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Our Private Aviation Professionals

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about jet linx

Our Private Aviation Professionals

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From Day One, it’s Been About Our People

While the foundation of Jet Linx is built upon many faces across 21 local Bases and our National Operations Center, we are one company. By harnessing the power of a national operation through local service, we are one team that together can accomplish more. 

Meet your Jet Linx team below.

Executive Leadership

Jamie Walker

President & CEO

Scott McGregor

Chief Operating Officer

Nate Legband

Chief Financial Officer

Ron Silverman

Chief Commercial Officer

Jay Vidlak

SVP of Aircraft Acquisitions & Sales

Jason Vanis

SVP of Operations

Brent Carreker

Regional Base President & SVP

Alec LeFort

Regional Base President & SVP

Dan Pasque

Regional Base President & SVP

Tom Buffington

Regional Base President

Dan Longo

Regional Base President

Scott Wilbanks

Senior VP Regional Aircraft Management Sales

Adam Posar

Vice President of Sales

Erin Donnelly

Vice President of Revenue Management

Christof Pignet

Vice President of Client Experience

Jordan Maddex-Kopp

Vice President of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships

Yvette Green

Vice President of Human Resources

Jason Lindstrom

Vice President of IT

Shawnna Innis

Vice President of Business Solutions

National Operations Center Management

Michael Kopp

Director of Operations, VP

Curtis Seagondollar

Director of Maintenance

RD Johnson

VP of Safety

Tony Boatwright

Director of Quality

Jeremy Fincher

National Maintenance Director

Phil Blank

System Chief Pilot

Charles Morehead

System Chief Pilot

Darren Rodgers

System Chief Pilot

Ari Sarmento

System Chief Pilot

Nick Johnson

Director of Fleet Management

Pete Malzone

Director of Charter

Ryan Lemmon

Director of Centralized Services

Jennifer Sternberg

Director of Learning & Organizational Development

Andrea Utesch

Director of Human Resources

Diana Likes

Director of Total Rewards

Jeremy Parks

Director of Product Delivery

Paul Kloet

Director of Mergers & Acquisitions

Ashley Hinderaker


Christie Ihnen

Director of FP&A

Josh Carstensen

Capacity Program Manager

Jonathan Hunter

Fleet Optimization Manager

Ben Kroese

Charter Sales Manager

Jen Karpan

Executive Assistant & Project Coordinator

Aircraft Management Sales

Scott Wilbanks

Senior VP of Regional Aircraft Management (Atlanta, Nashville)

Will Amling

Regional VP of Aircraft Management (Boca Raton, Boston, Miami, New York, Washington D.C.)

Colby Creger

Regional VP of Aircraft Management (Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, St. Louis)

Jeremy Doran

Regional VP of Aircraft Management (Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio)

Matt St Clair

Regional VP of Aircraft Management (Denver, Scottsdale, Tulsa)

Jet Card Membership Sales

Adam Posar

Vice President of Sales

Stephanie Anderson

Director of Jet Card Sales (Austin, Dallas, Denver, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Scottsdale, Tulsa)

Annie Baccari

Director of Jet Card Sales (Boston, Miami, New York, Omaha, Washington D.C.)

Meghan Hogan

Director of Jet Card Sales (Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Nashville, St. Louis)

Base Leadership

Ashley Allisma

Base Vice President (Omaha, Minneapolis)

Jessica Bifano

Base Vice President (Houston)

Darrah Callen

Base Vice President (Tulsa)

Ashley Calvin

Base Vice President (Nashville)

Liz Cordova

Base Vice President (Miami)

Heather DeRegis

Base Vice President (New York, Washington D.C.)

Chandler Hartley

Base Vice President (Atlanta)

Lee Lancaster

Base Vice President (Austin, San Antonio)

Lauren Remy

Base Vice President (Denver)

Ashley Rupert

Base Vice President (Dallas, Fort Worth)

Shooter Smith

Base Vice President (Scottsdale)

Phil Sparks

Base Vice President (Chicago, Indianapolis)

Tyler Tussey

Base Vice President (St. Louis)

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