October 21, 2021

Is Joint Ownership Right For Me?

October 21, 2021

Is Joint Ownership Right For Me?


Jet Linx resolves to find private aviation solutions for every type of client. Our industry-leading Jet Card programs and aircraft management solutions have proven successful to a wide range of clientele, but there remains a group of people seeking slightly different solutions for their unique needs. We proudly announce a new service offering – professionally managed private jet joint ownership with Jet Linx.

As the lowest net-cost option for ownership, you can own the skies for half the cost. The supervised structure offered by Jet Linx protects from the risks of informal partnerships while providing access comparable to sole ownership. With joint ownership each party pays for half of the acquisition and fixed costs and the inevitable sting of market depreciation is dulled through shared costs. Owners also benefit from revenue generation through the Jet Linx Jet Card program, helping to pay for the cost of ownership.

“An ownership experience offers a completely different feel compared to using Jet Card or charter. When you own an aircraft, you feel at home. You know exactly where the dimmer switches are, you know which chair is most comfortable. Aircraft owners experience a much greater level of comfort and consistency and this translates to a far superior experience, especially with Jet Linx managing the partnership and the asset,” explained Ron Silverman, Jet Linx Chief Commercial Officer.

What is Joint Aircraft Ownership?

Joint aircraft ownership is as simple as it sounds – but more complex in practice – which is why few operators or aircraft owners successfully utilize this option. When two people choose to split ownership of a private jet, myriad gray areas emerge which can fray and unravel an already-delicate relationship.

Who will maintain the aircraft? Who will crew the aircraft? Who will create a maintenance schedule and pay for repairs and inspections? Who will be granted access to the aircraft, and when? Who will authorize release of the aircraft for charter or maintenance? When conflicts arise, how will they be settled? What about proper exit plans?

Informal arrangements, and even formally managed arrangements for shared ownership can be prone to conflict unless properly supervised. Jet Linx possesses the right blend of knowledge and expertise to manage a touchy partnership properly, evading complications that would derail other arrangements.

“This concept offers a simple but powerful platform to own an aircraft,” Silverman added, “lowering many of the traditional barriers that prevent people from sole aircraft ownership. There’s a broad but distinct audience that this kind of partnership can benefit. The problem is that very few operators currently offer a product like this.”

Is Joint Aircraft Ownership Right for You?

Joint private jet ownership primarily benefits individuals and corporations that find themselves flying anywhere from 50 to 75 hours per year. If you fly less than 50 hours, consider the Jet Linx Jet Card program, and if you’re flying more than 75-100 hours, consider whole aircraft ownership supported by our Aircraft Management Program.

“Joint aircraft ownership can work well for a range of people or businesses that currently use fractional, jet card or charter. It’s also a good option for current aircraft owners that want to upgrade into a newer jet or a larger category without making a significant investment, as well as first-time owners that want to test the waters,” Silverman stated. “However, sometimes a reason to share ownership can come from changes in lifestyle, changes in business or changes in our rapidly shifting economy.”

If you’re currently involved in other private jet programs, joint ownership could be a more efficient option for you.

For those currently involved in DIY ownership agreements:

  • Managing an aircraft AND a personal relationship can become burdensome and costly. Jet Linx acts as a trusted advisor to both parties by drawing up an agreement designed to proactively avoid conflicts.
  • Low net cost of ownership, acquisition and fixed costs can still be achieved in a managed partnership. Jet Linx offers bulk discounts on maintenance and repair, further lowering operating costs, and our Jet Card program provides built-in revenue whenever desired.
  • Jet Linx clears hurdles that obstruct a durable partnership by matching appropriate partners, pairing their schedules, filing their taxes, settling title agreements, and negotiating proper exits.

For current whole private jet owners:

  • If you’re flying less than 200 hours per year, you may be under-utilizing your asset.
  • Even when flying 100-150 hours per year, you’re still paying 100% of the costs of operation. Even with charter revenue, issues with availability and liability can create an undesirable ownership experience.

