Why Pay More for Private Jet Travel?

The Jet Linx OpenSeat Exchange Offers Solutions

The OpenSeat Exchange is the newest program available to Jet Linx clients, allowing more than 2,000 Jet Card members and aircraft owners an exclusive opportunity to buy or sell seats on a per-flight, per-seat basis. After 40,000 seats sat open on private jets in the previous year, Jet Linx President and CEO Jamie Walker knew something could be done to increase client access to private jet travel while lowering the costs.

“It’s a secure, trusted, peer-to-peer exchange of open seats within the Jet Linx community. It’s a great value add, and it improves, enriches, and elevates the Jet Linx private travel experience,” said Walker. The program aims to bring together like-minded passengers while curbing some of the costs related to private jet travel. This flightsharing option is accessible exclusively through the Jet Linx Mobile App, which has been significantly upgraded in 2019. Jet Linx clients can now book flights, secure ground transportation, make itinerary and manifest changes, access One Way specials, and buy or sell seats all from their mobile devices.

Although flightsharing is not a novel concept in the private aviation industry, the Jet Linx model stands out. For starters, the OpenSeat Exchange is a member-only feature. Unlike JetSmarter, which was a service accessible by anyone, the OpenSeat Exchange program is available only to the Jet Linx member and owner network. This means that only other members of our local Base communities can claim seats. And since the OpenSeat Exchange operates directly out of the Jet Linx Mobile App, if you want to buy or sell a seat, you must first have access to the App. This ensures only Jet Linx clients participate in the program.

Brad Drew, Senior Vice President of Sales at Jet Linx, explained other differences seen in the OpenSeat Exchange. “First, you have airline shuttles, where an operator posts a flight and anyone can reserve a seat. Next, you have social flying, where other flyers post flights and state that they’re willing to take other members. This might sound appealing, but it’s not run through an operator, and flights are often cancelled if the booking member is not satisfied with the number of people signed up for the flight.” Drew continued, “The OpenSeat Exchange goes a step further. Flights are handled as FAA scheduled flights and once a member states that they will accept other members on the flight, it will take off regardless of the number of passengers on board.”

Drew also added, “The other thing many people don’t consider is that Jet Linx does the heavy lifting for the booking members. The financial responsibilities for flight notifications, collection of fees and a formula for the charges are handled by Jet Linx as part of our service.”

The OpenSeat Exchange offers a real-time look at available Jet Linx flights across the country. The OpenSeat exchange offers automated notifications to both the original booking party and the client requesting seats, ensuring follow-up and anonymity in the process. Once a private flight is added to the inventory on the App, the original booking member can anonymously decline or accept passengers for a given flight. It’s important to note that only the original booking member can see the identity of someone requesting a seat, and not the other way around. Identities of passengers are only shared when a booking member accepts a request and releases open seats.

The OpenSeat Exchange represents a significant milestone in offering a more robust Mobile App, and overall Jet Card program experience, for clients. If you’re seeking to improve productivity for your business or to elevate your personal travel lifestyle, contact a Jet Card salesperson today to learn more about ways to save on travel to your most frequent business and leisure destinations with the OpenSeat Exchange.