September 22, 2023

Jet Linx Unlocks New Horizons for Flight Coordinators with Dispatch Training

September 22, 2023

Jet Linx Unlocks New Horizons for Flight Coordinators with Dispatch Training

Earning a dispatch license within the aviation industry can be a career-altering milestone that opens up many opportunities for advancement at Part 135 and Part 121 operators.

Through a specialized Airline Dispatch Operations course offered at the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s Aviation Institute (UNOAI), Jet Linx aims to equip its Flight Coordinators with the expertise needed to earn FAA dispatch licenses – all at no cost to Jet Linx team members. The eight students enrolled in the course will gain practical knowledge to coordinate flights, ensure regulatory compliance, and maximize efficiency – all tremendously valuable skills in business aviation.

Brian Walker, Director of Operational Services at Jet Linx, secured grant funding so that all eight Jet Linx students could take the course tuition-free. The idea to offer a free pathway to earn a dispatch license came as a result of the Destination 225° Program in partnership with Southwest Airlines. Walker believed that offering a pathway for dispatchers would be an excellent complement to the program for pilots, so he pursued grants and contacted the UNOAI.

After many months of planning and eventual approval from the FAA, the UNOAI offered its very first dispatch course in the fall semester of 2023. Walker is currently the Adjunct Professor for the course and will be instructing all eight Jet Linx team members.  

“We want to invest in our team members and help them reach their full potential,” said Walker. “Earning a dispatch license will allow our Flight Coordinators to take on more responsibility and open up new career paths at Jet Linx and beyond. This was an opportunity that I never had when I was younger, and as far as I can tell, something that no other Part 135 Operator is offering their employees.”

The Airline Dispatch Operations course covers topics like flight planning, aircraft systems, weather analysis, navigation, regulations, emergency response, and air traffic control procedures. Students who complete the course will be prepared to take the FAA dispatch exam and will begin working as certified flight dispatchers. With Walker’s extensive background in operations as both a dispatcher and manager, students are sure to learn valuable lessons from one of the best.

“While many major airlines require a dispatch license, having one in the Part 135 world really distinguishes you from the crowd and can open up a lot of opportunities for advancement. We have already seen one of our team members earn her license and accept a job at American Airlines, which is a very difficult position to qualify for,” Walker said.

Providing this specialized training free of charge is one part of Jet Linx’s commitment to its team members’ professional development. The Company continues to seek out unique opportunities to help team members advance their skills and careers. Jet Linx sets itself apart by fostering a work environment that values growth and enables team members to reach new heights.

“We see our Flight Coordination department as a talent incubator. You come work with our team, learn and grow. After a few years, the hope is that you can move on to bigger and better opportunities, and we have seen that time and time again. We’re committed to advancing careers and this new offering backs up that promise,” said Walker.

The Airline Dispatch Operations course will equip Jet Linx team members with the expertise needed to obtain their dispatch licenses and take on greater responsibility. With skilled dispatchers at the helm, Jet Linx clients can expect greater operational excellence. By investing in its own team members, Jet Linx reaffirms its commitment to offering the best private aviation services in the industry and advancing the future of the industry at large.

Other Innovative Pathway Programs at Jet Linx

Jet Linx continues to develop innovative hiring and career development pathways designed to open doors for aviation professionals at all stages. The Company’s latest initiative, the Time & Tenure Career Pathway, creates a clear structure for pilots to progress in their careers at Jet Linx. This program comes on the heels of other groundbreaking offerings.

In 2022, Jet Linx launched a pipeline partnership with ATP Flight School to bring qualified pilots on board as First Officers. The year prior, the Company pioneered Destination 225°, providing a route for Jet Linx pilots to transition to Southwest Airlines and back to business aviation later in their careers.

More recently, Jet Linx implemented the Aviators Continuing to Elevate (ACE) program, which enables retiring airline pilots to extend their flying years through flexible part-time work. Additionally, the Direct Entry Captain pathway helps pilots changing aircraft types join Jet Linx in the left seat. The Company has also been heavily involved with the Burke Air and Space Academy since 2019 – offering opportunities for internships, mentorships and pipelines to aviation careers right out of high school.

Through each of these avenues, Jet Linx continues to build aviation career runways with on-ramps for those entering the industry, clear taxiways to elevation, and opportunities to stretch careers beyond retirement. The Company recognizes no two pilots follow identical trajectories and by creating multiple pathways, Jet Linx empowers aviators to choose their own adventure.

With continued innovation, Jet Linx aims to attract passionate talent, nurture their growth, and retain their expertise – cultivating an experienced and engaged team that delivers exceptional safety and service.

Interested in a career in aviation? Check our job openings or learn more about our various career pathways!

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