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Three Qualities to Look for in an Aircraft Management Company

Today, a private jet is considered as a travel necessity, as more and more people have realized the advantages for both personal and business use. Owning your own aircraft not only puts you in charge of your schedule, but it also provides efficiency and productivity, allowing you to do more in less time – that is, if you select the right aircraft management company.

How do you choose an aircraft management company that best fits your goals and needs and aligns with your service expectations? What distinctive traits should you seek when selecting an aircraft management company?

There are many factors to consider during the decision-making process, from pre-purchase and beyond, much like those you would consider for other revenue generating assets – computers, software, technology, etc. – they require a considerable amount of thought, routine care and oversight by industry experts. When considering an aircraft management companyto protect your asset, it’s important to note whether or not they are active listeners, their level of professionalism, and if they have your best interest in the forefront of their problem solving and decision-making process.


1. Customer-Focused Listening


The Jet Linx aircraft management program takes the burden off the private jet owner and places it into the hands of our reputable aviation professionals. Utilizing a combination of customer-focused listening and industry expertise, Jet Linx is equipped to understand an aircraft owner’s desires and answer questions professionally, honestly and with intent, while also pointing out what an aircraft owner can anticipate with ownership.

“You should always take a deeper look at the culture of a company,” noted Ray Bennett, Jet Linx Vice President of Sales. “Integrity is part of our DNA, and it’s one of our core values. Our team takes the time to fully understand our clients’ needs and desires ensuring their ownership experience exceeds expectations. Also, Jet Linx is completely transparent. Our aircraft owners know exactly where their aircraft is on revenue and expenses. Understanding a potential management partner’s culture and how it aligns with your goals will reveal a lot of what you need to know before selecting an aircraft management company.”

The first interaction between an aircraft owner and aircraft management company should feel seamless and comfortable. Effective and intelligent conversation is paramount throughout the relationship and will provide the aircraft owner a peace of mind that one of their largest assets is in the hands of aviation professionals who are honest and authentic. Those professionals should actively listen to the aircraft owner’s needs and offer suggestions – especially for first-time aircraft owners – and will strive to create the best ownership experience possible with thoughtful and thorough explanations.


2. Professionalism


Aircraft management companies who are polished professionals will speak with compassion, assurance and integrity. They understand and believe in their core values ensuring they are utilized time and time again resulting in a trustworthy relationship between teams and clients. They will also follow through in a timely manner executing a flawless ease of ownership allowing you to concentrate on your business, family and friends and maybe even planning your next getaway.

“Jet Linx is truly ‘Your Personal Jet Company,’” Bennett stated. “Our aircraft owners aren’t calling an 800 number to inquire about their aircraft – they’re calling the Base and speaking to someone they know and trust.”


3. Advocacy


Aircraft owners should always believe their aircraft management company has their back. If the relationship was built on open and honest communication, the aircraft owner will always be comfortable with the decisions of the aircraft management company and will trust their judgement regarding all aircraft operations, from maintenance to safety solutions and beyond.

To learn more about the aircraft management services Jet Linx can provide, please contact us and discover first-hand how our aviation professionals execute a seamless ownership experience.

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