Midsize Private Jets


Midsize Private Jets

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Midsize Private Jets

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Versatility at Every Turn

Compared to Light Jets, Midsize private jets provide more comfort and room for productivity.

Of all private jets used on trips with Jet Linx, nearly one third take place on Midsize Jets. Offering more room, extra baggage storage, and a larger range – these private jets offer versatility for the discerning private jet traveler. Much of the attraction of a Midsize private jet resides in the fact that they can accommodate larger groups of passengers more comfortably.

















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Typical Midsize Jet Performance

  • Seats up to eight passengers
  • Up to six hours of range
  • Includes an enclosed lavatory with full or partial galley
  • Cabin height averaging 5.8 ft
  • Cruising speeds average 430-480 mph

Midsize Jet Amenities:

  • Your personal food and beverage preferences on board
  • Wifi available (on aircraft* and in terminal)
  • Private terminal
  • Dedicated, local Flight Concierge team
  • Highest standard of safety

Midsize Jet Advantages

Ideal Trip Profile

While some passengers don’t mind a 20-minute delay to stretch their legs, others prefer nonstop flight, which midsize jets can offer on most trips throughout the United States. Depending on the payload and passenger count, trips from coast-to-coast can often be accomplished without a fuel stop. However, keep in mind that the more payload aboard the plane, the less capacity there is for fuel. When you bring more people and luggage aboard an aircraft, you’re doing so at the expense of fuel efficiency and range of the aircraft. So, if avoiding fuel stops is a concern, then you may ultimately want to go to a larger size private jet or cut back on passengers or luggage in a Midsize Jet.

These jets are also excellent business aircraft because you have the added range and extra comfort to keep your team productive while in the air. Passengers looking to carry skis, snowboards, golf clubs, etc. will find a midsize private jet more suitable for their purposes. Also, a lot of families prefer this cabin size for ski trips or missions where more luggage or equipment would be required.

Increased Range, Cabin Space and Luggage Capacity

Midsize Jets offer added comfort and ample room for storage, paired with the ability to traverse the entire United States, sometimes with no fuel stops. For a similar price to a Light Jet, you receive extended range and added comforts of a full lavatory, roomier seats, and more room for storage. Family vacations or overnight business trips can easily be accommodated in this aircraft cabin size.

On average, passengers can expect a cabin height of 5’8” with a baggage space of roughly 60 cubic feet, enough for one medium roller bag and one personal item per passenger. Although the cabin size allows room to stretch in a Midsize private jet, you still must plan accordingly if you plan to travel with more than five or six passengers.

Fly in Comfort for Longer Missions

Midsize Jets feature elegant club-style side-by-side seating, with swivel, recline and track seating, to accommodate up to eight passengers. The additional space and headroom leave plenty of room for productivity or for relaxation. With an enclosed lavatory (complete with vanity) and potential for a full galley in most midsize aircraft, you can expect to ride in comfort. Your Personal Flight Concierge will stock your favorite snacks and beverages in preparation for your flight.

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“Midsize Jets work well for those that want a little more legroom and a little more room for baggage. You could easily fit six passengers and six sets of golf clubs on a Midsize Jet, plus a small carry-on. Also, if you’re a taller or a larger person, you’re going to be much more comfortable sitting or standing in a Midsize Jet.”

Christof Pignet

Vice President of Client Experience

Midsize Jet Fleet

Hawker 900XP

Hawker aircraft are driven by evolution, and the Hawker 900XP displays many improvements over the Hawker 850XP. Most notably, the 900XP offers 604 cubic feet of cabin space, along with unbeatable fuel efficiency, performance and comfort.

  • Cabin Width: 6 ft
  • Cabin Length: 23.1 ft
  • Cabin Height: 5.7 ft
  • Baggage capacity: 50 cubic ft
  • Cruise Speed: 515 mph
  • Flight Range: 3,242 miles

Citation Excel

The Cessna Citation Excel remains a popular option due to excellent handling capabilities, reliable systems, and consistent delivery of smooth, quick flights.

  • Cabin Width: 5.6 ft
  • Cabin Length: 18.7 ft
  • Cabin Height: 5.7 ft
  • Baggage capacity: 90 cubic ft
  • Cruise Speed: 486 mph
  • Flight Range: 1,906 miles

Gulfstream G150

The Gulfstream G150 lives up to the standards of high performance and reliability offered by other Gulfstream products. This aircraft offers impressive range for a Midsize Jet, able to carry four passengers up to 3,000 miles at decent cruising speed. The cabin is also the quietest in the class, so productivity can remain high while in the air.

  • Cabin Width: 5.8 ft
  • Cabin Length: 17.7 ft
  • Cabin Height: 5.8 ft
  • Baggage capacity: 80 cubic ft
  • High-speed cruise: 546 mph
  • Flight Range: 3,395 miles

Hawker 850XP

The Hawker 800XP remains a popular Midsize Jet option. Offering a top altitude of 41,000 feet, the 800XP can avoid air traffic or weather and can fly from New York to LA or Singapore to Beijing with ease. Combining value, safety, luxury, and efficiency, it’s easy to see why the Hawker series of jets are valued by business jet users.

  • Cabin Width: 6 ft
  • Cabin Length: 21.3 ft
  • Cabin Height: 5.7 ft
  • Baggage capacity: 48 cubic ft
  • Cruise Speed: 514 mph
  • Flight Range: 2,900 miles

Learjet 45

The Learjet 45 offers a roomy and comfortable cabin considering the aircraft category. Lear jets offer high speed and long-range performance, as well as large baggage storage areas. For the price, this Midsize Jet delivers ample performance and remains popular due to reasonable costs.

  • Cabin Width: 5.1 ft
  • Cabin Length: 19.8 ft
  • Cabin Height: 4.9 ft
  • Baggage capacity: 65 cubic ft
  • Cruise Speed: 535 mph
  • Flight Range: 2,099 miles

Additional Midsize Jets

Remember that not all Midsize Jets offer the same functionality. Be sure to speak with your local Personal Flight Concierge team in order to discuss your options and find the perfect fit for your mission profile!

  • Cessna Citation III
  • Hawker 800

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