For those involved with fractional ownership, Jet Card membership or charter:

  • If you’re flying more than 50 hours per year, you may want to reconsider your options.
  • Fractional owners maintain responsibility for fixed costs and remain locked into long-term financial responsibilities, while receiving limited access.
  • All three options listed result in different crew and aircraft for each trip, which can limit mission profiles and consistency of experience.
  • Alongside a higher cost-per-hour, access to aircraft remains an issue.

Other great candidates for joint aircraft partners include:

  • Charter customers flying 50+ hours per year.
  • Sole owners seeking to sell half of their plane, or who want to upgrade their aircraft.
  • Sole owners using charter to offset their costs.
  • Fractional jet owners seeking more access.
  • Jet Card members seeking more consistency and control.
  • Non-owners considering jet ownership for the first time.

How Does Jet Linx Joint Aircraft Ownership Work?

Jet Linx pairs two owners with similar needs and sells each owner a 50% interest in a private jet with a three-year ownership position in the aircraft. Both owners receive a complimentary Jet Card as guaranteed backup if the aircraft is unavailable due to maintenance, owner usage, or charter.

To offset the expense of ownership, Jet Linx generates charter revenue when the aircraft is idle or transient for owner trips. Both owners have the ability to accept or deny charter authorization, as well as reclaim the aircraft after it has been released for charter.

Owners pay a minimal Hourly rate to cover direct operating costs for fuel and maintenance, as well as a nominal monthly Management Fee for coordinating the use of the aircraft. Other fixed expenses, such as hangar, pilot salaries and insurance are split between owners.

“Not only do you pay half the price to own an aircraft, owners also receive revenue from Jet Card usage, cutting costs even further,” Silverman continued. “When you factor in Jet Linx’s ability to professionally manage aircraft, this new product offers an even deeper appeal.”

The major key to success lies in Jet Linx’s ability to professionally manage the partnership. Jet Linx acts as a buffer between two parties involved in a partnership and acts as a neutral third party to ensure a smooth, consistent experience. From selecting adequate partners, to crewing and scheduling, to offering discounts on maintenance and fuel – the Jet Linx Joint Ownership program offers an ownership experience for half the price with all of the same benefits as sole ownership.

Why Jet Linx?

Managing an asset like a private jet comes with many difficulties and nuances that cannot be settled over a handshake. Professionally managed joint ownership from Jet Linx offers an attractive solution for those unsatisfied with fractional ownership, sole ownership or a DIY partnership.

With Jet Linx professionally managing the aircraft, the complications that often derail joint aircraft ownership disappear. We offer a structure for title, usage and exit. You benefit from professional management and the lowest net cost of ownership, plus access to our fleet of 100+ aircraft via your Jet Linx Jet Card whenever you might need it.

When seeking joint ownership, finding a suitable partner plays a crucial part in determining the success or failure of the venture. Ideally, partners will live no more than 30 minutes apart and share the same mission profiles. Partners must also agree to similar opinions on scheduling, expenses, maintenance, the use of supplemental charter and more. With a professionally managed partnership, the personality of owners plays less of a role and Jet Linx acts as a buffer between two owners, communicating information as necessary.

Co-ownership with Jet Linx becomes even more dynamic when our full-service private jet management options are utilized. With our teams taking care of all aspects of maintenance, inspections, crewing, training and accounting, there will be little room for disagreement or miscommunication. The relationship is managed and nurtured at every juncture.

“We expect this new program to benefit a wide range of current and prospective clients. It’s a new product that we believe will offer a better private aviation solution for a defined but broad group of users. Our team is excited to offer a new, creative solution to those seeking the power and consistency of aircraft ownership,” Silverman said.

Contact Jet Linx today to start a conversation about the potential benefits of professionally managed joint aircraft ownership.

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