November 8, 2021

Meet the Jet Linx Base Leadership Team

November 08, 2021

Meet the Jet Linx Base Leadership Team

The local Jet Linx leadership team is comprised of industry and company veterans with a wealth of private aviation experience and a passion for Five-Star customer service.


Shooter Smith, previously General Manger at Jet Linx Scottsdale, has been with Jet Linx for three years and has worked in aviation for nearly seven years total.

Smith values being part of the growth and expansion of the company, especially seeing improvements across all aspects of the business.

“Jet Linx feels like a family-owned business with a global presence. While the business is based around the luxury of convenience and time, our team is always looking for ways to connect to make each trip a more memorable experience,” Smith said.

Smith enjoys Scottsdale because of the mix of permanent residents and vacation travelers. As a smaller city with regular air traffic, this allows Smith and his team to form closer relationships with clients and allows for more personal touches each and every time a flight is scheduled out of the private terminal at Jet Linx Scottsdale.

New York

Heather DeRegis brings a wealth of aviation experience to Jet Linx. She graduated from Dowling College with a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics & Management, and then worked in a dispatch role before serving for more than 20 years at Meridian Air Charter, overseeing an era of rapid growth and expansion as Flight Operations Manager. When Jet Linx acquired Meridian Air Charter in 2020, Heather’s decades of experience were immediately put to use as an Aircraft Account Manager for aircraft in both New York and Boston.

“In my previous roles, I have always admired the make-it-happen attitude at Jet Linx and I am now honored to be a part of an organization where top tier customer service is so valued,” DeRegis said.

DeRegis enjoys serving at Jet Linx New York because Teterboro Airport remains one of busiest and most significant airports in the country, and New York City teems with opportunity for leisure and recreational activity. DeRegis has also enjoyed getting to know Jet Linx clients on a more personal level.


Darrah Callen brings a wealth of experience to Jet Linx Tulsa. She began her tenure at the Base in 2014 as one of the very first team members at the Jet Linx Tulsa Base. Prior to Jet Linx, Callen worked at a local Tulsa aircraft charter and management company, Flight Concepts, where she managed over 20 pilots and focused on charter sales, operations, and client relations. In all, Callen has nearly two decades of experience in aviation.

“In the very beginning I did a little bit of everything – client services, sales, General Manager – you name it. So in a way, I feel like I’ve held every role on a Base level except for maintenance. With my experience and my knowledge of various roles, I am eager to lead Jet Linx Tulsa to new heights and offer superior service to all of our clients,” Callen said.

Working at Jet Linx Tulsa for so long, Callen enjoys the close relationships she has formed with Tulsa clients. One of Callen’s favorite daily moments is to see the look of happiness in client’s eyes before and after a successful flight.

More than anyting, Callen loves her team in Tulsa. Each member proves willing to do anything for their fellow members and clients, and they do so with enthusiasm. When it comes to the city of Tulsa, Callen enjoys the sense of community and the small-town feel, yet the ability to access goods and services one would usually find in larger cities.

Austin & San Antonio

Lee Lancaster brings a quarter-century of aviation experience to Jet Linx, but has been an aviation enthusiast his entire life. After leaving his hometown of Austin in 1997 to pursue a career in aviation, Lancaster was thrilled to return home in 2019 and help Jet Linx Austin’s team as the Base General Manager.

“I cherish the relationships I have with our aircraft owners and Jet Card clients. Our weekly communications have turned into great friendships that I value highly,” Lancaster said.

What Lancaster enjoys most about his work is the willingness to help displays by all team members at Jet Linx Austin and across the country. Lancaster believes that Jet Linx leads the way in culture and the commitment to superior client service.


Lauren Remy is an 11-year company veteran at Jet Linx Denver. As a Flight Concierge for eight years and a Base General Manager for three years, Remy fully understands the way a team must work together to provide superior Five-Star service. Her time with Jet Linx Denver runs so deep that she can remember working on plastic folding tables as the Jet Linx Denver Base at Centennial Airport was being built.

“I have too many favorite memories with Jet Linx, but surely one was meeting aviation legends such as Bob Hoover, Gene Cernan, and Harrison Ford. However, what I enjoy the most is the feeling of home that I have when I walk in the doors every morning,” Remy said.

Remy’s favorite aspect of Jet Linx culture is the passion that comes from each team member’s desire to perform at the highest level, which pushes the company to be the best in the field.

