December 11, 2019

Vacation Treasure Hunt

The best destinations are often the hardest to get to.


If you speak with any traveler for any length of time, you’ll find that many of their best memories come from staying at more secluded and remote locations. While those relying on commercial travel may struggle to reach these destinations, Jet Linx can carry you almost to the front door. Through the power of private aviation, you have the opportunity to fly to thousands of unique airports that aren’t serviced by commercial airlines.

Our Elevated Lifestyle partners at Huffman Travel have selected hard-to-reach luxury resorts that they know are well worth the journey. Some are tucked in beside mountains, others are cradled by oceans, but all of them offer ample opportunities for memorable experiences in unforgettable locations.

The Travel Advisors at Huffman love to scratch items off of bucket lists for their clients. They have extensive knowledge and connections to get you to destinations that you probably had never thought to go to.

As experienced travelers themselves, the Huffman team knows the rigors of designing custom itineraries for their clients. Sometimes, doing secondary research just doesn’t cut it. To create unforgettable memories it takes a network of industry experts that guard the hidden gems of the travel industry. Explore these treasures below!

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