August 09, 2022

Celebrate the Jet Linx Supply the High-5 Award Winners for 2021/22

In 2022 Jet Linx implemented a new team member award recognition program to keep pace with company growth and show better appreciation for our team of diverse professionals. The new Supply the High Five (STH-5) Core Values and Superlative Awards come in a suite instead of a single Grand Prize winner as in the past.

The format in 2022 works to award one team member for their display of each core value: compassion, selflessness, integrity, dedication and enthusiasm. Team members can win in more than one category based on the totality of nominations, and all submissions are selected blindly through a committee comprised of Jet Linx Executive Leadership.

Another change in 2022 comes in the form of STH-5 Superlative Awards. Superlative Awards celebrate outstanding performance from Jet Linx team members in multiple areas: Salesperson of the year, Crew Member of the year, Maintenance Team Member of the year, Five-Star Concierge of the year and National Operations Center (NOC) team member of the year. All award winners were nominated for the 2021-2022 fiscal year, closing on June 30, 2022, and selected by Jet Linx Executive Leadership.

2022 Core Value Award Winners

Dedication – Corey Ogren, Base Chief Pilot, Jet Linx Denver

Corey Ogren’s Jet Linx career goes back 21 years when he served as a Beechjet pilot for one of just three aircraft managed by the company. Few other team members have served longer or have seen as many changes within the organization as Ogren. After more than two decades at the company, Ogren has become a top-notch Base Chief Pilot for Jet Linx Denver – always willing to provide support to the Base Vice President, especially in times of transition or change. Ogren most enjoys the team members he supports, as well as the clients that Jet Linx serves, with whom he has been able to forge close relationships in his time on the flight deck.

“There have been multiple occasions where Corey has come in during his day off to interview crew candidates or attend meetings, all with zero complaints. From recruiting new crew members to following company guidelines, Corey displays extreme dedication and integrity. He’s always taking what he’s learned and passing it off to other team members so they can be successful as well,” said Dan Pasque, Regional Base President.

Integrity – Darren Rogers, System Chief Pilot, NOC

Darren Rogers boasts nearly three decades of aviation experience, beginning as a Line Technician and eventually earning a pilot’s license. His career with Jet Linx began six years ago as a pilot, then a Base Chief Pilot, and finally his current role as System Chief Pilot. Rogers has consistently demonstrated a willingness to help and an openness to feedback. For Rogers, working at Jet Linx means being part of a team that contributes to the success of Owners, Members, and his fellow teammates.

“Darren has proven to be a reliable leader countless times over the years, and this is why he has moved up in the ranks to become a System Chief Pilot. He never shies away from taking on more responsibility, but he also makes a point to be available to anyone who needs assistance. More than anything, his willingness to do things right, never cutting corners, made him an excellent candidate for this award. Darren always makes a point to follow our core values when in doubt,” said Michael Kopp, Director of Operations.

Compassion – Chelsea Floerchinger, Personal Flight Concierge, Jet Linx Scottsdale

Previously working in a customer-centric role in the banking industry, Floerchinger has provided Five-Star service to Jet Linx clients in Scottsdale since 2019. Empowered by our core values, she remains confident in her decision making while also relying on her Base team, which she likens to a family. Floerchinger was nominated by five different team members for exemplifying multiple core values, but her enthusiasm and willingness to help proved to be the difference maker.

“Chelsea has been a fabulous team member. She treats the Scottsdale Base much like her own personal business. She will often come in on her off days, and her infectious positivity and genuine smile sets the tone around the Base. However, she does not seek accolades, she performs out of compassion and pride to see a job well done,” said Shooter Smith, Base Vice President at Jet Linx Scottsdale.  

Enthusiasm – Arturo Guerrero, Lead Line Service Technician, Jet Linx Atlanta

Arturo Guerrero has been with Jet Linx since 2019 when he was hired as a Line Service Technician. On a daily basis, he shows dedication to mission success, which is why he earned promotion to Lead Line Service Technician in Atlanta. Whether it’s detailing an aircraft, fueling, repositioning or assisting other team members in any way, Guerrero remains happy to work alongside all fellow team members to ensure a job well done.

“Arturo comes in every day with a 100% commitment to our team, not just his own particular department. Our aircraft are always clean, polished and fueled when we need them, and this allows the crew to remain focused on safety and success. Arturo consistently sets the tone for our Base team and his enthusiasm is truly infectious,” said Geoffrey Jumper, Jet Linx Atlanta pilot.

Selflessness – Carla White, Senior Concierge Trainer, NOC

Carla White recently celebrated her 11-year anniversary with Jet Linx. She has witnessed the company grow from four locations when she started in 2011 to 21 locations in 2022. Her 2022 STH-5 Selflessness Award comes after being named as a finalist for the 2020 STH-5 Grand Prize award. White functions as a crucial pillar of support for new Personal Flight Concierge team members while also supporting the Central Concierge Team, translating into a superior client experience at all 21 Jet Linx Base locations. More than anything, White cherishes the relationships she has forged over the years, and the opportunity she has to help others improve in their roles.

