Introducing the Enterprise Jet Card.

Private Aircraft Management

The Turnkey Solution Owners Trust

No other local or national aircraft management company can deliver the full spectrum of services our company can through our unique combination of local service supported by a powerful national infrastructure. We are proud to provide a truly best-in-industry experience.

BenefitsJet LinxLocal Company
ARGUS Platinum, IS-BAO Stage 3 & Wyvern Wingman Safety Ratings
Jet Card program for a controlled source of revenue
National infrastructure & national Client Benefits Program
Fleet discounts on fuel, maintenance, training and insurance
BenefitsJet LinxNational Company
Local private terminal and team
Jet Card program for a controlled source of revenue
State-of-the-art owner reporting for unencumbered transparency
Local ownership and management

Our Buying Power Saves Our Owners
Thousands of Dollars Annually

Of the 2,300 charter management companies in the U.S., we manage the third largest Part 135 fleet. The size of our fleet qualifies us for volume discounts not available to smaller charter companies. We pass along these savings to our Aircraft Management clients.

As our client, you can expect a minimum savings of 15% on fuel, maintenance, pilot training, hangar costs, and insurance. Annually, these savings amount to tens of thousands of dollars.

// Fuel Savings

Fuel is the single largest expense for an aircraft owner. By continually researching the best possible programs and negotiating the best possible prices through partnerships with major fuel vendors and FBOs nationwide, we’re able to save aircraft owners more than $92,000* annually on fuel discounts alone. As a result of these efforts, we provide Aircraft Management clients with the most cost-effective aircraft operation possible.

*The difference between Jet Linx and Business & Commercial Aviation Magazine’s national average for fuel price for Q1 2016 and based on 200 gallons per hour, 400 hours per year.

The Only Aircraft Management Company With a Guaranteed, Controlled Revenue Stream For You

Jet Linx has a distinct advantage from other aircraft management companies. Our Jet Card program provides our clients with a controlled source of revenue. As an Aircraft Management client, we’ll add your aircraft to our fleet, making it available to our local and national base of Jet Card members.

In comparison to other aircraft management providers who depend on the wholesale charter market, Jet Linx is the only aircraft management company that offers you a guaranteed, internally-controlled stream of revenue through the built-in demand from our Jet Card Program. We also set the hourly revenue paid to our owners, as well as the fuel cost per gallon on all revenue flights. By doing so, we eliminate the variable costs of charter for an aircraft owner. In addition to the revenue generated through the Jet Card program, we can also fill deadhead or transient aircraft flights through the national charter market. Because Jet Linx has ARGUS Platinum, IS-BAO Stage 3, and Wyvern Wingman safety ratings, our fleet is the most sought-after in the national charter marketplace.

Aircraft Maintenance

One of the most significant benefits Jet Linx offers an aircraft owner is that we perform and coordinate all of your aircraft’s maintenance. It begins with the addition of your aircraft to our state-of-the-art maintenance tracking software Traxxall, which is used to track more than 4,500 aircraft nationwide and supports more than 180 different aircraft makes and models.

Our full-time staff of maintenance technicians will then track and perform the regularly scheduled and unscheduled maintenance in-house, which will dramatically reduce your cost of ownership. The larger, less frequent inspections that require weeks of downtime and added personnel are performed in partnership with industry-trusted maintenance facilities.

// Our Maintenance Partners

Jet Linx has established exclusive partnerships with leading maintenance providers nationwide to ensure the highest quality and value from our Aircraft Management services. The Jet Linx team works hand-in-hand with our maintenance partners to establish trusting and productive working relationships for maintenance services performed at any location. Many of these partners provide support onsite at Jet Linx facilities, working side-by-side with our in-house technicians. Your aircraft is in good hands at all times.

Client Satisfaction Survey Results


93% of our Aircraft Management clients would recommend Jet Linx.

The Highest Standards of Aircraft Safety

We don’t just adhere to the mandated safety regulations. Our stringent operational control standards exceed FAA regulatory requirements. We believe in the absolute highest level of safety and won’t settle for anything less. From having the best safety and risk management systems to strict pilot training procedures and more, Jet Linx takes every measure to protect you and your aircraft:

  • ARGUS Platinum, IS-BAO Stage 3, & Wyvern Wingman Safety Ratings
  • Operation under FAA Part 135
  • Robust Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Crew Resource Management (CRM)
  • Pilot training (twice annually)
  • Pilots are issued TSA’s airline Known Crewmember IDs
  • Airline Safety Action Program (ASAP) safety reporting system
  • NATA Safety 1st Training for Client and Line Service Staff
  • FlightRisk (an integrated flight risk monitoring system)

“It is so easy to take the familiar and routine things for granted, and assume safety is a given. Nothing could be further from the truth. We do not assume, we check and recheck. We make safety happen.”

-Sheryl Clarke, Director of Safety

Your Pilots: Experience Matters

When it comes to administrative services necessary to manage pilots for your aircraft, we take care of everything. This includes hiring, training, scheduling, payroll, and benefits.

During the pilot hiring process, you’ll have the ability to review resumes, participate in the interview process, and provide final approval. We encourage clients to be involved in this process. Established by our Flight Operations Department, the minimum qualifications for Jet Linx pilots are:

CaptainsFirst Officers
Airline Transport Pilot RatingCommercial Pilot Certificate with appropriate AC type rating
3,000 hours total flight time1,500 hours total flight time
500 hours total turbine time50 hours total turbine time
250 PIC hours in aircraft time50 PIC hours in aircraft time

Our pilots also go through a rigorous pre-employment screening and onboarding process, which includes:

  • Crew member orientation training
  • TSA-mandated fingerprinting-criminal background records check
  • FAA crew member records check (PRIA)
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Part 135 crew member aircraft simulator training and line check


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