experience provides the best of both worlds in terms of the collaborative group setting and the ability to gain personal insight that will provide long-term lifestyle improvement,” said Arnett.

Canyon Ranch will continue to offer Immersion retreats based on popular wellness topics and by examining pressing challenges and shared passions. With so many levers around food, exercise and mindset, and an array of expert staff, Canyon Ranch can assemble captivating experiences to take guests down a deeper path to lasting wellness. From brain health to parenting advice to menopause, programming at Canyon Ranch promises to deliver completely unique and client-focused solutions.

Mastering Sleep

An Immersion Retreat with Dr. Michael Grandner

This five-day experience gives you the personal insight, practical skills, and effective tools to truly understand and attain proper sleep. Led by Dr. Michael Grandner, a licensed clinical psychologist, Director of the Sleep and Health Research Program at the University of Arizona, and Director of the Behavioral Sleep Medicine Clinic at the Banner-University Medical Center in Tucson, this Immersion will include in-house experts who integrate services across a broad range of disciplines – including 14 expert-led discussions, six sleep-related services, custom sleep analysis and physician review, nightly group relaxation program, and more. Leave with the ability to enjoy the best version of yourself – focused, productive, and happy – benefiting from restorative, natural sleep and one-on-one health and performance coaching after a stay.

Boosting Brain Health

Strategies for a Stronger Mind

We can care for our brains in the same ways we address our overall wellness. This five-day experience is curated and hosted by Robert M. Bilder, Ph.D., Tennenbaum Family Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology, Chief of Psychology at UCLA Health, and Director of the Center for the Biology of Creativity at UCLA’s Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior. Dr. Bilder and a team of integrative Canyon Ranch experts will teach you to exercise, eat, find purpose, and de-stress to stay on the path of a healthy, strong brain for the rest of your life. Guests gain insights via personalized diagnostic testing plus practical skills to leave with a running start toward adopting new brain-healthy habits for life. Services include a comprehensive laboratory profile, personalized physician consultation, sound healing and many other curated services.

On the Horizon at Canyon Ranch

Canyon Ranch currently offers well-known properties in Tucson, Arizona; Lenox, Massachusetts; and Woodside, California; as well as a day spa at The Venetian® Resort in Las Vegas. However, Canyon Ranch will soon be opening three more properties in Texas, including new urban clubs in Fort Worth and Houston with respective opening dates in 2023 and 2024. Construction on a new Canyon Ranch Austin location in the Texas Hill Country will begin in 2023 and open to guests in 2025. The Austin location will provide an immersive, all-inclusive wellness destination stay reflecting the existing locations.

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