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Frequently Asked Questions

About Jet Linx & Private Jet Travel
What is the Jet Card Program?

The Jet Card Program offers you guaranteed availability of a jet at guaranteed hourly rates and at a guaranteed highest standard of safety without a capital investment in an aircraft or long-term commitments.

What is Aircraft Management?

Whether you currently own an aircraft or are considering ownership, Jet Linx can manage your aircraft, provide a turnkey Flight Department, and oversee all ownership responsibilities, including pilots, training, maintenance, fuel programs, hangar operations, FAA compliance, and insurance. You can spend your time enjoying the ownership experience rather than dealing with tedious managerial tasks. If you’re just beginning the aircraft purchase process, we can help with the aircraft purchase to ensure you make the most informed buying decision.

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Do I have to become a Jet Card Client to fly with Jet Linx?

Yes, you must be a Member to fly with Jet Linx. We reserve the guaranteed availability of our fleet for our closed group of Members. To ensure your satisfaction, we offer a money-back guarantee if you are not totally satisfied after your first flight.

Can I charter a jet through Jet Linx?

No, Jet Linx does not offer a jet charter service. We save the availability of our aircraft for our Jet Card clients, so we are ready at a moment’s notice to serve their needs.

How does the Jet Card Program compare to others?

Jet Linx’s Jet Card Program is the most cost-effective guaranteed program in the industry. Not only do we offer the best price, we also offer the best service. Jet Linx is the only guaranteed program in the industry that commits itself to a local operation to provide you with an unparalleled level of service. Our team is here to personally serve you and your individual needs 24/7.

How do I become a Jet Card member?

To join, simply complete this form Jet Linx and a sales representative will follow up to explain the program in greater detail.

What size of aircraft is best for me?

Jet Linx offers guaranteed availability of Light Jet, Midsize Jet, Super Midsize and Heavy Jet aircraft to meet all of your aviation needs. As a Member in our program, you will have the luxury of choosing which size fits best on a trip-by-trip basis. And our local Flight Concierge teams will help guide your decision-making process based upon their experience and your flight needs.

How much notice is needed for scheduling a flight?

We can provide you with a jet with as little as a 2-hour notice if necessary. We ask though for a 48-hour notice to provide you with an aircraft at the guaranteed hourly rates. Our local Flight Concierge Team, who you will know personally as they coordinate all of your travel from our local private terminal, are on-call 24/7 to meet all of your flight scheduling needs.

Can I bring anyone I want on my flight?

Yes, you can bring anyone you want on your flight at no additional cost.

Is my pet allowed?

Yes, your pets are allowed and will fly in the cabin with you.

Will the jet leave if I am running late and not on time?

No, the aircraft will not depart without you. We are here to serve you and only you. Your schedule is our schedule.

What safety measures are in place?

Jet Linx has contracted third-party safety auditing firm, ARGUS, to conduct an ongoing audit of our operations and pilots. ARGUS is considered the industry’s foremost expert in aviation safety and auditing. In 2007, Jet Linx earned the prestigious ARGUS Platinum Elite Safety Rating, awarded to less than 2% of FAA Part 135 operators. Jet Linx is also an IS-BAO Stage 3 rated operator and holds the Wyvern Wingman standard. Jet Linx also employs a full time Director of Safety to oversee the continued enhancement of our safety programs. To learn more about ARGUS and IS-BAO, visit: www.aviationresearch.com. To learn more about the Wyvern Wingman standard, visit www.wyvernltd.com/wingman-standard.

How do you train your pilots?

All of our pilots are trained by FlightSafety International and CAE SimuFlite and are captain rated. They also receive continued education and training every six months. Our pilots are among the best trained and most experienced pilots in the industry. To learn more visit www.flightsafety.com or www.cae.com.

How do I get a Jet Linx in my city?

We are constantly looking to expand our locally-focused business model into new locations nationwide. If you or someone you know may be interested in partnering with us to expand Jet Linx into your city or town, please contact us today to learn more about our Jet Linx partnership model.