Growing up in Southern California, Remy enjoys the fact that Denver has four seasons and she has found that she does love snow – just not too much of it! Aside from numerous outdoor activities, Remy enjoys the restaurant scene and the healthy lifestyle offered in Denver.


Chandler Hartley began her journey with Jet Linx in 2013 as a Flight Concierge. She worked in this role until her promotion as General Manager at Jet Linx Atlanta, and then was subsequently promoted to Base Vice President in 2021.

“It is difficult to identify just one favorite Jet Linx memory over the years, but I would have to say being a part of the growth of the Atlanta Base from the beginning and recognizing where we are today has been exceptionally rewarding,” Hartley said.

Although she primarily works out of the Base in Atlanta, Hartley enjoys communicating with other team members across the country because they all want to accomplish the common goal of delivering excellence to clients. Hartley enjoys seeing the Jet Linx core values played out daily in the actions of team members at her Base and across the country.

From art exhibits to sporting events, Hartley loves the fast paced, vibrant city of Atlanta because while it feels large and cosmopolitan, there is an infusion of genuine southern hospitality across the city.

St. Louis

Tyler Tussey brings 15 years of aviation experience with the last three years in a leadership role for Jet Linx St. Louis, beginning with his role as Base General Manager. Before Jet Linx, Tussey worked with an Aviation Cleaning Company that specialized in cleaning and sanitizing commercial aircraft.

“One of my favorite memories has to be toasting an aircraft owner after watching their newly refurbished aircraft taxi in for the first time. To see the happiness and excitement on our customer’s face, that’s what I now seek to deliver daily with the help of my local team and everyone at the Jet Linx National Operations Center,” Tussey said.

Tussey also said he has never worked at an organization where every team member was so willing to provide top-tier customer service, no matter the obstacles or difficulty involved.

Living in St. Louis allows Tussey to support his favorite sports teams like the Cardinals and the Blues, but Tussey also enjoys the fact that he can see live blues and jazz on any given night of the week.

Washington D.C.

Aimee Edwards began as the General Manager of Jet Linx Washington D.C. five years ago before being promoted to her current role, and has more than 15 years of total experience in private aviation. After beginning her aviation career as a flight attendant, Edwards also worked in customer service at regional FBOs and as Manager of Flight Logistics at ProJet Aviation for nearly a decade before joining Jet Linx D.C..

“The commitment of our team always impresses me. From the local Bases to the National Operations Center, our Jet Linx team members are committed to helping and working with each other to provide the aircraft owners and members’ consistent Five-Star service. That all came to fruition at our 100 aircraft celebration in 2017, which is still one of my favorite memories – celebrating a well-earned company milestone,” Edwards said.

Edwards enjoys her Base city because she was born and raised in northern Virginia and enjoys all that the state has to offer: mountains, beaches, forests and the U.S. capitol. The endless history and options for entertainment make Washington D.C. a great place to work and live.


Jessica Bifano’s aviation career began with Jet Linx Houston more than six years ago, and she has since held more than five roles with the company. Bifano started out as a Personal Flight Concierge where she learned all about the company and the foundations of aviation. Next, she moved into a sales role as the Director of Jet Card Sales, and then became the Vice President of Sales and Client Relations. Her next role came as the General Manager of the Houston Base, until her most recent promotion to Base Vice President of Houston.

“Every time a client has a positive experience is extremely rewarding, because I realize how many people are part of making that effort. This is the same feeling when we all get together for summits at the National Operations Center, I come back to Houston with so much confidence in the team that I work with, and feel so much support from so many different places,” Bifano said.

Bifano says that Jet Linx offers an unmatched luxury private aviation experience because of the unique culture that transforms team efforts into magical moments for clients.

While Bifano is not a native Houstonian, she believes the city’s greatest asset is its people – but the food scene is equally diverse and vibrant.


Ashley Calvin has been with Jet Linx for seven years and has three years of experience prior to her time at Jet Linx for a total of 10 years’ experience in the private aviation industry. In her time at Jet Linx, Calvin has worked as a Personal Flight Concierge, Director of Jet Card Sales, and even a contract Flight Attendant at some times.

“I have so many favorite memories with Jet Linx, it’s hard to choose just one. Recently, we were able to help with a fun family surprise by facilitating a flight for the family to go see their parents as they sold their business and began their retirement. We coordinated transportation and had champagne and party poppers for them to take to the signing, and their parents had no idea they would be there! Everyone had a wonderful weekend, and were very happy upon their return to Nashville. It was a true honor to be able to be a small part in such a big accomplishment for their family,” Calvin said.

