July 31, 2023

Celebrating One Year of Jet Linx University

Jet Linx University (JLU) celebrated its one-year anniversary in July 2023, marking a successful and prolific first year since its launch.

A comprehensive learning and development program for all Jet Linx team members, JLU offers a wide range of courses and training events to enhance the career journey of each member of the Jet Linx team. 

The digital side of JLU consists of five core course progressions, covering onboarding, leadership, department-specific training, compliance, and personal and professional development. Key to JLU’s success are those leading the learning charge, including Jennifer Sternberg, Director of Learning and Organizational Development, and Angelica Jensen, HR Information System Specialist.

“Seeing Jet Linx University from idea to inception and fruition with all the wonderful growth opportunities it provides for our team members, warms my heart”, says Sternberg. “Much gratitude to all those who support this mission and continue to champion learning as they are essentially cultivating and defining a huge part of our culture at Jet Linx.”

JLU has grown significantly within a short time, with continuous evolution in learning content. The partnership with LinkedIn Learning offers access to a vast array of over 8,700 courses and 200,000 learning resources. The JLU Course Creator Program, launched in November 2022, enables subject matter experts to curate relevant content for the JLU curriculum. In its inaugural year, JLU achieved remarkable success with over 6,200 courses completed, totaling 3,400 hours of learning, and awarding 2,820 JLU badges to team members nationwide.

Sternberg also selected 11 team members as JLU Course Creators, who underwent rigorous training to create engaging and relatable content. More than 40 Jet Linx-specific courses have been developed by Course Creators and added to the JLU curriculum.

To encourage voluntary engagement, the JLU Next Level Learning program introduced a tier system with certificates and JLU swag rewards for team members at different levels, ranging from JLU Novice to JLU Master. So far, four team members have achieved JLU Master status, including pilots Andrew Gryder, Mark Fair and Jeff Smetters and Alex Braun, Maintenance Technician.

In addition to a robust digital presence, JLU also includes in-person events, including the recently revamped Engage & Elevate 101 (E&E 101), our first-day introduction to Jet Linx that replaces INDOC. E&E 101 brings life to our mission and core values, introducing new team members to the company, history, and extensive team benefits programs, and is led by E&E Culture Coaches from various Jet Linx departments. To celebrate the continued elevation of our E&E 101 program, our exceptional team of E&E 101 Culture Coaches, and the exciting, continued expansion of the Jet Linx University (JLU) universe, the Training Room was recently rebranded as the JLU Leading and Learning Annex.

The latest focus at JLU is the Emerging Leaders Journey, designed to equip new and aspiring leaders with essential skills for creating engaged and high-performing teams. The curriculum includes nine courses covering topics such as building trust, effective communication, and finding one’s leadership style. 

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