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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing a Private Jet

Feb 26, 2019 | Private Jet Travel

In the market for a private jet to call your own? When purchasing a private jet, it’s normal to have a lot of questions – but before you start asking, start by providing a few answers.

If you’re not quite sure which type of aircraft you need or want, consider your answer to some of these questions before delving into the buying process.

1. What will your typical mission be like? For business or pleasure?
2. Is the aircraft going to be your personal property? Or business property?
3. On average, how far will you travel?
4. How many people will typically fly with you?
5. Do you expect to use the plane for charter flights to gain revenue?
6. How many hours do you expect to fly annually?
7. How quickly do you need to acquire the aircraft?
8. Do you prefer to buy new or used? Does it make a difference to you?
9. What amenities will you want in the cabin?
10. Will storage for luggage be a concern?
Once you evaluate answers to the above, you will have a better gauge of what size, type, and model of aircraft you might need.

There remain additional considerations when purchasing a private jet. Purchase agreements, inspections, closing, and delivery can quickly become a headache for an inexperienced buyer. Lawyers, accountants, and sales agents will likely be involved. It is a complex financial process, and buyers benefit from a team of professionals on their side to ensure a smooth transaction.

Jet Linx has a team of aircraft Acquisition & Sales experts to move the needle in the right direction from initial evaluation of your mission profile to the close of the deal, making it as painless as possible for you. Get started looking at jets for sale on the Jet Linx Aircraft Marketplace today.