March 29, 2018

Jet Linx Client Services Leadership Summit

The summit was rich in dialogue providing each team member the opportunity to share their Base’s best practices. “The goal here was to have a meeting of the minds and really focus on the client service team’s strengths system wide, and then create a strategy to streamline our processes across our 14 Bases improving overall client satisfaction and engagement,” Kemp noted.

Alyssa Gaines, Jet Linx San Antonio Lead Client Service Specialist, agreed, adding, “I loved that the summit was more of an open table discussion rather than an actual training session. It was awesome getting to compile everyone’s best practices and ideas and come up with a strategy to implement them at our local Base.”

Jessica Bifano, Jet Linx Houston Vice President Sales and Client Relations, said, “Whether we are a General Manager, Lead, or a little of both, we can better the company and our clients’ experiences by working together. Any time I can learn from others that have a different perspective or different experience helps me serve our clients better. Better practices are always welcome and are things that I can take back with me and put into place. Even just being able to bounce my own ideas off of others in my same role helps.”

Gaines added, “I really enjoyed getting to spend time with the other team members across the Bases – getting to know them on a personal and professional level face-to-face was awesome considering we work so closely together yet in reality we are actually far apart. The summit will help all of us serve our clients with more personal touches. Whether they be big or small, I know our Bases are going to continue to provide the personal experience that our clients appreciate.”

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