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Find Your Purposeful & Exciting Career in Aviation

At Jet Linx, we pride ourselves on our core values and commitment to be the best in the private aviation industry – the best for our fellow team members and clients.

Join a team that’s determined to fly higher. It’s time for takeoff!

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Jet Linx is the first and only official private aviation company of the Forbes Travel Guide (FTG). 

Every member of our team, from pilots to Flight Concierge and maintenance technicians, are expertly trained in FTG’s proprietary Five-Star luxury service standards. Our teams understand how to anticipate our clients’ demands, mirror their behaviors, and provide solutions to problems before they arise. Jet Linx customer service standards were already industry-best, but this partnership has set a precedent that is truly unmatched in private aviation.

Our Core Values

Our core values were not conceived in a boardroom meeting – they are the reflection of our company’s cultural DNA. 

After thoughtfully analyzing our team members across the country, five core values naturally emerged. Regardless of department or geography, our team members expect excellence from one another, creating an environment that fosters an exceptional experience for clients and members. With each decision we make, the core values act as our guiding principles. 

For more on our Core Values, click here.

Team Member Benefits

Medical / Vision / Dental Insurance
Company Paid Short-Term / Long-Term Disability
Paid Time Off
401(K) with Company Match
Employee Assistance Program
Volunteer/Health & Wellness Program with Fitness Reimbursement
Company Paid Life and AD&D Insurance

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska publishes machine-readable files on behalf of Jet Linx Aviation. View the machine-readable files here:

Jet Linx Logo

Prepare for takeoff with Jet Linx

Commitment to Diversity

Jet Linx is committed to creating and maintaining a workplace in which all team members have an opportunity to participate and contribute to the success of the organization and are valued for their skills, experience and unique perspectives. This commitment is embodied in company policy and the way we do business at Jet Linx.

Team Recognition Programs

Core Values Recognition

Monthly company-wide celebrations of the team members that show exceptional commitment to the STH-5 core values in their actions.

Team Anniversaries

Jet Linx celebrates the waypoints on every team member’s company career, including company-wide recognition at various milestones.

Volunteerism & Wellness

The Jet Linx CLIMB program encourages team members to achieve a higher altitude through volunteerism and activity.

Team & Client Referrals

Our company rewards team members for their referrals of hired new team members or new Jet Linx clients.

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Pilot Careers With Jet Linx

PIC Requirements


  • 3,000 Total Time
  • 1,500 Total PIC
  • 1,500 Multiengine
  • 300 Instrument

Must Possess

  • ATP
  • 1st Class Medical
  • FCC Restricted Radio License
  • Current Passport
  • 250 hours Time in Type // 250 hours PIC Time in Type

SIC Requirements


  • 1,500 Total Time
  • 500 Total PIC
  • 50 Multiengine
  • 100 Instrument

Must Possess

  • ATP
  • 1st Class Medical
  • FCC Restricted Radio License
  • Current Passport
  • Many positions will offer opportunity to be PIC-typed with new rating

Our Pilots

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Pilot Pathways

destination 255 logo
Jet Linx is proud to have partnered with Southwest Airlines to establish Destination 225°.

As a founding member and the only participating Part 135 aircraft management company, Jet Linx is able to offer a unique career pathway for pilots that facilitates entry into the aviation industry and provides a single career path through retirement.

pilot pathways
From desk to flight deck!

Our partnership with ATP provides a hiring pathway with a direct path to join Jet Linx as a First Officer upon reaching qualifications as outlined within the program for qualified ATP students, graduates and instructors.

