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Jet Card vs. Charter

Jet Linx Jet Card vs Charter: Which Is Better?


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Jet Linx provides a seamless aviation experience to Jet Card clients.


Getting from point A to point B quickly and comfortably is a major reason people choose private aviation. Avoiding large crowds, security checks and the threat of missed connections are all motivating factors. Selecting a private jet company is a personal decision based on many variables. Your criteria could be ranging from one-way trips, round-trips, to usage, jet choice, flexibility and service. Perhaps customer service is important to you? There are a lot of differences in safety, service, and availability when it comes to jet card vs charter.

While deciphering the options available to private aviation consumers, we receive the same question. “What is the difference between a Jet Linx Jet Card vs charter?”

Is a Jet Card better than Charter? Review your mission profile with these tips to choose the private aviation solution right for you.


Jet Card vs Charter


Jet Linx Jet Card members are guaranteed hourly rates for occupied flight time only. A card also provides guaranteed aircraft availability for all sizes. Add in the highest standard of safety (ARGUS Platinum Safety, IS-BAO Stage 3, Wyvern Wingman) for a best-in-industry experience. We deliver these guarantees, combined with a personalized, local experience. You will fly on the same planes with the same pilots, and familiar faces will greet you in our private Base terminals. You can’t find this level of service and comfort in the charter world.

When you choose charter there are no guarantees. A plane may or may not be available at any given time. Even if an operator does have an aircraft, it may not be the right size or style. You’ll likely be dialing an 800-number to a national call center. Charter companies utilize floating fleets with unfamiliar pilots. With charter operations, maintenance is less scheduled, and safety is not always optimal. When it comes to Jet card vs charter, there are numerous differences in service and price. While charter is convenient at times, it doesn’t deliver the same level of quality.


“A Jet Card provides clients with predictability. That includes fixed hourly rates and no hidden fees,” elaborated Stephanie Anderson, Jet Linx Dallas Vice President of Sales and Operations. “With charter, costs can fluctuate from trip to trip based on a variety of factors and the availability of aircraft is limited.”



Rich Ropp, Senior Vice President of Jet Linx, added, “With charter, the aircraft you want may not be available. If it is, it may not be in the location you need it. The charter operator will charge you for the time it takes to position the aircraft to your preferred departure location. If you are in Miami but the plane is in Palm Beach, you would have to pay to move the aircraft to your location.”


No Hidden Fees or Unnecessary Surcharges


Jet Linx’s unique pricing structure differentiates itself with no additional charges and no hidden fees. Whether your travel is round-trip or one-way, the rate is occupied flight time only. A local charter company bills for a round-trip even when the customer flies one way. As a customer, you’re charged for the empty leg to get the unoccupied aircraft home. A charter company will inflate the occupied hourly rate to an amount that reflects the cost of empty legs, so you’re still paying more. Jet Linx does not charge clients for unoccupied flight time.

Our One-Way Rate saves our clients thousands of dollars per one-way trip. The Jet Linx round-trip rate is often half the rate charged by national fractional ownership, charter or other jet card programs.


“When it comes to jet card vs charter, charter is like the wild, wild west. There are no guarantees,” described Maggie Shepard, Jet Linx Atlanta Director of Jet Card Sales.


“When you’re a Jet Linx Jet Card member, you know you’re getting on a plane at your desired time. You know what it will cost. If there is a mechanical issue or other problem with the flight, backup recovery is guaranteed. You won’t have to start obtaining quotes from scratch. Our Forbes Five Star rated Flight Concierge team will solve those problems for you.”

Our clients deserve the best. We offer a more focused, personalized approach to private aviation. Our jet card program removes the hassles and unknowns of charter. As a Jet Linx Jet Card member, you receive Forbes Five Star customer service and access to our Elevated Lifestyle member benefits program. There is also peace of mind knowing that we lead the industry when it comes to safety. With a Jet Linx Jet Card will also have access to elegantly designed private terminals in 18 Base locations throughout the United States. Each terminal is private and secure, with conference rooms and WiFi so that you are able to conduct business while waiting to board. Each private terminal will be stocked with your preferred food and beverage.

A Jet Linx Jet Card allows access to a plane when you need it, where you need it, in the size you need it. Our published rates offer no unpleasant surprises. Our service delivery is 100% guaranteed. When you commit to fly with us, we commit to serving you at the highest level. Our Flight Concierge team will offer solutions to ground transportation, catering, and hotel accommodations. As you fly with us, our team will anticipate your needs, creating a level of fluidity in service that is unmatched.

When it comes to jet card vs charter, the choice is easy when you work with Jet Linx. Learn more about our Jet Card program here or contact us with further questions!