The Jet Linx Experience

What It's Like to Fly with Us

Why do our Jet Card clients love the Jet Linx experience so much? It starts with the basics of the Jet Linx model, and our commitment to serve our clients in a way no other national operator can. Our Base teams are local, not a disembodied voice from a remote call center – our clients enjoy the fact that we take the time to get to know them.

We spoke with Missy Kemp, Director of Client Services, to find out what separates the Jet Linx experience from all other luxury jet operators.

Scheduling a Flight


“Number one is that everything we do is local,” Kemp began. “When you schedule a trip, you dial a local number and speak with someone that you’ve met before. Your pilots are local, your maintenance team is local. The Base Partners – who share ownership in their Base and have ties to their city – are local. Everything about Jet Linx is centered around a local community. You have an instant relationship and with that comes a level of comfort that other private jet providers can’t offer.”

When clients book a flight, the Client Service Specialist will know the needs of the client in advance, as Jet Linx is careful to document the preferences of clients on each and every trip. Anticipating the needs of clients is a driving force for these team members.

Carla White, Jet Linx Senior Client Service Trainer, pointed out, “We usually know in advance the route that they will want to take, the aircraft that they want, and if they need catering. For each client we stock particular foods and beverages just based on what we know about them on a personal level.”

After calling to schedule a flight, a client can expect to be contacted to confirm their assigned flight schedules, and clients will also be notified promptly if there are changes due to weather, personnel, or aircraft availability. At this point, the Client Service Specialist arranges catering, sets up ground transportation, and possibly even books hotels or other outings if it has been requested by the client.

The Day of Your Flight


When a client arrives to a private Jet Linx Base he or she can expect to be greeted the moment they arrive, and will find their favorite snacks and beverages awaiting them in the lobby and in the plane. Nearly all Jet Linx Bases are fully private and available only to members and Jet Linx aircraft owners, and are equipped with conference rooms, high speed internet access, and comfortable lounges for relaxing or working.

Before takeoff, the Client Service Specialist will make sure to stock everything necessary for your enjoyment. If you like Dr. Pepper – you can bet it will be on the plane. If your dog is coming along and enjoys Milk-bones, they’ll be on the flight as well. Young fliers on board? Our Client Service teams find creative ways to entertain and engage the smallest travelers, from kids activities to fun decorations for those special flights.

Jet Linx Client Service Specialists also pride themselves on executing special requests. Some Client Service Specialists have gift bags waiting and ready for when a particular event pops up – such as a new baby or a birthday. Our team members realize that when a client flies with us, it’s often for something special, so Jet Linx comes prepared to make memories. “We prepare gift baskets for important occasions: birthdays, weddings, new babies, holidays, and more. I think my favorite is a Jet Linx onesie for our clients expecting a new addition. We think of everything proactively, because we want to solve any issues before they even arise. Anticipating the needs of our clients is key in these positions.” The Client Service Specialist might also coordinate with one of our Elevated Lifestyle partners to help fill out an itinerary, leveraging our extensive client benefits program to help clients maximize their travel experience.

After Your Flight


Most importantly, Jet Linx Client Service Specialists gather feedback from the client, and they also consult with pilots to see how the in-flight experience went. Both positive and negative outcomes are documented and plans to continually improve the customer service experience are created.

So, what defines the Jet Linx experience? Our unique knowledge of each and every client. As a Jet Card Client, you can expect to do little legwork in exchange for a personalized and curated flight, every time.

We are Your Personal Jet Company!