February 13, 2024

Celebrating 25 Years: The Inception

“When I was 30 years old, I flew on a private jet to close a deal in Dallas, Texas, for my business Walker Enterprises. After that flight, I knew that if I could ever afford one, I was going to buy one,” recounted Denny Walker, Founder of Jet Linx.

In 1999, that’s exactly what he did – Denny Walker purchased a Beechjet 400A and founded Jet Linx – quickly learning that private aircraft ownership was complex – and costly.

“Originally, I wanted to buy a plane and split the costs with my friends. But when I started looking into how other private travel companies did business, I was disappointed by their lack of service despite the premium prices,” he explained. “I knew I could provide a higher level of service and saw an opportunity in an industry lacking sophistication and processes.”

In the very beginning, the whole Walker family rolled up their sleeves and delved into the private aviation industry with little idea of what to expect. Diana, Denny’s wife, worked for a few years as a Jet Linx bookkeeper. In 2002, Denny’s son Jamie Walker joined to lead sales and marketing, and later pioneered new products like the Jet Card program before assuming his role as President and CEO.

From 2010 to 2016, rapid expansion commenced with 11 new Base locations added. Since 2018, new Jet Linx Bases were added in major markets such as Chicago, Boston, Austin, New York, Miami, Boca Raton, and Salt Lake City. Through strategic acquisitions like Southern Jet (Boca Raton), Meridian Aircraft Management (Teterboro), ProJet Aviation (Washington D.C.), Flight Concepts (Tulsa), and Elliott Aviation (Minneapolis), Jet Linx has cemented itself as one of the largest private Aircraft Management companies in the U.S. The 2020 Meridian Aircraft Management acquisition added 23 aircraft to the Jet Linx fleet and the 2022 acquisition of Southern Jet strengthened the Company’s presence in the busy South Florida market.

While much has changed in 25 years, Jet Linx remains dedicated to providing exceptional service. In 2024, under new President and CEO Brent Wouters, the Company envisions massive growth by investing in people and systems to double its nationwide fleet via turnkey aircraft management and grow the Jet Card program. As Jet Linx celebrates its first quarter century and over 185 million miles flown, the next 25 years look even more promising.

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