Open Positions

Pilot Pathways
Destination 225 – University Pilot Pathway ,
Jet Linx Atlanta
PIC – Citation CJ2 **$15,000 Sign-On Bonus** Atlanta, Georgia
PIC – Lear 45 Atlanta, Georgia
PIC – Citation Sovereign **$35,000 Sign-On Bonus** (Panama City) Atlanta, Georgia
Jet Linx Austin
PIC – Challenger 604/605 Austin, Texas
SIC – Citation X Austin, Texas
PIC – Citation X Austin, Texas
Jet Linx Chicago
PIC – Gulfstream G200 **$20,000 Sign-On** Wheeling, Illinois
SIC – Gulfstream G200 Wheeling, Illinois
PIC – Lear 45 Wheeling, Illinois
Jet Linx Dallas
SIC – Falcon 2000EX EASy Dallas, Texas
PIC – Beechjet/Nextant **$35,000 Sign-On Bonus** Dallas, Texas
PIC – Falcon 2000EX EASy Dallas, Texas
PIC – Citation XLS+ **$5,000 Sign-On Bonus** Dallas, Texas
Jet Linx Denver
PIC – Citation CJ2+ **$30,000 Sign-On Bonus** Englewood, Colorado
PIC – Citation X **$30,000 Sign-on Bonus** Englewood, Colorado
SIC – Gulfstream G200 Englewood, Colorado
SIC – Challenger 604/605 Englewood, Colorado
PIC – Gulfstream G200 Englewood, Colorado
Jet Linx Fort Worth
PIC – Beechjet/Nextant Fort Worth, Texas
SIC – Beechjet/Nextant Fort Worth, Texas
Jet Linx Houston
PIC – Beechjet/Nextant **$35,000 Sign-On Bonus** Houston, Texas
SIC – Citation CJ3 **$5,000 Sign-On Bonus** Houston, Texas
PIC – Citation CJ3 **$35,000 Sign-On Bonus** Houston, Texas
Jet Linx Indianapolis
PIC – Citation Sovereign *$35k Sign-on Bonus and Relocation Assistance* Indianapolis, Indiana
PIC – Citation XLS/XLS+ **$35,000 Sign-On Bonus** Indianapolis, Indiana
Base Chief Pilot Indianapolis, Indiana
Personal Flight Concierge Indianapolis, Indiana
Jet Linx Minneapolis
PIC – Citation CJ2 **$35,000 Sign-On Bonus** Eden Prarie, Minnesota
PIC – Hawker 850XP Part 91 only Eden Prarie, Minnesota
PIC – Lear 45 **$35,000 Sign-On Bonus** Eden Prarie, Minnesota
Jet Linx Nashville
PIC – Citation CJ3 **$35,000 Sign-On Bonus** Nashville, Tennessee
Aircraft Maintenance Technician I Nashville, Tennessee
PIC – Citation Sovereign **$35,000 Sign on Bonus** Nashville, Tennessee
SIC – Citation Sovereign **$2,500 Sign-On Bonus** Nashville, Tennessee
Jet Linx New York
PIC – Citation X Teterboro, New Jersey
SIC – Citation X Teterboro, New Jersey
PIC – Falcon 2000EX EASy Teterboro, New Jersey
Jet Linx Omaha
Personal Flight Concierge Omaha, Nebraska
PIC – Citation XL **$35k Sign-on Bonus** Omaha, Nebraska
PIC – Lear 45 **$35,000 Sign-On Bonus** Omaha, Nebraska
Jet Linx San Antonio
Line Service Technician San Antonio, Texas
PIC – Citation XLS/XLS+ San Antonio, Texas
Jet Linx Scottsdale
PIC – Citation XLS/XLS+ Scottsdale, Arizona
SIC – Challenger 300/350 Scottsdale, Arizona
SIC – Gulfstream G200 (ABQ) Scottsdale, Arizona
PIC – Challenger 300/350 Scottsdale, Arizona
Jet Linx St. Louis
SIC – Citation XLS/XLS+ **$5,000 Sign-On Bonus** St. Louis, Missouri
PIC – Citation XLS/XLS+ **$35,000 Sign-On Bonus** St. Louis, Missouri
Jet Linx Tulsa
PIC – Citation XLS/XLS+ Tulsa, Oklahoma
SIC – Beechjet/Nextant **$5,000 Sign-On Bonus** Tulsa, Oklahoma
PIC – Beechjet/Nextant **$35,000 Sign-On Bonus** Tulsa, Oklahoma
PIC – Lear 45 **$15k Sign-on Bonus** Tulsa, Oklahoma
PIC – CE-560 Ultra **$15,000 Sign-On Bonus** Tulsa, Oklahoma
PIC – Gulfstream G200 *$10k Sign-on Bonus* Tulsa, Oklahoma
Jet Linx Washington DC
PIC – Gulfstream G200 **$25,000 Sign-On Bonus** Sterling, Virginia
PIC – Piaggio Avanti Sterling, Virginia
SIC – Gulfstream G200 **$10,000 Sign-On Bonus** Sterling, Virginia
National Operations Center
Destination 225 – University Pilot Pathway Omaha, Nebraska
PIC – Citation Sovereign – **Live Anywhere** Omaha, Nebraska
PIC – Lear 45 Floater **$10,000 Sign-On Bonus** Omaha, Nebraska
Director of Talent Acquisition Omaha, Nebraska
Accountant Omaha, Nebraska
International Operations Manager Omaha, Nebraska
Fleet Optimization Specialist Omaha, Nebraska
PIC – Citation XLS/XLS+ **$10,000 Sign-On Bonus; Live Anywhere!** Omaha, Nebraska
Sales Development Representative Omaha, Nebraska
Regional VP Aircraft Management *Live Anywhere!* Omaha, Nebraska
Talent Acquisition Partner Omaha, Nebraska
PIC – Citation X Floater **Live Anywhere** Omaha, Nebraska
Senior Software Engineer Omaha, Nebraska
Senior Fleet Optimization Specialist (Weekend Shift) Omaha, Nebraska
PIC – Beechjet/Nextant Floater **$10,000 Sign-On Bonus** Omaha, Nebraska
PIC – Citation CJ3 Floater **$10,000 Sign-On Bonus** Omaha, Nebraska
System Chief Pilot Omaha, Nebraska

