February 27, 2020

Setting a New Standard | Jet Linx New York Grand Opening

February 27, 2020

Setting a New Standard | Jet Linx New York Grand Opening

The grand opening of Jet Linx New York set a new standard in the city.

Located just ten miles outside of downtown Manhattan at Teterboro, the Jet Linx New York brings with it a prime location and promises to elevate the private aviation experience in the area.

At the grand opening event on Sept. 25, 2019, guests enjoyed complimentary helicopter transfers, catering by Nobu, private jet tours, and a jazz performance from Alexa Ray Joel – the talented daughter of renowned musician Billy Joel.

Teterboro Airport has long been the go-to private air hub for New York’s elite. The team at Jet Linx could not be happier to establish a private terminal in the busiest private airport in the United States. Jet Linx has experienced rapid growth in the last few years, and the opening of New York provides room for expansion in the Northeast corridor. With other Base openings in Boston and an established Washington D.C. location, Jet Linx is ready to spread its wings.


“Teterboro is the busiest general aviation airport by a wide margin, and the New York metro is home to over 8,000 high-net-worth individuals and families, which represents a robust market ,” said Isaac C. Flanagan, Base Partner & President.

Jet Linx New York must penetrate a saturated market, but there are key differentiators at play. In addition to the unique local model, Jet Linx New York was the first Base location to receive Forbes Five-Star customer service training. These standards are the same Five-Star standards the company uses to rate the finest hotels, restaurants, and spas.

“We offer world-class operational excellence coupled with a local customer service experience, and a passionate team that supplies the high every day. That’s something we can always depend upon,” Flanagan asserted. He went on to acknowledge other ways he and his team plan to leave their mark. “It starts by re-earning our customers’ trust on every single flight. We’re now beginning to reap the benefits of the credibility we’ve earned, and we can see the value of that reputation. We are interested in building a community, not selling a commodity, so splashy advertising campaigns are not in our future. We’re focused more on intimate, meaningful moments oriented around passions shared by our members and owners.”

“In an industry defined by exorbitant sponsorships and supported by 1-800 numbers and floating fleets, we have taken a different approach. We’ve chosen to invest in personalizing the experience rather than commercializing it,” said Jamie Walker, President and CEO of Jet Linx. “This is why we are thrilled to now offer the greater New York area the benefit of our unique and unparalleled local service model. We are dedicated to serving our clients in a way no other company can – backed by Forbes Travel Guide standards – by providing them with guaranteed private jet services, on a local level, to personally serve their individual needs.”

Designed by the esteemed Paul Bennett Architects, the space features an intimate and stylish environment, including decorative elements like teak wood, cognac leather and fluted glass. The terminal’s design is meant to serve as a contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city sitting just across the Hudson River. Guests described the interior as quiet, tranquil, and peaceful – making it a perfect area for business or relaxation before boarding a private jet.

Privacy and dedication to service are only a few of the ways that Jet Linx has defined itself in the industry. “Jet Linx is one of a kind: the only company that couples world-class operational excellence with a bespoke, local customer service experience. We have raised the bar for New York, offering a tasteful, thoughtful private terminal space with a global Jet Linx brand standard,” said Flanagan.

Guests of Jet Linx New York were treated to a large palate of world-class cuisine, including sushi from Nobu.


“To see this space not just rendered in pixels and filled with a happy and engaged crowd… it was nothing short of moving,” Flanagan continued. “It is an honor to be a Jet Linx team member every day, but that night it meant even more to our team.”

From the entertainment to the catering – the entire evening had a stately appeal. As guests arrived, they were plied with aviation-themed cocktails, and world-renowned Chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s eponymous restaurant catered the event. Delicate passed hors d’oeuvres included raw salmon, seared tuna, and white fish topped with a paper-thin slice of jalapeno. Guests were also able to tour three private jet aircraft on static display: a Gulfstream G600, Dassault Falcon 8X, and Bombardier Challenger 350.

Alexa Ray Joel provided the musical backdrop to a magical evening. Joel sang some of her original songs, and also crooned renditions of her father’s classic works. Joel can often be found performing with her father at his monthly Madison Square Garden residency, or at the famed Café Carlyle. “The intimate performance by Alexa Ray is what Jet Linx is built on: providing privacy and unforgettable moments to our clients,” Flanagan explained.

Isaac Flanagan, Eli Goldstein, Evan Morgan, Alec LeFort and Jamie Walker attend Jet Linx New York Grand Opening Event at Jet Linx on September 25, 2019 in Teterboro

The Jet Linx team was delighted to introduce local clients and guests to the new private terminal at Teterboro.

Eddy Simon, Senior Flight Concierge for Jet Linx New York, enjoyed hearing Jet Linx President and CEO Jamie Walker deliver his speech to the hangar. “To hear Jamie speak in our hangar felt like we had finally arrived in New York! It was nothing short of exuberant.”

Flanagan’s aim is for Jet Linx New York to be the fastest-growing Base in Jet Linx history. Walker is confident that this future is possible. “While we do hold New York as our new flagship – it does not change the fundamentals of who we are as a company. We are going to continue offering the safest and most memorable private aviation service in the industry. We believe that the savvy consumers in New York will react positively to our model.”

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