Calvin believes that Jet Linx Nashville is committed to doing what is right, always and everywhere. As a whole, Calvin believes Jet Linx is refined, innovative and exciting on a day-to-day basis. The dedicated to Five-Star service, lived daily by team members across the country, provides an unparalleled experience for Jet Linx clients.

Aside from the renowned music and lights of Broadway, Calvin believes the best parts of Nashville lie off of the beaten path. The large parks and hiking trails contain pristine waterfalls and lakes – all within a short drive of the city. Nashville offers the best of both worlds!

Dallas & Fort Worth

David Turbiak has served Jet Linx Dallas/Fort Worth for five years, bringing nearly a decade of private aviation experience with him. Turbiak began with Jet Linx Houston as a Flight Concierge and then as an aircraft owner’s representative, so he possesses a deep understanding of the needs and wants of Jet Linx clients.

“Within my other roles at Jet Linx I learned how committed we are to offering our clients an exceptional service. We have seen clients look into other options and return to us, and while we surely don’t like to see them go, it’s always wonderful to welcome them back into our family, because that’s how we treat our clientele at Jet Linx,” Turbiak said.

As the Base Vice President for both Jet Linx Dallas and Jet Linx Fort Worth, Turbiak finds that the team-centric approach brings the best results for Jet Linx team members and clients. With a national brand like Jet Linx, Turbiak says that communication is key, but equally important are maintaining local relationships.

Turbiak finds Dallas/Fort Worth a diverse and welcoming city that’s easily accessible. While it may feel like a big city, there are many smaller neighborhoods and subdivisions that break it apart, and within them you can find endless options for food and entertainment – especially on Sundays when the Cowboys are playing.

Omaha & Minneapolis

Ashley Allisma serves as Base Vice President for Omaha and Minneapolis. A long-tenured team member at Jet Linx Omaha, Allisma began her time with the company in 2014, with a brief leave of absence to stay home with a second baby. Her journey at Jet Linx began with a Flight Concierge role, followed by a promotion to lead Flight Concierge, General Manager, and now Base Vice President.

“Every day brings a new adventure, and I believe that’s why everyone loves the private aviation industry. I love Jet Linx in particular because of the people – both our team members and our clients. Working alongside the industry’s best professionals and serving our esteemed clients always makes troubleshooting worth that extra effort. We always go above and beyond for our clients, no matter what city they may be joining us in,” Allisma said.

Allisma’s favorite memory comes from the 100 Aircraft Celebration in Omaha, where the well-known band Smashmouth performed – much to the joy of Allisma and others that grew up listening to the band.

Allisma loves the size of Omaha and its nationally-respected food scene, but finds the College World Series to be Omaha’s best offering. As for Minneapolis, she notes that the Twin Cities mirror Omaha’s friendliness and food options, but outdoor activities and the option to see professional sports teams are a big differentiator.


Erin Mulcahy has been with Jet Linx for nearly three years, bringing additional experience from her previous role as a manager on a customer service team for a helicopter operator in New York City. Her knowledge of client experience has helped to elevate the team’s Five-Star service output and has improved relationships with clients.

“Our Supply the High Five mantra says it all! Our team members embody the five values, especially dedication and selflessness. I truly feel that I am part of a team that supports one another, and this is very clear when I travel to the National Operations Center where I am reminded that I am part of a much greater mission,” Mulcahy said.

Mulcahy enjoys Boston as her Base city because of the rich history and the ease in which people can escape the city to parks and farms. Just five minutes from the Jet Linx Boston private terminal guests can find hiking trails, and five minutes in the opposite way guests can find world-class art galleries and dining options. Boston will surprise and delight you at every turn.


Phil Sparks joined Jet Linx in 2021 and is new to the world of private aviation, but brings sales, marketing, and leadership experience with fast-paced brands such as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the National Hot Rod Association, and USA Gymnastics. Sparks offers Jet Linx Indianapolis persistent focus on long-term goals and driving engagement.

“Jet Linx focuses on people first. Our emphasis on the personal aspect of this industry shows itself through our Forbes Travel Guide service training, our commitment to superior customer experience and in the way that our teams support one another,” Sparks said.

Sparks remains eager and excited to learn about the aircraft that the Jet Linx Indianapolis Base manages for clients. When it comes to his hometown of Indianapolis, he believes the hospitality offered is second-to-none. The city regularly hosts prestigious global events and understands how to best serve visitors – just like the local team in Indianapolis and their characteristic Five-Star customer service.

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