Meet Your Future Colleagues

Jalene Castro

Senior Flight Concierge
San Antonio

I would describe the Jet Linx team as family since day one. No matter how long you have worked here, you are family from the start, and that is very comforting.

Yvette Green

Vice President of Human Resources
National Operations Center

Everyone at Jet Linx is committed – both to each other and to the business.  I came to Jet Linx from a non-profit health care business that I thought would be the pinnacle for “caring.” Not true! The Jet Linx team cares about other team members just as much as they do the business.

Darren Rogers

System Chief Pilot
National Operations Center

I have been with the company for over four years and I really appreciate the set of core values that Jet Linx operates under. It’s really not just a talking point for us, it’s a way of doing business. I do believe that those values mean something to everyone.

Jeremy Parks

Director of Product Delivery
National Operations Center

Having been here over eight years, it has been exciting to watch the company take shape. We have matured into an organization that is able to handle growth and change and continue to be successful.

Deborah Curi

Personal Flight Concierge

I love the immense satisfaction that I get every day working for Jet Linx. It’s great being 62 and loving what you do!

Stephanie Anderson

Director of Jet Card Sales
Austin, Dallas, Denver, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Scottsdale, Tulsa

Working for Jet Linx is not just a job… it’s my passion. I love building relationships with our clients and team.

Tony Boatwright

Director of Quality
National Operations Center

Jet Linx to me is the people. Every one here is driven to make the company safer and more successful. They are always looking for ways to improve safety, our company culture and processes. I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.

Brian Walker

Director of Acquisitions Strategy & Partnerships

National Operations Center

My favorite part of my job is working with the Flight Coordination team and geeking out on meteorology, an important part of flight following.

Joe Packard

Base Chief Pilot
Dallas & Fort Worth

I consider Jet Linx my family, and there’s nothing better than working with family. We trust one another and we actively seek to help one another to do better professionally and personally.

Mariana Go

Personal Flight Concierge

Every team member in the company is passionate and caring. Even though everyone is spread geographically, all of us work towards the same goal: exceeding client expectations.

Brian Niewohner

Systems Network Administrator II
National Operations Center

I get to grow my skills and expand my technical capabilities while working alongside a dedicated team. Everyone here is committed to success, and that involves helping one another to improve daily, no matter what department or location you’re working from.

Patrick McGuire

Senior Safety Analyst
National Operations Center

Jet Linx Aviation is my personal jet company because the commitment to get our clients to their destination on a safe, efficient, and enjoyable trip is priority #1 for all team members, regardless of their role or location.

Megan Palmer

Senior Accountant
National Operations Center

The personalized approach to our work and the Five-Star service provided both internally and externally makes it rewarding to both team members and our clients who we interact with on a daily basis.

Jet Linx Aviation is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Jet Linx Aviation recognizes each person as an individual and does not discriminate against applicants or team members because of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientations, gender identity, pregnancy, national origin, citizenship status, age, disability, past, present or future military obligations, genetic information, military or veteran status, or any other protected status under applicable local, state or federal law.