August 23, 2022

How to Deliver Ultraluxe Private Air Travel

A recent interview highlights how Jet Linx is setting the standard for ultraluxe private air travel.

The hospitality industry has not typically included charter or private air travel. Jet Linx is out to change that by delivering the best customer service in the private aviation industry. Here’s part of the interview with Christof Pignet, Jet Linx Vice President of Client Experience, and his insight into how we deliver ultraluxe private air travel for our clients.

With over 20 years of experience, Jet Linx Vice President of Client Experience Christof Pignet is a veteran in the ultra-luxury service sector.

Ultraluxe Private Terminal

How do the Jet Linx Base terminals offer the utmost in comfort and service to Members and Aircraft Owners?

In other FBOs or terminals, the client is one of many that move through the space similar to the traffic at smaller commercial airports.

Our private Base terminals are exclusive to Jet Linx Aircraft Owners and Jet Card Members . Our team members provide a truly personalized ultraluxe private air travel experience in a unique setting.

Aside from the executive lounge area, each terminal also boasts a private boardroom with the latest technology. There are private powder rooms to freshen up, a wide range of luxurious amenities and a bespoke service experience.

A team member is always present to ensure a flawless departure, as well as a warm welcome home.

What is unique about the Jet Linx’s luxurious private terminals compared to competitors’ offerings?

We tailor refreshments to our clients’ personal preferences. Offering not only gourmet coffee and chilled Fiji water, but also a wide array of high-quality spirits, exclusive champagne, wine and beer selection, non-alcoholic beverages along with high quality snacks and provisions.

Complimentary snacks and a selection of high-end spirits await Members at Jet Linx Miami.

Exclusive, secure access allows for these spaces to be decorated by our team for clients departing to or arriving from milestone celebrations. This could include birthdays, anniversaries or any occasion that is worth celebrating! We even have surprises prepared for junior aviators and four legged friends.

Many Base locations ensure clients vehicles are safely parked, but also return them fully washed, detailed, and filled with gas. Our team members are always ready and eager to deliver ultraluxe private air travel service, embodying our motto as “Your Personal Jet Company.”

How does Jet Linx maintain ultraluxe private air travel service and amenities across the 21 terminals?

All Jet Linx team members have successfully completed training sessions with Executives from Forbes Travel Guide and continue to participate in ongoing Service of Excellence trainings. This ensures a great level of consistency across the entire organization.

Focus is not only on technical execution and skill, but also on providing an unparalleled experience. We care about our clients and work to anticipate their needs and wants with the aim to exceed expectations.

While fostering cohesiveness, we celebrate individuality, empowering our Base teams to tailor bespoke experiences for our clients.

Are there any differences between the private terminals across the country?

While all Base terminals are easily accessible, artfully curated, thoughtfully decorated, and comfortable spaces, each location provides clients with a unique sense of place.

This is visible through architecture and color palettes. It is illustrated in paintings or sculptures curated by a native artist. It can be viewed through literature publications by a local writer or tastefully enjoyed through treats from neighborhood artisanal bakeries.

Private aviation-themed details abound in the Jet Linx Minneapolis private terminal. The walnut staircase was custom-designed and custom-engineered to resemble the ribbing of an aircraft.

In addition to the Company-wide Jet Linx partnership with The Tutu Project , each Base also supports one or multiple community charities which is often seen inside the Base terminal.

Ultraluxe Customer Service

How does Jet Linx currently bring “the art of hospitality” to its members on their journey?

Our Jet Linx service standards, interwoven with our Company’s core values, provide the framework for our customers to experience what ultraluxe private air travel truly means.

It is each and every single one of our team members with their own unique personality and style that elevates the Owner and Member experience from simply transactional to purely exceptional.

We empower, applaud, and recognize our team members for fostering an environment that makes our clients feel “at home.”

Exceeding expectations and passionately creating long lasting positive memories fills us with immense pride and deep gratitude. We look for ways to surprise and delight our clients and strive to treat them the way they want to be treated rather than the way we want to be treated. This gives meaning to what we do every day.

What are some examples of how the Jet Linx inflight experience is personalized to create ultraluxe private air travel for Members?

We frequently engage in communication with our clients to get to know them better, understand their personal preferences as well as their background.

We equally pay attention when we interact with them in person or via non-verbal communication for any clues. We’re looking for “golden nuggets” to create a personalized and unique in-flight experience. This could include a beach bucket full of surprises for the client’s kids going on their first beach vacation. It may be a blanket, personalized collar, and mat along with dog treats for the client’s four-legged friend who fears flying. Or a customized cake, frosted links, and a bottle of bubbly on a putting green hole-in-one for the golf trip with best friends.

Private jet travel with Jet Linx means a personalized, Five-Star touch added to every trip.

We believe options are luxurious and like the sky, without limits.

How does Jet Linx provide a high level of service to Aircraft Owners and Members when they are not flying?

Aircraft Owners and Members receive personalized phone calls and emails or even text messages (based on their personal preference) to “check in” with them and see how we can be of service. We also reach out to congratulate on special occasions and to express appreciation for their choice of Jet Linx as their partner in travel.

