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The Secret to Saving Money While Flying by Private Jet

Private jet travel and saving money may seem to be at odds with one another, but when it comes down to it, there are sensible ways to make flying privately more economical.

So, what can you do to save some money while enjoying private jet travel in the long run? There is one overarching practice you can follow. Being flexible is the key.

Flexibility, as we refer to it, can come in many different forms.

1. Exercise flexibility when picking dates

Although business travel does often carry time constraints, it can pay to be a little more flexible with your dates of flight. One example would be to avoid travel during peak days. Before or after holidays and Super Bowl weekend are often peak travel times for luxury jet operators. If you don’t have to, just don’t fly around these dates to avoid incurring extra fees. And if you do, make sure you book before the peak travel window indicated in your Jet Card agreement.

2. Turboprops still get you from point A to B

Compared to jets, turboprops aren’t quite as exciting, but they will save you money when going short distances with six or more people. There are also times where a Light Jet can prove more economical by the same regard, flying faster than a Turboprop and saving time and money on those longer “short trips.”

3. Fly without the frills

Catering and flight attendants are nice on a long flight, but not always necessary. Catering costs can add up, especially when you treat yourself to something nice on every flight. Many private jet flights come with “standard aircraft stock” like basic snacks and refreshments.

4. De-icing can be costly

Ice on a plane is incredibly dangerous to flight and de-icing is a legal requirement before an aircraft can take off. Unfortunately, de-icing solution can cost as much as $25 per gallon, and it requires multiple coats. Make sure that your private jet is kept in a weatherized hangar, and if possible, avoid flying in winter months or from wintry destinations in inclement weather.

5. Flying on Empty Legs

If you can book an empty leg flight at the last minute, it can save you a lot of money. Empty legs are essentially flights without any revenue, so providers are always eager to fill them and pass the savings on to you.

6. Be Wary of High Density Airport Fees

Busier and larger airports will occasionally charge higher fees for landing and takeoff, and operators will commonly pass along these costs to their clients. You can opt to use smaller airports, or you can fly with Jet Linx, as we rarely pass along these costs to our own customers.

The key to saving money while flying on luxury planes or private jets is to be flexible. It’s maybe easier said than done, especially for business class customers, but it can pay dividends in the long run.

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