September 7, 2021

Maximize Your Private Jet Ownership Experience with the Jet Linx Owner Portal

September 07, 2021

Maximize Your Private Jet Ownership Experience with the Jet Linx Owner Portal

Investors and shareholders need to assess the performance of their positions and adjust accordingly. Tech-enhanced financial platforms exist for investors to view asset allocation, analyze account performance, review transactions, documents and more. Why shouldn’t aircraft owners be afforded the same insights and real-time reports?

“With an asset like a private jet, it’s entirely necessary to be able to access and interpret performance data. It’s no different than viewing an account balance or checking an electricity bill for trends or outliers. As a trusted business partner to all of our clients, we know this is an essential tool,” said Ron Silverman, Chief Commercial Officer at Jet Linx.

Unfortunately, regional and local operators in the private aviation industry rarely offer comprehensive reporting systems because they lack the resources or infrastructure to capture, analyze, and display data. Jet Linx offers premium reporting software, significantly improving the ownership experience compared to local or regional operators that cannot offer real-time data on a client’s valued asset. By employing full-time teams in Information Technology, Accounting and Finance, Jet Linx aircraft owners can rely on complete, uninhibited access to performance information on their aircraft.

The Jet Linx Owner Portal offers the most transparent, comprehensive and unencumbered aircraft ownership experience in the private aviation industry by providing round-the-clock data on how the asset is being managed. Not only does the Owner Portal offer unmatched transparency, it also allows for unparalleled access and control over a valuable asset

Jet Linx Aircraft Management clients can maximize the performance of their assets with our tech-driven platform. The Owner Portal enables users to leverage their aircraft so that they’re getting the most out of it while Jet Linx manages it in such a way to achieve the owner’s stated goals,” said Alec LeFort, Senior Vice President of Sales and Regional Base President at Jet Linx.

Whether you’re curious about labor metrics or seeking to fine-tune your revenue potential -the Jet Linx Private Jet Owner Portal provides the information you need, in real time.


The Owner Dashboard: A Quick Reference Guide

The Owner Dashboard provides a reliable and convenient way for aircraft management clients to quickly view reporting on certain highly referenced items. The Owner Dashboard offers real-time information on your private jet use statistics, such as year-to-date and month-to-date insights on aircraft revenue, revenue hours, owner hours and more. Jet Linx aircraft owners can also access a calendar to view upcoming aircraft activity like owner trips, Jet Card or charter trips and planned maintenance events.

For more comprehensive reporting, management clients can jump to the Jet Linx online Owner Portal from the Mobile App Owner Dashboard.

The Owner Portal: Maximizing Your Asset’s Performance

“The Jet Linx Owner Portal offers a clear picture of how an aircraft is performing, all in real time. It offers the ability to modify service in more beneficial ways,” Silverman added, “It’s the same platform that any banker or broker would provide. It’s more than a tool for transparency.”

The Owner Portal Homepage offers an account summary consisting of revenue generated, a calendar view of current flight schedule and any aircraft holds that may prevent revenue generation, and a snapshot of Owner & Charter hours. This page allows for a quick glance at important metrics.

Going a little deeper, the Owner Portal also offers more specific data focusing on these categories (referred to as cards):

  • Hours and Trip Revenue
    • The Hours and Trip Revenue card reveals historical average utilization of charter and owner hours, current accounts receivable and historical trip and flight logs. The flight log and trip summary offers detailed information on each day’s activity on your aircraft. This includes flight time, hours, routing, revenue generated and fuel surcharge reimbursements.
  • Fuel and Expenses
    • The Fuel and Expenses card features detailed documentation of all aircraft expenses (excluding maintenance, which has its own card). Owners can view fuel purchases and the average cost of fuel between states. This section also provides data on aircraft owner trip expenses such as hotel, meal and crew transportation costs. The Jet Linx finance and accounting teams are always on standby to provide further records whenever requested.
  • Documents (Statements)
    • Within the Documents card, aircraft owners can review their agreements with Jet Linx and access year-to-date (YTD) Statements. Other necessary documentation such as insurance certificates and copies of registration certificates can be found here.
  • Labor Metrics
    • The Labor Metrics card offers a summarized view of your crew’s average hotel and meal spend, crew flight hours and a crew’s average Flight Duty Days. This data can prove far less accessible in other management programs with inferior reporting platforms.
  • Maintenance
    • The Maintenance card shows an easy-to-read Upcoming Maintenance Forecast in calendar format. This section displays a description of needed maintenance, estimated due date, estimated cost and projected downtime. The maintenance subpage can be a valuable planning tool for owners to gauge their usage. For example, certain maintenance events, like a 36-month inspection, can mean a costly repair with extended downtime is coming. Less important maintenance events can often be rescheduled, which is why this is such a helpful planning tool for our Aircraft Management clients.

Within the platform, aircraft data can be filtered, sorted, and easily exported into email, print, Powerpoint or Excel formats. Owners can also determine what data they see and how they see it. For example, annotations can be inserted, snapshots taken and data reformatted. Data toggles between graph and chart view depending on preference, and card layout can be rearranged as well.

Finally, the Owner Portal can be helpful when preparing taxes because Jet Linx has the ability to designate which trips were part of Part 91 or Part 135 operations, and which trips were used for business or pleasure. This level of detail comes in handy for aircraft owners approaching tax season.

“We understand the necessity of sharing accurate and timely data. The Jet Linx Aircraft Owner Portal enhances and simplifies the ownership experience, and we pair this platform with our industry leading Five-Star service for optimal asset management,” said LeFort.

Have more questions about our state-of-the-art online Owner Portal or need help with activation? Contact us today.

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