In addition, all clients have access to the Jet Linx Mobile App and OpenSeat Exchange, as well as our recently relaunched website

We regale them with SOAR Magazine (Jet Linx’s very own luxury lifestyle publication) in their (actual and virtual) mailbox three times a year.

They have exclusive access to our Elevated Lifestyle client benefits program, featuring exclusive offers from our network of partners in travel, transportation, libations and fare, golf, health and wellness, fashion and beyond.

Each Base also hosts unique events with local and international ultraluxe product and service purveyors that we invite existing and potential future clients to enjoy.

How does Jet Linx communicate with their customers? Does it differ from competitors?

While many competitors rely solely on standardized newsletters or messages, we opt for a custom-tailored approach.

Rather than a stranger at a 1-800 number to take care of our clients, all communication is carefully curated and individualized. We take note of the preferred method of communication as well as frequency and adapt accordingly.

How does the best-in-class service of Jet Linx remain consistent across all customers channels?

Our service training includes not only direct client facing team members, but everyone in our organization. And while subjects apply to all and others are more position specific, a great focus and emphasis is continuously placed on delivering excellence to not only our external clients but also internal clients.

Living and breathing our core values and evolving our service culture for the benefit of all members and owners is equally important as doing so for each other, our vendors, and partners.

As The Official Private Aviation Company of Forbes Travel Guide (FTG), our team is committed to providing our Members with unparalleled Five-Star service, which includes recurring service training at the Jet Linx National Operations Center and our Bases nationwide.

Training and Development

How does Jet Linx train its team members with the art of ultraluxe private air travel service in mind?

Through our exclusive partnership with Forbes Travel Guide and recently welcoming our new Director of Learning and Organizational Development aboard, we continue to place great emphasis on the hospitality component of trainings.

Furthermore, we not only ensure that all involved have the tools to be successful, we also empower them in virtual and in-person training sessions to serve our clients from the heart.

Emotional intelligence is a core component. High EQ allows us greater fluidity and adaptability to all nuances of the client experience. The proverbial Five Stars are in the details!

Are there any programs available for team members for ongoing learning and development?

With the recent launch of Jet Linx University, our team members will have access to 8,000+ classes and courses to further their education at their own time and pace. Offerings will stretch far beyond the realm of aviation and hospitality and include all levels from entry to C-Suite.

We have several partnerships with aviation programs, colleges, and universities. We are always looking for new ways to encourage and foster further education for our team members. Those who thrive and strive to rise to new opportunities within Jet Linx, we carve out new career pathways for them.

Is there anything unique about Jet Linx team training programs compared to competitors? Is it akin to the type of training staff would receive at a luxury hotel?

While Forbes Travel Guide provides similar ultraluxe service trainings to hotels, resorts and spas, Jet Linx was the first in private aviation to usher in such training with an entirely custom-tailored approach to our industry.

We have continued this mission by translating the service component to all team members’ trainings. Ranging from the initial onboarding, immersion, department, and position-specific trainings through recurrent events and well beyond.

The groundbreaking Jet Linx and Forbes Travel Guide (FTG) collaboration is the first of its kind and has transformed the private jet travel industry, offering unparalleled standards of service excellence for Jet Linx Members and Aircraft Owners.

For our organization, safety is a top priority. We incorporate safety training into all Jet Linx summits and events for team members companywide.

All trainings are personalized and range from group sessions in our auditorium at the Jet Linx National Operations Center to virtual gatherings to intimate 1-1 sessions at Base locations.

Has Jet Linx recruited team members from other areas of the hospitality industry?

As we set the standard in ultraluxe private air travel, we shifted the focus from prospects solely in the aviation field to hospitality. We have achieved great success in the process.

Many of our new team members have a background in ultra-luxury hospitality and have effortlessly pivoted into the incredibly exciting world of private aviation. They realize the clients and service level expectations are the same – only the environment is different.

We have also forged great partnerships with hospitality management programs and recruiting recent college graduates.

Jet Linx offers competitive wages with excellent benefits and a wide range of amazing career opportunities, rivaling any ultraluxe hotel or resort in the exclusive Forbes Five-Star category.

What’s on the horizon for Jet Linx from a hospitality perspective? Will there be any new programming or offerings coming up between now and the end of the year?

We recently refreshed and relaunched our Food & Beverage lounge menu and are in the process of reinvigorating our in-flight offerings.

Our team evaluates all Jet Linx Base locations from a service performance and facility standpoint as we look for ways to further enhance the client experience.

A refreshed Jet Linx Omaha private terminal is coming soon to Eppley Airfield and will serve Jet Linx clients in a new, Five-Star setting.

A core component of Jet Linx University will include hospitality programming with a multitude of course work on the subject matter. Personal Flight Concierges will also receive in depth sommelier hosted trainings on fine wines and attend mixology classes with veteran bartenders.

Finally, we are immensely excited for the new Base terminals in Scottsdale and Omaha to open so we can welcome our clients into the latest and greatest world of Jet Linx!

The Standard in Ultraluxe Private Air Travel

While private aviation hasn’t been a part of the hospitality industry in the past, “Your Personal Jet Company” is going to change that. We look forward to serving our clients in ways that surprise and delight them. If you’re looking for the best service in private aviation, please click here to contact us.

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