October 25, 2023

Jet Linx Fleet Spotlight: Citation X

With access to a fleet of more than 100 aircraft of makes and sizes, Jet Linx Jet Card Members and Aircraft Owners needing supplemental lift can choose from an extensive selection of private jets.

The unique makeup of the Jet Linx fleet allows private fliers the luxury to pick and choose the best aircraft for many different mission profiles – it’s not always necessary or economical to use a large-cabin Heavy Jet.

Our selection of Super Midsize Jets offer a more economic choice for long-range private flights with luxe cabin amenities that rival those of larger private jets. Super Midsize Jets typically seat up to eight passengers and provide eight hours of range, with enclosed lavatories and full or partial galleys. What makes a Super Midsize business jet appealing to many is the cost. Compared to the price per hour of Heavy Jets, Super Midsize aircraft are a very solid option, offering similar capability, comfort, and range.

The Citation X belongs to the Super Midsize jet category, providing a compelling balance of efficiency, speed, and range. Regularly cruising at 0.90 Mach (690 mph), the Citation X private jet can fly from Los Angeles to New York in under 6 hours. The Citation X marries its remarkable speed with sleek aerodynamics for unparalleled fuel efficiency. Comfort is not sacrificed for performance – the jet accommodates 8 passengers in executive seats and features a fully-stocked galley and spacious lavatory. The Citation X is a remarkable aircraft for many reasons, and much of its success is due to its lineage.

Regularly cruising at 0.90 Mach (690 mph), the Citation X private jet can fly from Los Angeles to New York in under 6 hours.

The Cessna Citation series of private jets has a rich history that spans several decades, making it one of the most renowned and extensive lines of business aircraft in the world. The story begins in the late 1960s when Cessna, a well-established aircraft manufacturer, recognized the growing demand for smaller, more cost-effective private jets. In 1969, Cessna introduced the Cessna Citation 500, which marked the birth of the Citation series. This pioneering aircraft was a game-changer, being one of the first business jets to utilize turbofan engines, offering better fuel efficiency and increased performance.

Over the years, Cessna expanded the Citation jet family with various models, each designed to cater to specific needs. Notable models include the Citation II, Citation III, Citation V and Citation Excel. These aircraft introduced innovations like increased range, more spacious cabins, and enhanced avionics. The Citation X, launched in 1996, was a significant milestone for the family. It held the title of the world’s fastest civilian aircraft for many years, achieving top speeds of more than 700 miles per hour. Various iterations and runs of production have continued since its inaugural flight, but the Citation X remains one of the most popular aircraft around today.

What truly sets the Citation X apart is its remarkable performance capabilities. Powered by two Rolls-Royce AE 3007C1 engines, it achieves speeds of up to Mach 0.92, making it the fastest civilian aircraft globally. This speed translates to more efficiency and reduced travel times, a significant advantage for time-conscious travelers. Another remarkable feat in the Citation X is its aerodynamics and fuel efficiency. With a fuel flow of 336 gallons per hour, it is also an extremely economical private jet to operate. This blend of speed and efficiency has made it attractive for Aircraft Owners looking for the best possible value.

The range of the Citation X is equally impressive, with the capability to cover approximately 3,600 miles nonstop. This means it can effortlessly connect city pairs that were previously challenging with other aircraft. Whether you’re flying from New York to London, Los Angeles to Miami, or Chicago to Las Vegas, the Citation X gets you there in unprecedented time.

Comfort is not sacrificed for performance – the Citation X accommodates 8 passengers in executive seats and features a fully-stocked galley and spacious lavatory.

When it comes to cabin comforts, the luxury private jet has eight spacious, fully -eclining executive seats designed for maximum comfort. It also has a fully-stocked galley for food preparation. At the back of the jet there is a large bathroom that can double as a dressing room. The Citation X also has a heated and pressurized baggage compartment to protect belongings during the flight. With a capacity of 82 cubic feet, or around 770 pounds, there is ample space to store golf bags, skis, and more.

While some equate speed with inefficiency and unreliability, the Citation X has a perfect safety record with more than 300 aircraft delivered in its lifetime. This Super Midsize private jet receives glowing reviews from Aircraft Owners for its combination of comfort, blazing speed, and reliability. Despite being one of the fastest business jets, it consistently has higher dispatch rates than competing models. Pilots appreciate its excellent avionics, easy handling capabilities, and thrilling velocity that outperforms other jets in its class.

Citation X Private Jet Specifications:

Cabin Width: 5.5 ft

Cabin Length: 23.9 ft

Cabin Height: 5.7 ft

Baggage capacity: 82 cu ft

High-speed cruise: 590 mph

Range: 3,596 miles

While the Citation X is an excellent aircraft and suitable for many different mission profiles, the Jet Linx private jet fleet offers a variety of makes and models to match even the most unique itineraries. From Light Jets to Heavy Jets, our exceptional variety of aircraft allows our Jet Card Members and Aircraft Owners to experience a personal flight through our 20+ private terminals, dedicated local Flight Concierge teams and guaranteed highest standard of safety.

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Popular Routes for Citation X Private Jet Flights:

New York* to London

Atlanta* to Anchorage

Los Angeles to New York*

Aspen to Los Angeles

*Enjoy your flight to or from the Jet Linx private terminal in these cities!

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