“Carla is highly dependable, fiercely loyal and will always do the right thing, regardless if anybody is watching. She is a wonderful educator and facilitator, executing the requirements of her role to perfection while elevating and connecting team members in a positive way. Taking genuine joy in celebrating the success of others, Carla is extremely deserving of this recognition,” said Christof Pignet, Vice President of Client Experience.

2022 Superlative Awards Winners

Salesperson of the Year – Scott Wilbanks, SVP of Regional Aircraft Management, NOC

A member of the Jet Linx sales team since 2014, Wilbanks began his tenure as Director of Jet Card Sales at the Atlanta Base before getting promoted to Vice President of Jet Card Sales, then moved into the Regional Vice President of Aircraft Management before a second promotion to Senior Vice President of Aircraft Management in September of 2021. Traveling often to meet his clients, Wilbanks enjoys growing a relationship and learning how his clients grew to the point of purchasing a private jet.

“While his sales numbers speak for themselves, his ability to form relationships, set expectations and build trust with clients are what sets him apart. Scott lives in Dallas but visits his territories in Atlanta and Nashville every other week, always meeting clients face to face and remaining accessible even when on vacation. His tenacity and approach reflect our values as a company,” said Ron Silverman, Chief Commercial Officer.

Crewmember of the Year – Austin Mattson, Pilot, Jet Linx Dallas

Mattson has been flying for Jet Linx for five years. Initially, he was hired as a captain on the Excel fleet, but he has since transitioned to the G200, and now the Sovereign. While the transition from one aircraft type to another required more training time, Mattson continued to fly on the Excel in order to facilitate the currency requirements for fellow pilots as a qualified check airman. His selfless contributions allowed mission success for other crewmembers and ensured a top-notch experience for Jet Linx clients.

“Austin never hesitates to go above and beyond to assist Jet Linx Owners, Members, and his fellow team members. During a difficult prolonged transition period from one aircraft type to another at our Dallas Base, Austin not only learned a new aircraft type, but he also continued flying his previous aircraft to keep the fleet moving. His attention to detail, commitment, and selflessness are a credit to the professionalism you demonstrate to all of us,” said Darren Rogers, System Chief Pilot.

Maintenance Team Member of the Year – Tina Fincher, Maintenance Program Coordinator, NOC

September 2022 marks Tina Fincher’s sixth year with Jet Linx. She started with the company as the General Manager of the San Antonio Base, later moving to the Maintenance Department as a Maintenance Program Coordinator. In this new role she has used her organization skills to manage the continued growth of her assigned Base locations and the nationwide fleet. Fincher most enjoys the challenges that come along with her role; each day is different and solving problems often means finding a unique solution.

“Tina’s drive to grasp new responsibilities and execute is a breath of fresh air for the entire operation. Her welcomeness in accepting and tackling new challenges is a prime example of why Jet Linx is a superlative family to be a part of. Her ability to use her skills from a different role says a lot about her overall ability to adapt and succeed – which is what is required in our industry. The Maintenance department is very lucky to have her support,” said Curtis Seagondollar, Director of Maintenance.

NOC Team Member of the Year – Tyler Stansberry, Senior Capacity Planning Specialist, NOC

Tyler Stansberry joined Jet Linx four years ago as a member of the Crew Coordination team. He was promoted to Senior Crew Coordination Specialist before shifting over to the Capacity team as a Senior Capacity Planning Specialist. Later this month, he will join the Business Solutions team as a Business Analyst. Stansberry credits his early role with Crew Coordination as a jumping-off point to build experience and form relationships with many other departments. Operating in a complex industry requires collaboration across the organization, horizontally and vertically, and Stansberry uses his far-reaching experience to find solutions daily.

“There was a tremendous list of candidates submitted for the NOC Team Member of the Year.   While any one of the candidates were deserving, what really stuck out to the Executive Team was Tyler’s versatility. He has been able to contribute in meaningful ways across Crewing, Capacity Management, Maintenance, Operations, and Business Solutions. Not only this, but his contributions to our growth came while displaying all of our core values in his interactions,” said Scott McGregor, Chief Operating Officer.

Five-Star Concierge of the Year – Kara McKiernan, Personal Flight Concierge, Jet Linx Denver

Kara McKiernan has been with Jet Linx for a little over one year, and in that time has been able to fine-tune her skills to better serve Jet Linx clients and other team members. McKiernan attributes all of her success to the learning opportunities created by other team members. Because she quickly embraced the core values and immersed herself into the STH-5 culture, she was able to flourish alongside the Jet Linx Denver team – to which she attributes her success.

“Kara is a strong team worker, reliable, loyal, driven as well as empathetic, compassionate, humble, and kind. Kara also scored exceptionally in both Five-Star service evaluations for Jet Linx Denver and even holds a pilot license herself, a true aviation afficionado. Not only does she frequently nominate other team members for STH-5! Nominations, she actively elicits and shares client feedback, remaining engaged with the positive evolution of her Base,” said Christoph Pignet, Vice President of Client Experience.

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