March 4, 2020

PerUs | Making Memories with Exquisite Wine

March 04, 2020

PerUs | Making Memories with Exquisite Wine

Memories from grape, to bottle, to table with PerUs wines.


Wine – at its most humble and honest roots – is a vessel for sharing passion and curating memories with friends and family. That is the ethos of PerUs and its founder, Anmol Bhandari.

The goal is to provide something that will live in perpetuity, a product that will be talked about. Even as PerUs finds itself in the thick of Napa Valley, they don’t feel the heat of competition. They move forward with integrity, work together like a family, and invite others to join them. The small-scale wines that PerUs offers don’t feel like they’re made for broad consumption – and that’s because they aren’t. The wine is produced solely for the PerUs family and the members of its exclusive wine club.

“We wanted to create a wine together that would create memories while bringing people together,” said Katya Kurtbek, PerUs Director of Sales and Marketing. “You’ll notice that all of our wines are named after our team members or our loved ones. It’s all about family here at PerUs,” Kurtbek added.


PerUs wine being poured into empty wine glasses at a table set for a meal

PerUs wines are created to create memories and bring people together.

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