May 18, 2016

Science on the Fly: Rescue Skin Care


There are hundreds – if not thousands – of skin care products on the market claiming to offer the latest in rejuvenation or anti-aging for your skin. Only one, however, is putting the power of proven science into a mobility- minded package. RESCUE aims to change the skincare conversation by providing scientifically-formulated products in individual pouches, allowing the serum and moisturizer combo to take the latest in skincare science where other product lines can’t – wherever you might go.

private-jet-rescue-skincareThis thoughtful focus on the ways cells communicate, propagate and thrive drives at the source of youthful and healthy appearing skin, and is made possible by the stem cell research underway by Dr. David Scharp and Scharp Technologies. Dr. Scharp’s professional aspiration is to develop products and technologies that help to heal and cure regardless of economic or social standing – a goal that immediately caught the attention of Kai Hansen, Founder of RESCUE SKIN.

“When I met with Dr. Scharp, and learned what he was doing with stem cells – this is the future of medicine in my eyes,” Hansen said. “This research gets to the core of cell health, looking at ways to keep all cells functioning at their peak levels. The RESCUE SKIN line is a by product of this larger focus on the future of medicine.”

The company has a mission “to radically change how people view skincare by introducing a dual purpose preventative and regenerative solution that effortlessly adapts to the needs of any user for the most youthful skin possible.” The product’s patent-pending stem cell derived technology allows RESCUE to do just that, by catering to all ages and all skin types through an active ingredient known as MDFc19, backed by a host of other all natural ingredients.

“The uniqueness of our MDFc19 containing skin care products is that the active ingredients are targeted to the dermis and not to the epidermis,” explains Scharp, who serves on the RESCUE SKIN Board as well as acting as the lead medical developer on the RESCUE skincare line. “Even though it is applied to the skin, special components permit the MDFc19 to penetrate through the outer skin barrier and target the needs of the dermis that is in poor repair.”

Hansen is bright and animated when he speaks to the science that powers the RESCUE line. “The complex of factors extracted from the stem cells provide recognizable support to your existing cells – cells below the surface of the skin where the change needs to occur – to do what they should do, grow new skin. We support what your skin does naturally, but over time begins to forget.” he remarked

The ability for the product to reach a deeper level of the skin is critical to its success, and one that is backed by both laboratory and consumer testing. “Our laboratory findings correlate with the observations in patients using this product, showing increased skin thickness and flexibility with reductions of age-related discolorations, irritations and skin thinning,” said Scharp.

Because MDFc19 is derived from stem cells, the RESCUE product line works with any skin type. Instead of searching endlessly through products to find the right solution for one’s specific skin type or situation, users can rest easy knowing RESCUE meets their individual needs by simply sending a message to the skin cells they already have – get back to work.

The RESCUE product family boasts an all-natural formulation. Made in California, with ingredients like Coffea Arabica, a coffee fruit extract that helps to fight signs of aging with an antioxidant that also provides a barrier from oxidative stress, and Carrot Seed Oil that helps to soothe the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles & moisturize, RESCUE users feel confident using a product where “all natural” means just that. “Natural was very important to us, specifically natural ingredients with a purpose,” noted Hansen. “Nothing in our formula is superfluous, and every core ingredient supports the skin in a meaningful way.”

With only a five percent attrition rate to those who have used the product, something unheard of in the beauty industry, it is clear the RESCUE SKIN team have a formula for both great skincare and for business success.

“On the effectiveness side, I can point to both the science and customer experience, and challenge anyone to offer a better skincare solution,” Hansen said. And he sees a future for the science behind RESCUE far beyond skincare. “As it relates to the stem cell science backing our product, we believe it will pave the way for understanding how stem cells can be used to cure people of any illness relating to cellular health, which is basically everything. That’s what excites me about the work Dr. David Scharp is doing. We can be instrumental in helping people.”

“You’ll find RESCUE in places other skincare simply doesn’t go, like backstage at a fashion show, or in the pocket of a professional surfer’s board shorts for use after he gets out of the water (true story),” noted Hansen. “The travel-focused aspect is a natural extension of creating a product with mobility in mind. Whether it’s on a plane, at the beach, the office, or beside your nightstand, you are never without the best possible skincare.”

The team at RESCUE decided to package their revolutionary product in a manner that would cater to the very nature of modern momentum, with folks buzzing about from meeting to meeting, trip to trip, and terminal to terminal. “The irony is we became known as a travel skincare solution, as opposed to a daily solution, first,” said Hansen. “That’s fine by us, because once someone is exposed to RESCUE, they become a daily user.” The idea that skincare should not be confined to a bathroom vanity or locked in to a morning or evening ritual also motivated the RESCUE team. “Skincare, like our cell phones, tablets, computers, etc., should be highly mobile. You bring your skin with you, why not your skincare?”

Those who take the product with them on their jet can enjoy a bit of pampering along the journey. “Whether it’s putting the serum on before take off, and the moisturizer after landing, RESCUE adds a boost to your experience and leaves you feeling truly refreshed,” Hansen said. It has also been known to save a beachside vacation from great discomfort. “This stuff is incredible with sunburns. Put it on after you get out of the sun, and it can mitigate a great deal of the unpleasant redness before it even takes hold.” Not only is the package designed for portability, it helps maintain freshness as well. “The packets are absolutely designed to preserve the efficacy of the product, preventing air from entering the formula,” said Hansen. “This guarantees the freshest product with every use.”

Both Hansen and Scharp remain steadfast in their commitment to the possibilities behind RESCUE SKIN. “It speaks to the ethos of our company,” Hansen said. “We are all about creating something of meaning. There is substance behind this product, and around the future of skincare. Ushered by research, we are moving beyond the bathroom vanity and into a new realm of possibilities.”

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