January 07, 2021

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Australia is not just a country, but a continent. Diversity defines Australia from its wildlife to its culture to the endless variety of outdoor adventures. 


Australia offers far more than barbeque and biodiversity. Home to 26 million Aussies spread across three million square miles, the Commonwealth is a mega-diverse country. The immense size of the country provides varied landscapes with deserts in the center, tropical rainforest in the northeast, mountain ranges in the southeast, remote uninhabited sandstone cliffs in the west and 21,000 miles of coast all around. It is all at once the Earth’s smallest continent, yet the biggest island. 

The multicultural and multiracial makeup of Australia are reflected in the food, lifestyle, art and cultural landscape. The land was inhabited between 50-60,000 years ago by Aboriginal people, and colonized by Europeans beginning in the 1600s. The United Kingdom eventually granted independence in 1901, forming the Commonwealth of Australia. Over the course of 100 years, Australia transformed from a rugged penal colony to a highly-developed and urbanized nation. 

It goes without saying that those traveling to Australia should appreciate wildlife and the outdoors. Many native animals are only found in Australia, including 800 species of birds, 4,000 species of fish, and 50 types of marine mammals. Koalas, kangaroos, and wild dingoes might take the spotlight, but Australia teems with unique wildlife if you know where and when to look. 

While travel to the country is currently off the table, now is the perfect time to plan your adventure. Plan ahead with help from our friends at EMBARK Beyond and when the time is right, take off for a picture-perfect tour across the continent. 

With the growth of our long-range fleet, in the summer of 2020, Jet Linx expanded our authorized areas of operations to include Australia. Private air travel from Your Personal Jet Company is the perfect way to explore the vast beauty of Australia in safety and comfort. 


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