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Jet Linx New York is your portal to a level of service that is unmatched in the private aviation industry. Your local team will work with you to ensure every detail of your trip is perfect – from the moment you enter the private terminal until you reach your destination.

Your personal team

The team behind our New York private jet terminal will accommodate your every need whenever you fly with us. They strive to provide you with a personalized private travel experience you’ll find nowhere else in New York or across the country.

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112 Lindbergh DR Building 111
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Your private jet terminal in New York, NY.

Inside Jet Linx New York

Our New York Base is a private terminal complete with an executive lounge, our local Flight Concierge team, and much more to ensure your flight experience is unlike any other.

At jet linx New York, you can expect:

  • Complete Privacy
    • Only Jet Linx Jet Card Members and Aircraft Owners have access to our exclusive terminal.
  • Ultimate Convenience:
    • Get out of your car, step onto your private jet, and depart for your destination within minutes.
    • This level of convenience and the value of time saved are two major benefits of choosing Jet Linx New York and flying through our private terminal.
  • New York Private Terminal Amenities:
    • At our New York private jet terminal, you’ll have a private meeting room, executive lounge, kitchenette with snacks and beverages, and Wifi connectivity available to you.
  • Unmatched Service from a Personal Team:
    • When you’re flying private in New York, our team ensures a consistent level of world-class, personalized service.
  • Located at Teterboro Airport (TEB)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Jet Linx Nashville?

Navigating to Jet Linx Nashville is a breeze. The private terminal is conveniently located at Nashville International Airport (BNA) in Nashville, Tennessee. Once you land at BNA, simply follow the signs directing you to our private terminal located on the southeast side of the airport, just north of Murfreesboro Pike (US HWY 41).

Enter “Jet Linx Nashville” or “1480 Murfreesboro Pike Nashville, TN 37217” into your preferred GPS app for precise directions from your current location. Upon arrival, our dedicated Personal Flight Concierge team ensures your vehicle’s security during your private jet adventure. We even treat your car to a wash before you return to the terminal.

Moreover, the Jet Linx Nashville private terminal is strategically situated a mere 20 minutes from downtown, 15 minutes from the Grand Ole Opry, and another 15 minutes from Music Row.

Can’t find your way? Reach out to our local Personal Flight Concierge at 615.600.4757 for guidance.

Unleash the potential of your Jet Linx Jet Card Membership with access to over 21 Jet Linx terminals and more than 5,000 airports nationwide and 180+ countries worldwide. Our private jet Membership program primary service area encompasses the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean, while our international service empowers you to explore the globe. Your flights become a canvas of choice, allowing you to match the ideal jet to the mission – whether it’s a quick hop to Aspen or a business endeavor in Chicago.

With our guaranteed hourly rates, our Jet Card Members never need to do any guesswork. Our fixed hourly rates are predictable and transparent, and through efficiencies and economies of scale, we offer hourly rates that can be up to 50% lower than other national Jet Card companies. Jet Linx Jet Card Members are charged a Round Trip rate based on occupied flight time only and do not include charges for repositioning flights, pilot wait time, pilot expenses or overnights. Our One-Way rates offer thousands of dollars in savings for private jet flights from Nashville because unlike charter or fractional jet companies, there are no additional charges for empty legs or repositioning flights. Pricing of flights depends on aircraft size and your unique mission profile, so please contact your local Nashville Flight Concierge team and they will happily generate a quote for you.

Our fleet‘s diversity accommodates varying speeds and durations. A Light Jet takes approximately two hours and 30 minutes, cruising at 400 miles per hour. The Midsize Jet clocks in at around two hours and 15 minutes with speeds ranging from 450 to 500 mph. For the Super Midsize or Heavy Jet, it could be as swift as two hours, thanks to cruising speeds of 500 mph or more. Consider weather and routing variables, and the private flight from Nashville to Miami typically hovers between two and two and a half hours. Compare this to a commercial flight’s three and a half to four hours, including security, boarding, and taxiing. With Jet Linx, precious time is on your side.

If you’re dreaming of soaring with the Jet Linx Nashville team, please head over to our dedicated careers page. Jet Linx offers an array of careers in the flight deck and crew-specific benefits include fully-paid training, bonus programs, Company-paid FAA medical and uniforms, a Time and Tenure Pathway to advance your career and more. Our pro-pilot culture also includes three different scheduling options to meet your needs. Careers beyond the cockpit are available in Nashville, too, including flight concierge, maintenance and sales opportunities.

Venturing from Nashville to Seattle in a private jet? Flight times vary. A Light Jet completes the journey in around five hours, Midsize Jet in about four hours and 30 minutes, and a Super Midsize or Heavy Jet could make it under four hours. Jet Linx’s private travel trims significant hours compared to commercial routes. Expect four to five hours with us, an efficient alternative to the six to seven hours of commercial travel, sans security, boarding, and taxiing.

Nashville is a hub of music, culture, and now, private jet travel. Private jets often fly into the Nashville International Airport (BNA), where Jet Linx Nashville has its very own private terminal. However, there are several fixed-base operators (FBOs) that serve private aviation traffic in and around Nashville such as smaller regional and local airports. However, when you fly out of BNA with Jet Linx Nashville, you reap the benefits of our secure private terminal and your local, dedicated Jet Linx private jet team.

Yes, Jet Linx offers Jet Card Members a range of options in our Heavy Jet category that are capable of flying long distances to places such as Hawaii. With our diverse fleet, you could choose between a Gulfstream G650, Bombardier Global Express or Dassault Falcon 7X or other types of Heavy Jets in the nationwide fleet. Total flight time would be around 10 to 12 hours with possibility of a refueling at the Jet Linx Dallas Base location. Jet Linx offers extensive flight support for long-haul missions such as this, from Flight Coordination to crewing and Base support. All Heavy Jet flights also come with a complimentary Air Hostess to ensure the highest standard of safety. With our extensive Elevated Lifestyle (EL) client benefits program, Jet Linx Members and Aircraft Owners can opt to stay at partner hotels in our EL Preferred Hotel Program – including Mauna Lani and ESPACIO, the Jewel of Waikiki.

Yes, Jet Linx offers a 7,000 square-foot terminal with attached 30,000 square feet of hangar space, offering plenty of Music City flair and conveniently located on the south side of Nashville International Airport. Jet Linx Nashville officially opened its doors in 2016, but in October 2019 the team moved into a different facility to offer more comfort, convenience and luxury to Jet Linx Jet Card MembersAircraft Owners, and their guests. Jet Linx clients can park in the private lot and be assisted with their luggage by a member of the Jet Linx Nashville team. Clients can either choose to enter the private terminal or board the plane directly if desired. A putting green outside the front door offers a leisurely way to practice your short game while waiting to board, and doubles as a popular happy hour location. Inside, two separate lounge areas and a private conference room offer plenty of space to stretch out in the 7,000 square-foot office space. Unobstructed views to the south provide panoramic plane-watching views and a front row seat to Nashville’s stunning sunsets. Clients will easily find their way to the private terminal with prominent signage visible from Murfreesboro Rd., from which clients can turn directly onto Jet Linx Nashville’s private driveway.