November 16, 2023

A Seamless Journey Awaits You: Meet Our Elevated Lifestyle Transportation Partners

The best in travel is proud to bring you the best in client benefits. Our portfolio of hand-picked Elevated Lifestyle (EL) partners is designed to enhance your travel experience and offer you bespoke solutions for your unique travel needs.

We know that every step of your journey matters, and our esteemed ground transportation partners ensure that every mile traveled is nothing short of extraordinary. Carefully selected for their dedication to excellence, our EL transportation partners Go Rentals, LimoLink, National Car Rental, and Savoya all offer exceptional value and personalized service to our Jet Card Members and Aircraft Owners. Learn more about what makes each partner special below.

Go Rentals: Fully-Equipped, Current Models

Go Rentals sets the gold standard in white-glove service as the only Official Elite Rental Car Company recognized by Forbes Travel Guide and the only transportation service specializing in private aviation. With an expansive and well-appointed modern fleet, Go Rentals guarantees the vehicle of your choice upon your arrival or it’s free. From high-performance sports cars to spacious SUVs and practical sedans, Go Rentals provides vehicles for your every need.

A dedicated guest service team ensures your vehicle is waiting for you the moment you step out of your Jet Linx flight, providing a seamless transition from air to ground. With all documentation completed ahead of time electronically, you’ll be ready to get in and go whether planeside or leaving the privacy of your home or a hotel. Servicing over 150 airports across the U.S., Go Rentals is driven to exceed all of your expectations.

Elevated Lifestyle Offer: Jet Linx clients receive 40% their first rental with Go Rentals.

LimoLink: Two Decades of Reliability

Trust is earned over time, and LimoLink has spent more than two decades building it. When you choose LimoLink, you’re choosing a partner with a proven track record of reliability and excellence. Their chauffeured ground transportation services are designed to ensure that you reach your destination safely and with the utmost comfort. Having completed over 2 million reservations with one of the lowest error rates in the industry is no small task, especially when serving Fortune 500 companies, dignitaries, professional athletes, and celebrities.

Employing full-time, professional drivers trained in private aviation protocol, working hand-in-hand with dedicated account managers to ensure seamless service by using the latest technology – LimoLink understands that time is a precious resource. As a member of the National Business Aviation Association, LimoLink brings sky-high quality and excellent safety standards for a worry-free trip every time.

Elevated Lifestyle Offer: Jet Linx clients receive 10% off their chauffeured ground reservations.

National Car Rental: Award-Winning, Signature Service

For Jet Linx Members, National Car Rental brings an added layer of convenience to your private aviation experience. Their partnership offers complimentary VIP membership in the award-winning Emerald Club®, a game-changer in the world of car rentals. With this membership, you gain access to a world of perks. Say goodbye to the hassle of long lines and paperwork. With National Car Rental, you’re able to enjoy special privileges such as the option to upgrade to high-end vehicles in a special section of the rental lot. The Emerald Club® is the fastest way to rent in the U.S., and with upgrades available at more than 90 airport locations, you enjoy peace of mind when you want a specific class of car.

Elevated Lifestyle Offer: Jet Linx clients receive a complimentary VIP membership to the award-winning Emerald Club®.

Savoya: Punctuality is a Priority

In the fast-paced world of corporate travel, punctuality is non-negotiable. Savoya understands that time is a precious resource, and they maximize it for their clients. With a stellar record of delivering over one million safe trips worldwide, they’ve set the standard for secure ground travel. Savoya’s commitment to ensuring that you arrive on time, every time, is unwavering.

When you’re a corporate MVP who can’t afford a late arrival, Savoya becomes your trusted transportation ally. Savoya’s Certified Drivers have been vetted and trained to consistently deliver concierge style service, and the company’s advanced logistics will ensure that you reach your destination on time. With service available on six continents and more than 300 markets worldwide, you can trust Savoya anywhere, anytime.

Elevated Lifestyle Offer: Jet Linx clients receive 10% off their booking with guaranteed best-in-class, secure transportation with a highly-trained senior Savoya Certified Driver.

Our private aviation transportation partners are more than just service providers – they are your dependable partners after you leave our private aircraft. Whether you prioritize comfort, reliability, convenience, or punctuality, each partner brings their unique strengths to ensure your journey is seamless, comfortable, and memorable.

When you choose to fly with us, you’re not just booking a flight; you’re embarking on a seamless journey with trusted partners by your side. Your private aviation experience has never been this exceptional.

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