December 07, 2021

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Four decades after pioneering one of the first health resorts in Tucson, Jet Linx Elevated Lifestyle partner Canyon Ranch continues to redefine what wellness-focused getaways can offer.

Canyon Ranch already offers two wellness resorts (Tucson, Arizona and Lenox, Massachusetts) and a day spa at The Venetian® Resort in Las Vegas. With the opening of Canyon Ranch Woodside, the brand marks the introduction of Canyon Ranch Wellness Retreats – offering customized, transformational and experiential paths for like-minded individuals or groups.

“Canyon Ranch’s interest in developing a dedicated Retreat offering was driven by the popularity of the Life Enhancement Center, Tucson’s exclusive seven-day program concentrating on specific topics, allowing guests to focus more intensively on personal goals in a supportive group setting,” explained Kristi Dickinson, General Manager at Canyon Ranch Woodside. “The traditional Canyon Ranch experience was curated into an immersive few days, thoughtfully orchestrated to inspire connection to nature, to others and to self.”

The Canyon Ranch Wellness Retreat program, compared to the Canyon Ranch Wellness Resort program, features a more intimate setup with fewer rooms and shorter stays for an experience that feels more like a sojourn, or even a summer camp. The retreat format is geared to those seeking to escape the grind, jumpstart new rituals, find solitude or connection, fight burnout, or rekindle well-being. The goal isn’t to dramatically reshape a guest’s life, it’s simply to give it back to them.

Even before guests arrive at Canyon Ranch Woodside, they’ll be calmed by the fir-infused air of the Santa Cruz Mountains and the colossal redwoods that guard the forest from the Pacific Ocean. The mystical drive along Skyline Boulevard (a heritage scenic corridor) sets the tone for what’s to come, which can be a completely customized Personal Discovery Pathway or a spontaneous, self-guided stay.

The property features 38 rooms total, 24 of which hang in the redwood canopy as separate treehouse rooms for privacy and contemplation. Rooms are designed to be comfortable and modern, and come with a king bed or two queens, iPads for hotel information and schedules, a soaking tub and the option to call for contactless delivery. Treehouse rooms also come with balconies that offer wondrous views of the 16-acre property but also serve as elegant stargazing perches. Another 14 rooms can be found in the main lodge, located high on a hill.

“The sense of place is incredible at Woodside,” Dickinson added, “Composed of both original buildings, new additions and renovations, classical Feng Shui and energy experts were consulted to incorporate the principles of harmony with nature, flow of abundance, protection and peace.”

No matter which accommodation a guest chooses, they likely won’t spend a lot of time inside their rooms. Guests can expect to wake naturally in a glass-clad treehouse and spend the day in custom-curated experiences and rituals that will inspire – all scheduled to a guest’s natural circadian rhythms.

The programming at Woodside shares some of the same activities that guests would find at Canyon Ranch Resorts, such as meditation, fitness classes, yoga and nature-based healing. However, Woodside also offers a lineup of informal talks that happen at The Loft, a multi-functional room on the top floor of the lodge with panoramic views and a floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace surrounded by couches. This is where wellness talks – think more like fireside chats – occur on a daily basis and are delivered by an array of professionals such as artists, wellness experts, authors, farmers, winemakers and musicians. The topics covered include self-care, gratitude, finding purpose at work, the power of journaling, creating balance, practicing self-compassion and more.

Aside from the roster of classes and activities available, Woodside’s natural setting sets it apart from other wellness retreats. Zen Boot Camp involves a semi-military obstacle course in the heart of the redwood forest to improve mind-body awareness. There’s also forest bathing, nighttime guided meditation through an onsite labyrinth, owl walks, a hike through coastal grasslands to view land art, or even equine therapy at nearby stables. But guests can also choose to do none of this and take a stroll along the Wander Trail – and that’s where the power of this intimate retreat stands out – with the opportunity to cut oneself some slack.

Last but not least, the onsite culinary program offers hardy, holistic meals, unlike the austere diet food found at more restrictive retreats. Chef Isabelle Jackson Nunes uses local purveyors and seasonal ingredients to provide dishes like coconut chia pudding, cauliflower grits, beet falafel, fermented garlic and pasture-raised meats.


Every guest that plans a stay at a Canyon Ranch property works with a personal Wellness Guide prior to arrival to craft an itinerary best suited to their goals, matched with ideal service providers, and in a format best for them. Guests can choose whether they prefer introspection and isolation, or more time connecting with others.

“This level of care and expertise is a real brand distinction. We ask where people are before they get here to be sure they’re headed someplace better when they leave, and we offer this level of care for groups as well,” Dickinson said.

Woodside, with its proximity to Silicon Valley, integrates wellness philosophies for executive leadership retreats, corporate group offsites, family reunions and more. Groups of guests have complete access to a team of wellness experts and fitness coaches, as well as soft meeting spaces like an open kitchen for a cooking class or hiking and mountain biking trails. The secluded property offers a shared experience for groups that seek to rediscover their potential as teams and individuals. Guests are given the knowledge to recognize when they are approaching an imbalance and are empowered with the tools to correct the course. “A retreat at Woodside is about practicing the art of being rather than doing,” said Dickinson, “letting your days organically unfold.”

The Canyon Ranch retreat experience is distilled into an intimate, immersive wellness retreat, thoughtfully orchestrated to make the best use of this space and your time. Retreats are geared for those seeking to escape the grind, jumpstart new rituals, find solitude or connection, fight burnout, or rekindle well-being. Bolstered by the immersive sense of place, guests are welcomed to slow down and seek inspiration in master workshops, creative classes, fireside chats, and outdoor activities.

“Our hope is that our guests will find their authentic selves, reconnect with joy, re-wild to feel alive in a way they perhaps might not have in a long time, and gain perspective on their potential and place in this world. The answer was with you the whole time,” Dickinson stressed, “Woodside provides the compass.”


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