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Jet Linx Team Members Leave a Lasting Impression in Commitment to Core Values

Jun 20, 2019 | Team Spotlight, News/Events

On Wednesday, June 5, 2019, members of the Jet Linx team were invited to the training room at the National Operations Center in Omaha, Nebraska, to pledge their commitment to the guiding values of the company. To showcase their commitment to the company’s five core values (Integrity, Compassion, Selflessness, Dedication, Enthusiasm), team members from all departments painted their palms and pressed them against the new Supply the High Five (STH5) Pledge Wall, forming a colorful display of the company’s cultural DNA.

The five core values that define Jet Linx were not synthesized in a boardroom meeting –  they were discovered by looking inward at the shared traits already present within the team. The values are reflected and represented in every team member at Jet Linx, from the Pilots to accountants, sales professionals and more. Every decision made at the company is byproduct of these values, and is part of the process of “Supplying the High Five.”

The wall inside of the training room is sure to fill quickly with handprints from our team across the country. Each week, Jet Linx brings all new hires to the National Operations Center for a training and indoc session. Part of their orientation will now include the ritual of placing their unique stamp on the wall in commitment to the company’s core values. When the paint dries, they will sign their names in commitment to the core values that will guide them during their career at Jet Linx.

“It’s a powerful statement from our team,” said Dee Ruleaux, Director of Human Resources, Leadership and Culture. “It really brings these values to life. We talk about them all the time, but this really makes them jump out at you in a meaningful way.”

Jamie Walker, President and CEO of Jet Linx, was present at the celebratory event. He placed his mark upon the wall and with a brief statement to the team. “I think this solidifies our commitment to these values in a really tangible and meaningful way,” he said. “Both new and current team members should be impressed – and motivated – when they walk in and see this wall. It affirms the level of commitment we place on these guiding values.”

Another recent addition to the walls of the NOC is the new High Fliers Wall, which features the annual winners of the High Fliers Base Recognition Program. The program was designed to recognize the Base locations that achieve the highest attainment of their budget goals each year, measured in six different budget categories – Jet Cards to Budget Goal, Aircraft to Budget Goal, Operating Expense Efficiency to Revenue, Overall Revenue Hours to Budget Goal, Charter Hours to Budget Goal and Jet Card Hours to Budget Goal. In addition to recognizing the High Fliers, every year the single best performing Base that achieves the greatest success across all six budget categories is named the “Star Performer.”

“Both of these displays showcase special parts of our team and our culture,” Walker reflected. “Our company values the individual commitment and contributions of every member of our team. We are proud of the programs we have in place to recognize these efforts.”