July 24, 2018

Jet Linx Aviation Institute Classic

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On July 23, 2018, Jet Linx team members, friends and partners took to the links at The Players Club at Deer Creek, joining forces with University of Nebraska at Omaha Aviation Institute (UNOAI) for the Jet Linx Aviation Institute Classic – and event that raises funds for multiple scholarships, allowing incoming and current students the opportunity to grow and advance in the study of aviation.

The UNOAI program is one of only eight master’s programs in the country with an aviation specialization and is among the longest continuously accredited programs in the nation, boasting access to first-rate flight training. “Jet Linx currently employs many UNO alumni (myself included), and it’s a pleasure and honor to be able to give back and support my alma mater,” stated Jay Vidlak, Executive Vice President of Jet Linx. “These students are the future of our industry, and we’re always looking for ways to help contribute to their growth and development.”

The Jet Linx Aviation Institute Classic this year boasted its largest turnout on record, with over 130 golfers in the tournament. The event also raised record-breaking funds of $50,000 for student support. “These folks from Jet Linx put in a lot of time to help with this event,” stated Scott Vlasek, Lecturer Faculty Member with the UNOAI. “Students are very appreciative of the scholarships. With the increasing cost of tuition and flight training, the scholarships have a big impact on what they can accomplish. Jet Linx has been an integral part of making this event successful and we can’t thank them enough.”

In 2014, in memory of Jamie “JB” Barrett and his contributions to the aviation community, Jet Linx formed the “JB” Barrett Memorial Scholarship. JB was an aviation legend and Jet Linx team member during the company’s formative years – he also loved the game of golf. In honor of his passions, an aviation scholarship funded by a golf tournament seemed fitting. “He loved talking about aviation and loved to share what he learned over his many years of being in the industry,” Vlasek recalled.

Vidlak added, “JB was compassionate, enthusiastic, and was honestly one of the most positive and loving people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. He was everything our Jet Linx core values stand for!”

The UNOAI is at its peak in terms of the number of students, making the funds raised for the scholarships that much more important. “There are a lot of bright students currently enrolled, and a bunch of our alumni work at Jet Linx,” noted Scott Tarry, PhD., Director and Professor for the Aviation Institute. “The money raised here is about our students. This tournament endows three scholarships each year supporting the students, the support flight team and other student activities that revolve around aviation. It’s great to see alumni spreading the good word about the Institute.”

Todd Hattaway, Jet Linx Vice President of Operations, thanked the partners and sponsors saying, “We really do appreciate all the participation from our partners and thank all of our sponsors that jumped in at the last minute. I have the privilege of working with many of the UNOAI alumni – thanks to the UNOAI, they are hard workers and I’m extremely proud of all their accomplishments.”

Save the date! The Jet Linx Aviation Institute Classic will be held July 22, 2019.

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