Jet Card vs. Charter

Getting from point A to point B quickly and comfortably, while avoiding large crowds, security checks and the threat of missed connections are all motivating factors for choosing private aviation. Selecting a private jet company is often a personal decision based on many variables ranging from one-way trips, round-trips, to usage, jet choice, flexibility and service.

While deciphering the options available to private aviation consumers, we are often asked, “What is the nuance between a Jet Linx Jet Card private membership and chartering a plane?”

Jet Linx Jet Card members are guaranteed hourly rates (occupied flight time only), aircraft availability (all sizes), and the highest standard of safety (ARGUS Platinum Safety, IS-BAO Stage 3, Wyvern Wingman) combined with a personalized, local experience with local planes and pilots – whereas chartering aircraft comes with no guarantee, an 800 number to a national call center to book flights, and a floating fleet with unfamiliar pilots.

“A Jet Linx Jet Card provides clients with predictability, including fixed hourly rates with no hidden fees,” stated Stephanie Anderson, Jet Linx Dallas Vice President of Sales and Operations. “With charter, costs can fluctuate from trip to trip based on a variety of factors and the availability of aircraft is limited.”

Brad Drew, Jet Linx Senior Vice President of Sales, added, “With charter, the aircraft you want may not be available and if it is, it may not be in the location you need it. The charter operator will charge you for the time it takes to move the aircraft to your preferred departure location. For example, if you are in Miami but the plane is in Palm Beach, you would have to pay to move the aircraft to your location.”

Jet Linx’s unique pricing structure differentiates itself with no additional charges and no hidden fees. Whether your travel is round-trip or one-way, the rate is occupied flight time only. A local charter company bills its customer for a round-trip even when the customer only flies one way, charging the customer for the empty leg to get the aircraft home. A fractional company or competing jet card program will inflate the occupied hourly rate to an amount that also reflects the cost of empty legs. Our One-Way Rate saves our clients thousands of dollars per one-way trip when compared to any local charter, fractional company or national jet card program and our round-trip rate is often half the rate charged by national fractional ownership or other jet card programs.

“Charter is like the wild, wild west – there are no guarantees,” described Doug Teitel, Jet Linx Scottsdale Director of Jet Card Sales. “When you’re a Jet Linx Jet Card member, you know you’re getting on a plane at your desired time, you know what it will cost and if there is a mechanical issue or other problem with the flight, there is guaranteed backup recovery. You won’t have to start obtaining quotes from scratch.”

Jet Linx believes our clients deserve the best private aviation has to offer with a more focused, personalized approach. Our card program removes the hassles and unknowns of charter. A Jet Linx Jet Card means you have access to a plane when you need it, where you need it, in the size you need it – at published rates with no surprises. Learn more at

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