February 5, 2019

Private Jet Prices

February 05, 2019

Private Jet Prices

Private jet prices vary across the industry, but no matter who you fly with, you should have high expectations about the quality of service you receive. Not all services are created equal, and Jet Linx has found that national fractional programs and local private jet charters often fall short of client expectations.  

With fractional ownership comes burdens of a deep financial commitment and long-term agreements, and with local private charters you may often sacrifice security and safety.

So, why not simply book a block charter for thirty hours of flight time? Block charter will offer guaranteed pricing and local service.

When you purchase block charter hours, you are purchasing based on specific aircraft size, and that arrangement carries with it a certain risk to the customer. If an instance arises when you need a different sized aircraft, you will likely be charged more. If the aircraft you had planned on taking needs maintenance, you may be forced to pay more to use a different aircraft – even if it’s the same size. If a flight is delayed due to weather or taxi time, a charter service might charge you extra, but Jet Linx will take the risk for you.

While a block charter program might claim to be local, you’re often still dealing with 800 numbers and a remote sales experience. Jet Linx provides a truly local service to clients – we know what you like to eat and drink, we know what kind of planes you want to fly and where you typically like to go – we even know your pet’s name and birthday. Forming relationships with clients is part of our promise to provide a memorable experience catered to your exact needs.

For those looking for consistency, flexibility and convenience, there is a better way than block charter or traditional charter programs. With our Jet Card program, you will find the consistency and service that you crave. Jet Linx can execute on this promise because we offer local client service teams, private terminals, and a steadfast dedication to providing a personalized experience to fit your needs. Jet Linx guarantees hourly rates and you can choose from any size aircraft in the nationwide fleet. There are no surprise fees and hourly rates only include flight time.

Brad Drew, Jet Linx Senior Vice President of Sales, explains that Jet Linx clients don’t pay for positioning because it is built in with a jet card membership.

Drew says, “With Jet Linx you’re only paying the price from Base to destination and back. With charter, the hourly rates can be lower – that’s true – but you’re also paying for positioning on top of that cheaper hourly rate, and doing the cumbersome leg work to call and find an available jet at a certain price. With a Jet Linx Jet Card membership, the cost of positioning is built into the hourly rate, and those rates are consistent.”

What does this mean for you? It means that Jet Linx offers prices competitive to a retail charter service, but will consistently outperform those options by providing a superior experience.

Why pay the same price with charter but receive far less? Learn more about our Jet Card Program here.

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