July 19, 2019

How Jet Linx Encourages Team Members to Celebrate Core Business Values

All members of the Jet Linx family work together to create seamless private jet travel, as well as positive working relationships at all levels of the company. To stay on the same page, regardless of role or location, the team lives by the company’s Core Values, the “Supply the High 5.” Inside and outside of the office, Jet Linx team members are asked to operate with selflessness, dedication, compassion, integrity and enthusiasm in mind.

The core values at Jet Linx were not synthesized in a board room meeting – they were chosen after careful examination of traits already present within the team. The values are representative of the company as a whole, and each decision that is made, whether by the CEO or by a new hire, is influenced by these core values.

Not only do team members pledge to live by these values as a part of our New Hire Indoc experience, they are also asked to recognize when other team members have truly gone above and beyond. The “Supply the High 5 Recognition Program” (STH-5 Program) allows any team member across the country to be nominated for outstanding demonstrations of the company’s core values in their work for Jet Linx.

All nominations for the STH-5 program are shared company-wide in weekly email announcements. This allows the actions of the nominee to be recognized, while sharing with team members across the organization what it means to live by our values.

“To help recognize these special moments, the STH5 Program was developed to reward team members who best demonstrate our core values,” explained Dee Ruleaux, Director of Human Resources, Leadership and Culture at Jet Linx. “We have seen a lot of great support and stories come out of this effort. Sometimes people think you need to perform miracles to earn the STH-5 nomination, but I see people at our company every day that do things worthy of recognition in this program. Our values are reflected in so many ways.”

Each month, there is a roundup of all STH5 nominations, with monthly winners selected based on a vote from the Supply the High committee. At the end of the year, a grand prize winner is selected, and that winner receives a truly spectacular prize – an all-expense paid vacation. The winner is celebrated across the company with a livestreamed announcement. “The Supply the High 5 program lives in our company year-round,” noted Jamie Walker, Jet Linx President and CEO. “We hire by these values, we execute daily by them, and we are energized by the stories of STH-5 excellence we share each month.”

Through programs like the STH-5 Recognition Program, Jet Linx works to reinforce an already strong company culture. Check out our Grand Prize winner from last year here and learn more about opportunities to join our growing company here.

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