Discover the Jet Linx Difference.

Complete Aircraft Transaction

The industry’s only aircraft ownership lifecycle solution – from purchase, to management, to sale.

Welcome to the Complete Aircraft Transaction Program – the strength of Jet Linx’s operating experience combined with the acquisition and sales expertise of industry-best aircraft brokers. With over 100 aircraft under management (including 37 aircraft types) and 20+ years of aircraft management experience, our CAT program offers a unique perspective on the nuances you will face owning, operating and eventually selling your aircraft. Through the CAT Program, we offer a comprehensive solution for putting you in the right aircraft, under our care from purchase to sale to ensure the best end-to-end experience.

We have helped hundreds of aircraft owners purchase, operate, maintain and sell their aircraft. Let us help you.



  • Perform an owner and aircraft matching assessment;
  • Arrange for a visual inspection of the aircraft and demonstration flights for Client and Jet Linx (as applicable);
  • Identify an aircraft broker to help locate potential aircraft;
  • Assist Client with the aircraft price evaluations, negotiations and offers;
  • Provide Client assistance with the preparation of an aircraft purchase agreement;
  • Perform an initial aircraft records review;
  • Assist with selecting the pre- purchase inspection facility;
  • Provide model-specific guidance and recommendations to the maintenance facility to conduct its standard pre-purchase inspection;
  • Provide input on technical issues discovered during the pre-purchase inspection;
  • Review the pre-purchase inspection findings;
  • Upon completion of the pre- purchase inspection, provide a forecast of maintenance required/due items for the next 24-month period; and
  • Coordinate the details of the aircraft purchase closing.



No other local or national aircraft management company can deliver the full spectrum of services our company can through our unique combination of local service supported by a powerful national infrastructure. We are proud to provide a truly best-in-industry experience.

Jet Linx will handle:

  • personnel management
  • pilot training
  • maintenance
  • fuel
  • hangar operations
  • FAA compliance
  • aircraft insurance

Our owners enjoy:

  • ARGUS Platinum Elite, IS-BAO Stage 3 & Wyvern Wingman Safety Ratings
  • Jet Card program for a controlled source of revenue
  • National infrastructure & national Client Benefits Program
  • Fleet discounts on fuel, maintenance, training & insurance
  • Local private terminal & team
  • State-of-the-art owner reporting, online portal & mobile app



  • Package previous years of management and maintenance into an easy to appreciate booklet for the sale, maximizing buyer confidence in pedigree of aircraft
  • Conduct an aircraft audit and provide guidance for marketing aircraft for sale;
  • Identify an aircraft broker to help sell aircraft;
  • Provide marketplace analysis for specific type of aircraft for sale;
  • Develop a marketing campaign to generate qualified leads;
  • Market as “turnkey/ready-to- go” for Part 135 operations
  • Facilitate showings and demos for the aircraft to qualified leads; and
  • Oversee the closing, all of its documentation, funds, and transfer of ownership