Don’t take our word for it – our clients say it best!

Jet Linx is proud to provide the very best in customer service to each and every client, on each and every trip. Hear how our company offers the best in private aviation in our client testimonials below.

From Our Clients: Carey & DB Wilkins // Jet Card Clients

Find out why Jet Linx clients Carey and DB Wilkins choose to fly with Your Personal Jet Company.

From Our Clients: Hill Feinberg // The Personal Aspect

Mr. Feinberg, Chairman & CEO of First Southwest Co., tells what makes Jet Linx special to him: the personal service and support of the local Jet Linx team.

From Our Clients: Mike Smith // Jet Linx Stability & Strength

Jet Linx Indianapolis Client Mike Smith on the value Jet Linx adds to his business, and the smart sense of our local, high-service approach.

From Our Clients: Mike Smith // Jet Linx Culture of Service

Jet Linx Indy client Mike Smith relies on Jet Linx to provide the best in private aviation not only for his business, but for his family and friends as well. Check out his thoughts on how our culture of service shines!

From Our Clients: Jean-Paul Montupet

Jet Linx is proud to be your trusted, local partner in private aviation – providing unparalleled service and safety you can count on. Don’t take our word for it – Aircraft Management client Jean-Paul Montupet shares his Jet Linx story in this video.

From Our Clients: TD Ameritrade relies on Jet Linx to keep their business flying!

It’s no secret that private aviation is good for business. Former TD Ameritrade CFO Bill Gerber, a client for nearly a decade, notes how partnering with Jet Linx keeps their business executives efficient, productive and positive. Bill breaks down the dollars and cents of flying privately with Jet Linx in the video below.

From Our Clients: PGA Professional Jimmy Walker flies Jet Linx!

Our favorite player on the PGA tour, Jimmy Walker, relies on Jet Linx to meet his ever-changing schedule. We are just a call, a text or an email away!

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