January 04, 2022

Reaching Peak Performance in the New Year with Jet Linx and Elevated Lifestyle Partner Canyon Ranch

Ready to really lean into your New Year’s Resolutions? Jet into a future of peak performance.

Jet Linx Elevated Lifestyle (EL) partner Canyon Ranch offers lasting transformation through personalized guidance and proven expertise. Canyon Ranch has been a popular partner in the EL program since 2015, with the wellness brand representing one of five original partners in the program that boasts over 30 partners now.

With more than 1,500 services offered across four stunning locations, Canyon Ranch pinpoints the solutions that work best for you. The integrated wellness journey doesn’t end when you leave the premises – it begins in earnest.

When a guest books a stay at any Canyon Ranch property, their experience is fine-tuned to match their needs and desired outcomes. Drawing from five wellness pillars, Canyon Ranch Wellness Experts integrate precise answers into a single state of well-being.

“Pathways were designed around our guest’s mindset – not just a collection of services and activities. Every guest has a story about what led up to their decision to come to Canyon Ranch. Our wellness guides are highly skilled at asking thoughtful questions to better understand where each person is on their wellness path. We want to know about their successes and challenges when it comes to eating healthy, sleeping well, getting enough exercise, managing stress, and living a purposeful life,” said Jim Eastburn, Corporate Director of Transformational Experiences at Canyon Ranch.

Matching guests to the right ‘Experience Pathway’ starts with a thoughtful inquiry that leads to a high level of self-discovery about intentions and desired outcomes. From there, Wellness Experts are carefully selected to be on the guest’s team – integrative physicians, nutritionists, sports scientists, mental health and wellness therapists, or spiritual wellness providers. Ultimately, it’s about connecting motivated wellness seekers with the best integrative wellness experts to create an experience that is highly informative, inspiring, and fun.

“I like to think about pathways as your personal strategic roadmap that will help you optimize your time at Canyon Ranch and keep you focused on a set of goals that you identified at the beginning of your stay. Pathways are continuously evolving to better meet our guests’ intentions. Based on feedback from our guests and colleagues, as well as the arrival of new technologies and innovations, we continue to enhance existing pathways,” Eastburn added.


Canyon Ranch is thrilled to highlight the evolution of what they call Health & Performance. This consists of an integrative team of highly credentialed and experienced wellness professionals dedicated to collaborative personalized care for each guest. The recently launched Sports Medicine division will provide guests with opportunities for in-depth assessments and treatment modalities that will help guests overcome injury, recover from surgery, train for a marathon, improve balance and agility, or master their favorite sport.

“These new services will be perfect for the elite athlete, the weekend warrior, or the chronic gym avoider. Our team of health and performance professionals will also offer follow-up virtual sessions designed to support guests once they have returned home,” Eastburn said.

Sports Medicine Experts at Canyon Ranch come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds, such as Carlos Jimenez, who worked for the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee prior to joining Canyon Ranch. Jimenez, Director of Sports Medicine at Canyon Ranch, specializes in orthopedic and sports rehabilitation and develops individualized programs and systems for guests.

“I do believe there are a lot of similarities between working with an elite athlete and someone who seeks assistance at Canyon Ranch. There’s a shared mentality to get better and improve their wellbeing and health. Whether you are a pro soccer player or a guest at Canyon Ranch, the human body still works the same way. When I am working with a guest, I use the same principles of medical care,” Jimenez said.

“So many of our clients lead an active lifestyle with a focus on sports and physical activity, from skiing to sailing to running, weight training and cycling,” noted Carla White, Senior Flight Concierge Trainer and EL Concierge. “The Health & Performance offerings from Canyon Ranch is an extension of their services that we believe will really resonate in the EL program.”

Within the Lifestyle Reset pathway, Jimenez helps guests overcome injuries and pain that they are currently dealing with. This pathway offers value because it helps guests to reclaim their direction, discover a healthier and happier path, and reconnect with their purpose in life. As part of the Optimal Health pathway, Jimenez helps guests address health concerns that are preventing them from fulfilling their life by creating a personalized plan to help them avoid injury in the future. In both cases, Wellness Experts at all Canyon Ranch locations remain fully committed to providing extensive education, resources and tools so that guests can stay at their peak performance throughout life.


Nutrition works behind the scenes to support bodily systems running optimally. Without strategic performance nutrition, the fitness and movement that guests at Canyon Ranch work so hard on cannot perform at their best. Nutrition is important in establishing great foundational health on which elite performance can be built, and can be further supported with targeted, individualized food and fueling strategies. Focusing on nutrition for performance can be of benefit for any level of physical activity – from elite athletes to recreational competitors to weekend warriors.

“Dialing in nutrition for an individual’s performance needs can mean the difference between good and great, as well as remaining stagnant and taking performance to a new level. Nutrition strategies can support peak performance through improving body composition, fueling both endurance and strength exercise, maximizing recovery from training, supporting training adaptations and supporting foundational health for long-term performance and more,” said Stephanie Miezin, Director of Nutrition at Canyon Ranch.

Specifically, Miezin looks forward to working on initiatives that will help educate guests on nutrition for lifelong health. Hands-on cooking classes, innovative menu structure, and nutrition presence throughout Canyon Ranch properties are a few of the areas she will focus on to provide valuable education to guests. Given her culinary background, she is excited to work closely with Canyon Ranch chefs to continue creating a dining experience that perfectly blends culinary arts with great nutrition.

“I think the fact that nutrition has somewhat invisible effects on performance makes it so that it is not considered [by many] in the same way as movement or fitness. Creating an impactful, integrative experience for guests will require the Health & Performance team to stay in constant communication and provide health and performance plans that account for the recommendations of other providers on the team. Together, we plan to bring our approach to the next level, and I’m excited to be part of that evolution,” Miezin said.

Canyon Ranch continues to offer new, dynamic programming, including the events covered here.

To learn more about Canyon Ranch and their experience pathways, visit www.canyonranch.com.

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