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Top Questions to Ask When Choosing a Private Aviation Provider

Oct 7, 2020 | Private Jet Travel

Important questions deserve thoughtful answers. Jet Linx remains the smart and safe private aviation solution for travel now and in the new normal. For those seeking travel assurance, explore our answers below.

What are the guaranteed safety requirements?


Jet Linx guarantees industry-leading safety standards with ARGUS Platinum, Wyvern Wingman and IS-BAO certifications


Does the provider own, manage or charter the aircraft?


Jet Linx manages a fleet of over 100 aircraft ranging from light to ultra long-range jets. Our members gain preferential access to the fleet and in addition, we have a number of preferred partners where we also source aircraft as needed. The same safety standards are required for any off-fleet aircraft.


What are the actual hourly rates, all-in, for each category of aircraft? Are they guaranteed each trip?


Jet Linx guarantees availability and price 365 days/year. The all-in rates* (including fuel surcharge) are as listed below:


Are you charged for actual flight time or estimated?


Jet Linx quotes and invoices based on estimated flight time, not actual. This protects the member from any additional surprise costs if the flight is longer than expected due to taxiing, headwinds, weather, etc.

Are you charged for repositioning?


No, the hourly rates are guaranteed and there are never additional fees for repositioning.


Are you charged for recovering an aircraft (i.e. sourcing another plane due to a mechanical)?


No, the hourly rates are guaranteed and there are never additional fees for repositioning a recovery aircraft.


What happens on peak days? Is there a surcharge? How many peak days are there?


With the Jet Linx Executive and Enterprise Memberships, there is no peak day surcharge and we still guarantee availability. There are 58 peak days on the Jet Linx calendar, but you are protected on price 365 days/year.


What are the flight time minimums for each jet size?


  • Light: 1 hour
  • Mid: 1 hour
  • Supermid: 1.5 hour
  • Heavy: 1.5 hour


What safety/sanitary protocols are in place for COVID?


Jet Linx utilizes an industry-leading sanitation product, BIOPROTECTUs, which guarantees germ-free aircraft.


Are their pilots, maintenance and ground crew employees or 3rd part service providers?


All pilots for Jet Linx aircraft are Jet Linx team members and tied to specific aircraft. This means that the same planes always have the same crew, which not only ensures the highest level of safety, but maximum consistency and familiarity.


Does the FET waiver apply for my trips in 2021?


Any deposits made in 2020 and used in 2021 are tax free. If you do not want to make a deposit, Jet Linx has a simple pay-as-you-fly structure for maximum flexibility.


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