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At Jet Linx, we provide private aviation travel solutions through individual, city-specific, local operations. Not an impersonal, remote operation with an 800 number and a floating fleet. This means you get a local team you know and trust, local planes, local pilots, and a local private jet terminal to serve you. No other private jet service in the industry compares.

This is private aviation made personal


Our commitment to a local base of operation translates directly to superior customer service. From the moment you pick up the phone to schedule your trip, to the moment you return home to your private terminal, your local team of Jet Linx professionals are there to meet your every need, every step of the way.


Jet Linx makes private jet travel as easy and convenient as walking into your own garage and getting into your car. Because our ground facilities, pilots, and planes are locally based, you get the comfort and familiarity of flying out of your own private terminal in your own private jet. It couldn’t be more personal.


Jet Linx operates and has access to Light, Midsize, Super Midsize and Heavy private jet aircraft so you will have the luxury of choosing the appropriately-sized aircraft for the occasion. Whether you’re traveling alone for a business trip to Toledo or you’re traveling with the entire family for a vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Jet Linx has the appropriately sized aircraft for your trip.


Jet Linx is a leader in the industry for its robust safety management system. We are an International Business Aviation Council (IS-BAO) Stage 3 registered operator, we have earned an ARGUS Platinum Elite Safety rating, WYVERN Wingman PRO rating, and our pilots are all CAE SimuFlite or FlightSafety International trained. Safety is our priority one.

Local team, world-class service

Boutique perks meet national operations

With 20+ private terminal locations across the country, our team pride themselves on offering highly personalized service. As a Jet Card Member or Aircraft Owner, your local team take the time to know and understand your personal preferences, and will have your favorite snacks and beverages on hand and on board when you arrive. Our private terminal location facilities feature secure entry and are accessible only to Jet Linx clients and their guests. No lines, no waiting. No other private aviation company can match the level of service and infrastructure of Jet Linx.

For your jetset lifestyle

Jet Linx offers a service-first approach and invests in supporting our clients’ interests and overall travel experience.

SOAR Magazine

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Elevated Lifestyle

Luxury partners in travel, transportation, and more provide exclusive offers to our clients.

Our Core Values

Driven by beliefs, not written in a boardroom

Regardless of department, tenure, or location, every Jet Linx team member is committed to creating an environment that fosters excellence and creates exceptional experiences. These guiding principles drive our decisions and our interactions with each other, our clients, and our partners.


We will provide genuine attention to all clients and our team through unselfish concern and kindness.


We will exhibit steadfast commitment to our individual performance and devotion to our clients and our team.


We will passionately pursue an environment and experience that are second to none.


We will create professional working relationships in a manner that is forthright and honest at all times.


We will proactively seek to understand and anticipate the needs of our clients and team.

25 years of Excellence

In 1999, Jet Linx set out to build a private aviation company that would forever change what personal air travel could be. Leveraging our combined expertise with a deeply ingrained understanding of clients' needs, our industry-unique model has allowed us to chart our own course for 25 years.

National operations center

Our National Operations Center (NOC) works hand-in-hand with local Jet Linx Base representatives 24/7 to deliver an industry-best private jet experience. The NOC hosts company events and leadership summits regularly. New Jet Linx team members visit the NOC for training, spending time with subject matter experts to gain a full appreciation for what makes Jet Linx different.

Giving back at the local level

We take pride in the localized service we provide, and always seek opportunities to support our local community. Whether through partnerships with local businesses, or giving and support of local charities and non-profits by our team members, Jet Linx brings the same enthusiasm and commitment to serving our communities as we do our clients.

Experience the Jet Linx Difference

the people that make it personal

Meet your Jet Linx team

While there are hundreds of individuals spread across 20+ locations and our National Operations Center – they are all united in one single goal: To make private jet travel uniquely personal for each and every one of our clients, partners, and Owners.

Explore world-class opportunities

Find a rewarding career as part of the Jet Linx team

We pride ourselves in our adherence to our Core Values, and our commitment to being the best personal aviation company in the industry. So, we’re always on the lookout for highly-motivated, exceptionally-talented, like-minded people to join our mission.

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