August 25, 2011

Private Jet Sales Reports

(August 25, 2011) Jet Linx: According to JPMorgan North American Equity Research in its latest monthly private jet market update, demand for new private jets “showed signs of perking up” in the 2nd quarter. However, it is perturbed about macroeconomic concerns. “Updates from the business jet OEMs were generally encouraging, though mixed signals persist,” said JPMorgan aerospace analyst Joseph Nadol III. Also identifying the gap between the “healthier high end and the still sluggish lower end remained in place, with the strongest numbers coming from Gulfstream.” The sustainability of the private jet market recovery will depend in large part on macro developments, which have shown much volatility over the past few weeks according to JPMorgan. “If another recession begins, the good news for bizjets is that a recovery never took hold in earnest, so the main risk is that it is simply pushed out further,” said JPMorgan. AIN Online (8/16)

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