February 19, 2021

Interview with an Aviator: David Hanner

In this installment of Interview with an Aviator, we introduce a pilot that put his aviation career on hold decades ago – only to reach for the stars later in life and accomplish his dream.


David Hanner, Base Chief Pilot at Jet Linx Indianapolis, graduated with a degree in aviation from Indiana State University. After graduation, he chose to enter the mortgage and finance industry, where he enjoyed a long and successful career until the aviation bug finally took hold for good in 2006. Already well-versed in the industry, he got a running start and jumped into a career flying a Hawker 900XP.

In total, Hanner has amassed over 6,000 flight hours flight instructing and flying for companies including Republic Airways and Jet Linx.

Hanner’s impact at Jet Linx stretches beyond the cockpit. In 2017, he was awarded the Jet Linx Supply the High Grand Prize for going out of his way to provide supplies to residents of Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria. As Base Chief Pilot for the Indianapolis location, he works closely with local crews to ensure seamless operations, while working to reinforce company culture. Read on to learn more about Hanner and his efforts to Supply the High in his Jet Linx flight career.

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