National Operations Center

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National Operations Center

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about jet linx

National Operations Center

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Local Private Jet Service Backed by National Infrastructure

Our National Operations Center features private aviation industry experts in Safety, Compliance, Flight Operations, Fleet Utilization, Flight Concierge, Human Resources, Accounting and Finance and more.

Team members at the National Operations Center (NOC) work hand-in-hand with local Jet Linx Base representatives 24/7 to deliver an industry-best client service and private jet flight experience. The NOC also plays host to regular, company-wide training events and leadership summits. All new Jet Linx team members visit the NOC for Indoc training, spending time with subject matter experts to gain a full appreciation for what makes Jet Linx tick.

Visit the Jet Linx National Operations Center in Omaha, NE.

The National Operations Center (NOC) team provides the operational infrastructure for Jet Linx Base locations nationwide. Over 100 private aviation team members (and growing!) with hundreds of combined years in the industry work together at the NOC to ensure seamless flights and a world-class client experience.

NOC Departments

Human Resources

Our Human Resources department works very closely with all Jet Linx team members to ensure the employee experience at Jet Linx far exceeds their expectations. Human Resources works with each Base location on recruiting, performance management, employee engagement, compensation and benefits, and all state and federal regulations.

Flight Coordination

This team has three main focuses: Flight Following, Operational Review and International Operations. Flight Coordination tracks both Jet Linx operated flights and Jet Linx flights operated by our off-fleet partners. This team has a pulse on all the activity of our pilots and aircraft flying daily.

Fleet Optimization

The Fleet Optimization team reviews all scheduled Aircraft Owner and Member trips for all of Jet Linx locations and then assigns the appropriate aircraft for the trip.

Flight Operations

The Flight Operations department consists of the Director of Operations, System Chief Pilots, Director of Standards, Manager of Training and our Flight Operations Administrators. This group oversees the Part 135 certificate and works closely with the FAA to ensure a safe operation.

Safety & Compliance

The Safety and Compliance department mission is published in Jet Linx’s FAA-approved Safety Management System (SMS). The purpose of the SMS is to ensure the completion of company-wide tasks in the safest possible manner; Jet Linx is committed to constantly improving this process. The SMS is audited by independent industry auditors annually.


Jet Linx boasts an award-winning, in-house marketing department, responsible for development and production of all branded collateral, brand messaging and related assets for all Base locations nationwide. The Marketing team works in partnership with our Base locations nationwide to share the Jet Linx story.


The Jet Linx Sales team is the forward-facing facet of the Jet Linx enterprise for aircraft management and Jet Card Membership sales, and is responsible for expanding our client-base nationwide.

Information Technology

The Information Technology department supports all technological aspects of Jet Linx at both the National Operations Center and all Base locations.

Accounting & Finance

Our Finance team, led by our CFO and Controller, performs the following full-service functions on a standardized and consistent basis for all Base locations: payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, Owner statements and more.

Flight Concierge

Our National Operations Center Flight Concierge department provides training and support for Base teams across the country.


The Maintenance department works with maintenance professionals at our Base locations and vendor partners across the country to provide seamless private jet maintenance services for all Jet Linx Aircraft Owners.

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