July 31, 2019

Flying with Jet Linx: The Personal Touch

As Your Personal Jet Company, the team is dedicated to finding ways to personalize travel experiences for members and owners. Each time we have the opportunity to serve our clients, we want it to be memorable.

Katy Glynn, Director of Jet Card Sales for Jet Linx Chicago, shared how the team came together to celebrate a special day – when a client’s daughter was celebrating her 4th birthday on the same day as their first Jet Linx flight. To ensure a memorable day for the family, the Jet Linx Chicago team sprung into action. Cam Gowans, Jet Linx Chicago Base President, arranged for an aircraft upgrade, and Lead Client Service Specialist, Luke McKee, ordered a custom cake for the plane ride. “The whole Base comes alive when we have the chance to deliver a truly special experience,” Glynn gushed. “It’s about those personal relationships, knowing our clients, and being there to personally offer well wishes and special touches, like a birthday cake for a newly minted four-year-old.”

Small, meaningful gestures like this, delivered by a local team at our local, private terminals, are something that separates Jet Linx from other private aviation companies. Many other organizations don’t have the reach or the local presence to deliver an elevated customer service experience.

The relationships that we form on the local level – with our clients and partners at our local Bases – deliver a consistent and trusted experience. Our 2019 Client Satisfaction survey shows that nine out of ten clients would recommend Jet Linx to a friend or associate, and over 98% are extremely satisfied or satisfied with the knowledge and friendliness of their local Base team. Our private terminals are a hit as well – with nearly 95% of clients reporting they are extremely satisfied or satisfied with the member-only terminal in their Base city.

When you see each trip as a chance to make an impression, people tend to talk about you, especially after twenty years as an industry leader. Your Base is standing by to create a memorable first flight – get in touch with our Jet Card Sales Team today.

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