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The Enterprise Jet Card



The Enterprise Membership comes with many flexible benefits and features shaped to meet the ever-changing needs of your business, offering enhanced services with more functionality and financial incentives to reward organizations for utilizing Jet Linx.

“From a service standpoint, the Enterprise Membership offers a tailored, hands-on experience,” explained Alec LeFort, Vice President of Sales at Jet Linx.  “By working with a number of corporate clients over the years, we have identified particular ways to create an enhanced experience for business use. We’ve learned that corporate accounts require extreme continuity in addition to the Jet Linx promise of intimate knowledge of preferences and needs, so we created a product that offers the aircraft ownership experience of familiarity, repeatability and consistency – without the significant financial commitment and administrative burden.”

Perhaps your organization relies on one-off private jet flights once or twice per year for critical board meetings and you supplement with commercial travel when necessary. Maybe you manage your own flight department. No matter your philosophy on travel, when you rely on charter or commercial airlines, you risk safety and consistency. When you own company aircraft, you commit to a significant investment and the strain of owning and operating. Furthermore, the traditional philosophy on business travel has been upended in our current environment. Private aviation no longer merely boosts efficiency and profitability, it preserves the health and safety of your team and acts as a powerful tool for business continuity in uncertain times.

The Jet Linx Enterprise Membership creates a bridge between charter and aircraft ownership, offering the benefits of both in one comprehensive package. And of course, our industry-leading safety standards and Forbes Five-Star customer service come standard with all Jet Linx memberships.



After two decades in private aviation, we realize that serving corporate accounts requires unique attention to detail and in-depth knowledge. The Enterprise Membership offers a hands-on approach, providing the reliability and high-end service that executive teams require. The value-added features and benefits of the Enterprise Membership were created with your business in mind.

Enterprise Membership allows an unlimited number of users within an organization to independently utilize the Jet Linx fleet. Whether it is the CEO, a board member or any individual who needs to fly private, your entire company can gain access to our private fleet of over 100 jet aircraft.

With guaranteed availability of up to four aircraft per day, there’s little need for the burden of managing your own flight department. Depending on your corporate travel policy or the needs of your executives, you have the ability to utilize multiple aircraft at once. Perhaps your CEO needs to fly from New York to Houston, but your COO needs to fly from New York to Chicago – that’s no problem with Enterprise Membership. Few businesses – even those with internal flight departments – possess the power to spread themselves out in four aircraft on a single day.

Jet Linx also understands the pace at which business can move and how quickly opportunities can fade away. This explains why the Enterprise Membership offers a lead time of 24 hours with no short-notice fees. You never know when you might need to assemble a team for a critical meeting. Planned or unplanned, the Enterprise Membership ensures access to our fleet when you need it. As they say, eighty percent of success is just showing up, and our nationwide fleet allows you to show up one hundred percent of the time.

A dedicated account manager will be assigned to your organization to ensure continuity. With a trusted advisor in place, you can count on flexibility when situations become fluid. Your account manager will know your preferences, from desired aircraft type to beverages stocked in the galley. Preference for ground transportation and accommodations for overnight trips can also be managed so that your team can focus on what matters most.


Senior woman sitting inside private jet airplane and working during the flight

Enterprise Membership perks include unlimited users, up to four aircraft per day, a dedicated account manager and 24-hour lead time with no short notice.


Quarterly activity and spending reports for Enterprise members provide much-needed transparency. No matter what payment option your organization chooses, the Jet Linx accounting team will furnish detailed documentation for your review. We understand the importance of your bottom line, and our teams operate with integrity to ensure that no surprises pop up in your expense reports.

Your team will need to continue working while in the air, which is why we guarantee Wifi on midsize jets and larger when booked seven days in advance for Enterprise Card clients. Modern organizations need to stay connected at all times, especially during volatile situations. Aircraft with Wifi provide your executives with the tools they need to remain agile and responsive.

All Enterprise members are granted preferred access to the Jet Linx fleet and upgrades when possible. With a fleet of 100+ aircraft, it’s reasonable to expect that you will always fly on Jet Linx aircraft, offering consistent and professional service and a reliable, guaranteed, and BIOPROTECTed aircraft. However, for the few times where a Jet Linx aircraft may not be available, your dedicated account manager will work hand-in-hand with one of our vetted partners to provide an aircraft and crew equal to our exacting standards. All Jet Linx supplemental lift providers undergo extensive review and safety audits to ensure their crews and aircraft meet the highest operating standards possible.

As we continue to navigate through the new normal, it’s important to not only have a quality provider, but a trusted advisor and dependable business partner.  “Due to the ever-changing environment driven by COVID-19,” LeFort advised, “we’re seeing a significant increase in demand from corporate users to ensure  a safe, reliable and trusted partnership. By creating the Enterprise Membership, we truly bridge the gap between charter and ownership with an industry-unique model that delivers a tailored experience.”

By creating the Enterprise Membership, we truly bridge the gap between charter and ownership with an industry-unique model that delivers a tailored experience.

Alec LeFort

Vice President of Sales, Jet Linx Aviation

Flexible Pricing for Your Business Needs


The Enterprise Membership pricing structure provides flexible payment options for any organization. Whether you already have your own flight department, or you are new to business aviation, there are pricing options to fit your exact needs.


ONE-TIME MEMBERSHIP FEE with Tiered Flight Credits for Additional Use


The first option for Enterprise Membership pricing includes the one-time Membership Fee of $30,000. After payment of the fee, it’s pay-as-you-go, with tiered flight credits available for varying amounts of usage to reward your team for using Jet Linx.

For example, once a client surpasses 50 flight hours, they will receive a 5% flight credit on all future flights. The more an organization chooses to fly, the greater the discounts become, up until 100 or more flight hours.

50-74 HOURS
5% discount in the form of flight credit

75-100 HOURS
7.5% discount in the form of flight credit

100+ HOURS
10% discount in the form of flight credit


FLIGHT FUNDS Incentive Pricing with Membership Fee Waived


The second payment option involves a deposit with heightened financial incentives in the form of Flight Funds.

With this option, the $30,000 Membership Fee is waived, and the money deposited upfront then provides credit for future flights, paired with discounts correlating to the initial deposit amount. The price tiers for Flight Funds are as follows:

$300,000 DEPOSIT
5% discount on flights

$400,000 DEPOSIT
7.5% discount on flights

$500,000+ DEPOSIT
10% discount on flights