July 11, 2023

Cheers to 20 Years

Experience and expertise – the Jet Linx leadership team has both in abundance.

Since Jet Linx was first established in 1999, six long-time team members have achieved their 20-year Waypoint, a recognition that celebrates their two decades (or more!) of service to our clients and our team. Below, join us in celebrating these talented and dedicated leaders as they continue their Jet Linx journey!

Jamie Walker


President and CEO Jamie Walker has thoughtfully overseen the Company’s steady growth and development throughout his 20 year tenure. Through the course of Walker’s Jet Linx journey, he has maneuvered around multiple economic downturns and one global pandemic, creating a litany of unique products and services that have catapulted a once-small Company founded in Omaha onto the national stage, with more than 20 Bases around the country, serving thousands of clients and employing hundreds of team members to carry out the mission to Supply the High every day – all with industry-leading Five-Star safety and service standards.

“The secret to our continued success has been and always will be our people,” Walker reflected. “I am surrounded by a team that shares a deep connection to our core values and to our promise to continually raise the bar. Our singular focus to Supply the High unites us and propels us to new heights.”

Corey Ogren


The most-tenured member of the Jet Linx team, Corey Ogren’s career stretches back 23 years when he served as a Beechjet pilot for one of just three aircraft managed by the Company. He has since leveraged his extensive knowledge and professional expertise to lead Jet Linx flight crews in Denver as Base Chief Pilot. His commitment to Jet Linx and the values that drive the Company was recognized in the inaugural Jet Linx Supply the High-5 (STH-5) Core Value Awards in 2022, where he received the award for Dedication.

Ogren enjoys not only supporting his local crew but also the clients that Jet Linx serves, many of whom he has forged close relationships in his time on the flight deck. “With as much growth as I’ve experienced in the last two decades, one thing remains constant – this Company has kept people at its forefront. Team members are valued and each Base feels like a family unit. That truly makes a difference for long-time employees like myself,” Ogren shared.

Jason Vanis


Jason Vanis’s journey at Jet Linx started in December of 2002, and over his 20-year career thus far, he has held multiple roles essential to the Company’s success, including VP of Flight Operations, VP of Business Intelligence and Technology, and as of 2019, Senior Vice President of Operations. His “IT-centric” mind helped build a technology platform and infrastructure that has allowed for the evolution, optimization and centralization of many aspects of the organization. Vanis is also a past recipient of the UNO Aviation Institute Distinguished Alumnus Award for his service to the Aviation Institute as an alumnus and for accomplishments in his career endeavors.

“Without being cliché, I am extremely proud of the people I work alongside. Throughout various roles over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with nearly all departments and Bases here at Jet Linx. The talent on our team is impressive, and it translates to a culture that’s truly informed by the natural characteristics of our people,” Vanis reflected.

Jay Vidlak


Since joining Jet Linx in 2003, Jay Vidlak has held numerous critical roles reliant on his understanding of the business, private jet aircraft, and the workings of our industry. Vidlak began his Jet Linx journey overseeing the Flight Coordination and Charter teams. In 2012, he transitioned to VP of Base Development to focus on Company growth, specifically through Base locations and teams. Shortly thereafter, he was promoted to Senior Vice President and has since helped lead our Bases to meet their strategic plans and goals.

“In January 2003, Jet Linx put their trust in me to execute a vision that we thought was aggressive. Starting with four aircraft, we imagined that someday having 25 to 50 aircraft in fleet seemed extraordinary. Building new locations, adding aircraft, and working with incredible Aircraft Owners, Members and vendors are all opportunities that make me incredibly proud and thankful in my 20 years here at Jet Linx. These experiences wouldn’t have been possible without all of the incredible people that I get to call my colleagues,” Vidlak explained.

Michael Kopp


Michael Kopp began his career at Jet Linx on May 6, 2001, first serving as a captain on the original Jet Linx Mitsubishi MU-300 Diamond fleet, and later as the Chief Pilot where he led the charge to obtain the Company’s initial Part 135 certificate. He assumed the role of Director of Operations in 2014, and remains a check pilot on both the Hawker and Beechjet, regularly flying Jet Linx trips to stay engaged with Company policies and procedures, as well as with our clients. Kopp’s continued focus on safety as a principle earned him the
Jet Linx Soar Safely Award in 2021.

“Jet Linx is both nothing like the Company I joined 20 years ago while at the same time, in key areas, being exactly the same,” Kopp said. “Our policies, programs and infrastructure have evolved alongside our position as an industry-leader, while the culture, values and deep commitment to our client and team member safety and experience have remained constant and the key to our continued success.”

Tony Boatwright


Tony Boatwright started at Jet Linx in June of 2001 as Director of Maintenance, building a Maintenance department for Jet Linx to support at that time a fleet of four planes. He served as Director of Maintenance until 2020 and is now the Director of Quality in the Maintenance department, ensuring safe maintenance operations for over 100 jets. Boatwright also played an important role in obtaining the Company’s initial Part 135 certificate alongside Director of Operations, VP, Mike Kopp. During his aviation career, Boatwright has received industry accolades including the Flight Safety Diamond Award for Maintenance Training and the Flight Safety Top Troubleshooter Award.

“I’m proud to have played a direct role in the success of this Company by implementing policies and procedures for risk mitigation, added safety measures and improved reliability across several areas. Being part of and contributing to the enhanced safety program is something I will always take pride in,” Boatwright said.

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