Why Guaranteed Availability Matters

May 7, 2019 | Private Jet Travel, News/Events

Jet Linx Jet Cards come with three major guarantees: guaranteed pricing, guaranteed availability for aircraft of any size, and a guaranteed highest standard of safety. From an efficient light jet to a luxury heavy jet, we have the aircraft you need, exactly when you need it. Other jet cards have a variety of guarantees, but few come with guaranteed access to aircraft.

Guaranteed access to a jet is usually possible only with whole private jet ownership, but the Jet Linx Jet Card goes above and beyond – guaranteeing access to any size aircraft that you need – at any time that you need it. How can we promise this? Jet Linx maintains a fleet of over 100 aircraft nationwide, with 18 Base locations keeping parts of this fleet close to our clients.

Let’s say that you booked a charter flight, and you get the unfortunate news that the plane is grounded for maintenance and your flight has been shelved. At this point, the charter service will cancel your flight and move on to the next customer. You are out of luck, and it’s up to you to find another flight from another operator – which is equally as likely to be cancelled.

When you book charter – nothing is guaranteed. The whole process can be troublesome from start to finish. When you consider the guaranteed availability and guaranteed price of a Jet Linx Jet Card, there is not much of an upside to booking charter. Factor in the world-class customer service that our local teams provide, and it just doesn’t make sense to fly with anyone else.

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