June 03, 2022

Jet Linx Team Members Surprised with a Five-Star Flight to Washington D.C.

National Operations Center,

Team Spotlight


On May 4, 2022, five members of the Jet Linx team from the National Operations Center were given the opportunity to fly on a Lear 45 to Jet Linx Washington D.C. with Jamie Walker, President and CEO, and Ron Silverman, Chief Commercial Officer. Walker invited team members (selected at random through a lottery) to join him on the journey and experience a Jet Linx Five-Star flight from a firsthand perspective.

On Wednesday morning, the D.C.-bound group arrived to Jet Linx Omaha at Eppley Airfield for their flight. The team received a thoughtful welcome and a warm sendoff from the local Omaha Flight Concierge team, including personalized snacks and beverages alongside the Five-Star service that Jet Linx clients receive on every flight.

Team members at the NOC were invited to join a lottery to participate in the outing, and winners included Andrea Utesch, Director of Human Resources; Brad Whitmore, Flight Planning Specialist; Mike Berens, Concierge Support Specialist; Stephanie Mattas, Concierge Support Specialist; and Zach Eden, Flight Coordination Supervisor.

After arriving at the D.C. Base and meeting members of the local team, Walker arranged for a surprise sightseeing tour of the nation’s capital, led by Washington D.C. Personal Flight Concierge Khalid Nadim. Even on a scheduled day off, Nadim provided an enthusiastic tour of D.C. to visiting team members and also prepared beverages for them ahead of their departure back to Omaha – a perfect example of Jet Linx Five-Star service in action.

“It was hard to pick a favorite moment from the day – it was a fantastic experience from start to finish. I think the best part was experiencing the superb work that our team members perform every day. We were treated with the same enthusiasm and excitement that our Jet Card Members and Aircraft Owners experience every single trip,” said Utesch.

The experience for the NOC team members was as eye-opening as it was enjoyable. The private jet flight, exceptional service and spontaneous sightseeing tour served as a perfect example of the magic moments that all Jet Linx team members work together to create.

“Although my work is not client-facing, it’s amazing to see how all our efforts across departments contribute to create memorable moments for our clients. Even though we’re internal clients, the local teams went above and beyond to provide us an unforgettable experience,” said Berens. “The spirit of service excellence was on full display from beginning to end with the local Flight Concierge teams, and I feel that very much speaks to the ‘selfless’ aspect of our culture.”


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