March 5, 2024

Jet Linx Aircraft Management: Buying Power

March 05, 2024

Jet Linx Aircraft Management: Buying Power

For most private aircraft, fuel ranks as the single largest operating expense, accounting for roughly 25% of total annual costs. At today’s prices, that translates to $300,000 to $600,000 or more each year, depending on flight hours. While every operator can negotiate a ‘deal’ on fuel, Jet Linx goes further by quantifying savings through optimized purchasing, planning, and operations coordination using our exclusive aviation fuel management strategy.

Specialized Expertise & Aviation Software

By investing in an industry-leading fuel planning and tankering software and a dedicated fuel team, we have created a platform to drastically improve fuel spend. Our holistic fuel process delivers fuel savings through careful planning, optimization, evaluations and audits on fuel. We import up-to-date pricing from suppliers, calculate optimal uplift and tankering for each plane’s specifications, and track invoices for accuracy. Seamless connections with our scheduling and accounting software reduce manual entry and discrepancies.

Resourceful Purchasing Through Scale & Partnerships

Jet Linx provides a centralized system to streamline purchasing across our nationwide fleet. Our fuel planning software auto-imports regularly-updated pricing from suppliers and retail sources daily. It seamlessly integrates with our scheduling platform to forecast fuel needs and notify vendors and FBOs of estimated requirements per aircraft arrival. Leveraging Jet Linx’s high volume, we have negotiated (and continue to negotiate) contract fuel rates and partnerships with major aviation chains and 15+ additional suppliers. This aggregates purchasing power and fuel expenses across all managed aircraft to capture maximum savings.

Planning Tailored to Each Aircraft & Mission

Rather than relying on general estimates, Jet Linx creates custom flight plans and fuel uplift suggestions tailored to each aircraft’s specifications and route parameters. With crowd-sourced data from thousands of other aircraft on the platform, we account for airport updated fees, payload considerations and other variables on a per-trip basis. Plus, our crews receive specific, data-backed recommendations calibrated for every flight.

Automated Tankering Analysis

Jet Linx goes beyond flight planning to identify tankering opportunities that could further reduce costs for our Aircraft Owners. We assess whether carrying extra fuel balances additional burn/landing fees to bypass refueling at higher-priced airports. This eliminates manual calculations, optimizes decisions, and unlocks savings while eliminating undue stress for flight crews.

End-to-End Fuel Management

By completely managing the entire fuel process from purchasing to reconciliation, Jet Linx reduces administrative burden for our Aircraft Owners. Back-end connections with our accounting software enable automated invoice audits and reconciliation to prevent overages.


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