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Turnkey Aircraft Management

Own the Skies

Turnkey Aircraft Management

experience full service, value-added ownership

While the convenience and luxury of private jet ownership are truly unmatched, so are the costs and responsibilities associated with it. From hiring and managing a flight crew, maintenance, and hangar space, to minimizing depreciation and lost revenue, Jet Linx focuses on value-creation to maximize your ownership experience.

The best of both worlds

Local Support

National Support

Is private jet ownership the right solution?

Here are six considerations to help you get started

fleet volume discounts

Save tens of thousands annually

As one of the largest Part 135 and Part 91 managed fleets in the country, Jet Linx is able to partner with various companies and providers to negotiate volume discounts on behalf of our Aircraft Owners.

Up to
Up to
Up to
Pilot Training
Up to

your personal flight department

Covering All the Administrative Details

As your private Aircraft Management company, we take care of all the hiring, training, scheduling, payroll, and benefits for your flight crew, so you don’t have to.

Highest Pilot & Safety Standards

As established by our Flight Operations Department, all Jet Linx pilots have to meet these minimum requirements:

Captains (PIC)

Airline Transport Pilot Rating
3,000 Hours Total Flight Time
500 Hours Total Turbine Time
250 PIC Hours in Aircraft Time

First officers (SIC)

Commercial Pilot Certificate with appropriate aircraft type rating
1,500 Hours Total Flight Time
50 Hours Total Turbine Time
50 PIC Hours in Aircraft Time

Your Home Away from home

All Jet Linx Aircraft Owners enjoy access to over 20 Jet Linx Base locations, staffed by a local team delivering world-class personal service.

World-Class Service

Our local Flight Concierge teams take the time to get to know every Aircraft Owners personally. This means getting to know your needs and your preferences, so every flight is as perfect as it can possibly be. They can also help you take full advantage of all the benefits of our Elevated Lifestyle program.

Your Private Terminal

Your local team is here to ensure a seamless personal air travel experience. With well-appointed executive lounge spaces, private meeting rooms, Wifi access, entertainment, bar, and refreshments, you’ll feel right at home every time you leave yours.

Expert Maintenance

As a Jet Linx Aircraft Owner, you’ll rest easy knowing your plane is receiving the same high level of service you are. We act as advocates for our clients, relentlessly pursuing the most efficient and cost-effective maintenance plan while putting compliance and safety first.

Your portal to personal aviation

Jet Linx offers best-in-class service and value

As a Jet Linx Aircraft Owner, you get more than guaranteed revenue and the savings that comes with our fleet volume discounts. You get the luxury and convenience of a local team who knows you and ensures every travel detail is perfect. With a private, local terminal and services backed by a nationwide network of facilities and resources held to the highest standards of safety and excellence, the only way it could be more personal is if your jet would be parked in your driveway.

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private terminals
managed aircraft

National Scale to Support Local Aircraft Management

While over 20 local teams at our private terminals provide hands-on Aircraft Management services, they are aided by a full-service 24/7 team at our National Operations Center (NOC). Multiple components of operational control are in place to provide the highest quality and safest operations.

Flight Coordination

Tracks and reviews all flights operated by Jet Linx and flights operated by approved off-fleet partners.

Reviews scheduled Aircraft Owner and Member trips, assigning appropriate aircraft for mission type.

Leads oversight of Part 135 certificate, working closely with FAA to ensure a safe operation.

Coordinates with local Base teams and vendors to ensure that all aircraft remain airworthy in the most efficient manner possible.

Directs and supports local and regional pilot teams to ensure safe operations and compliance. Assists in hiring, training, and developing flight crews.

Accounting & Finance

Provides transparent data to clients while offering full service financial and administrative functions.

Works closely with local Base teams to ensure performance management in hiring and recruiting while also following state and federal regulations.

Our national IT team supports Base systems and maintains/develops our best-in-industry Mobile App and Owner Portal.

Responsible for expanding Jet Card client-base nationwide to generate revenue for Aircraft Management clients.

Implements our industry-leading Safety Management System to ensure company-wide tasks are completed with the lowest risk possible.

With the combination of local support and national service, our aircraft management service provides wrap-around protection for your valuable asset

Aircraft Management

Hear from our clients

“It’s a trust issue. Having a team that has a local presence is very, very important. Jet Linx is first class from beginning to end.”

Chris Pettit
Jet Linx Client

Frequently Asked Questions

What costs are associated with Aircraft Management?

In addition to the cost of purchasing a private jet, monthly costs associated with Aircraft Ownership include fixed (management fee, hangar, insurance, crew salary, etc) and variable (fuel, catering, etc) expenses.

Jet Linx has a mature Safety Management System (SMS) and safety culture, affirmed by AGRUS Platinum Elite, IS-BAO Stage 3 and WYVERN Wingman PRO safety audit ratings.

In addition to real-time online reporting, Aircraft Owners receive monthly Owner Statements with complete financials including revenue hours and fuel, owner hours and fuel, owner trip expenses and maintenance work orders.

Jet Linx offers a best-in-industry Owner Portal and Mobile App to provide real-time reporting on your asset, from scheduling to revenue and expenses.

Being a part of the Jet Linx fleet means access to our economies of scale nationwide, offering direct savings to Owners on training events, maintenance, hangaring, insurance and more.

Our Fleet Management, Sales and local Flight Concierge teams will work closely with you to determine hours your aircraft will be available for use by Jet Linx Members, generating revenue to offset your cost of ownership.

Aircraft Owners will always fly on their private jet, and have access to a Jet Linx Jet Card Membership for supplemental lift should your aircraft be down for maintenance.

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